Storm Legion Gets a Release Date for RIFT Prime

While we’ve known since August that RIFT Prime is seeing the expansion, we can now confirm the official RIFT Prime Storm Legion launch date, bringing the content’s features and locations to the progression server in early October.

rift prime storm legion launch date

Specifically, RIFT Prime will get the expansion on Wednesday, October 3rd. As expected, Storm Legion will offer the locations of Brevane, Dusken and Tempest Bay; the new world boss Volan; new caps for both character levels and crafting levels; and new dungeons and raids.

In celebration of Storm Legion’s arrival to RIFT Prime, a special launch day livestream will be held by the devs on October 3rd at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Those who tune in will get a special Twitch Drop in the form of a Raiment of the Storm Queen bundle, a set of cosmetics that were only available during the MMO’s Carnival of the Ascended anniversary celebration.

The announcement provided the following link for more details, which hopefully should be online and working by the time you’re reading this. If not, then just head to the website proper.

Our Thoughts

Nothing new in terms of information here beyond a release date, but considering this is all progression server content related, that’s not exactly a letdown. We’re glad that RIFT Prime players have a calendar date for the next major step in the progression server’s…uh…progression.

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Storm Legion is Headed to RIFT Prime

RIFT‘s progression server is about to get a pretty sizeable and stormy update soon. The arrival of the Storm Legion expansion to RIFT Prime is imminent, bringing all of the features to the server including a new level cap and new continents full of dungeon and raid content.

storm legion expansion

Once Storm Legion makes landfall to RIFT Prime, players on the progression server will have a new level cap of 60 to climb, along with a new Grandmaster skill cap for crafting. Along the way, players will get the continents of Brevane and Dusken, a new city hub in the form of Tempest Bay, and a variety of new dungeons and raids to conquer.

For those on the higher end of power in RIFT Prime, Storm Legion will also add the fight against the Empyrean colossus Volan, a massive construct of adamantine armor that will be stomping its way around the game.

A hard release date for Storm Legion to RIFT Prime is not yet announced, but players should expect to see the content sometime this fall. For now, there’s a teaser trailer for what’s next that can be seen in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Well, one expansion/version update down, two more to go. We hope that players of RIFT Prime are looking forward to their own personal 2.0 update and hope that the progression server is….uh…progressing well. Sorry, I promise that was an unintentional pun.

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RIFT Makes Several Soul Adjustments

Lucky update #13 for both RIFT Prime and RIFT Live is making a variety of changes to several Souls in the game. It’s the RIFT Soul Patch, which probably would have the facial hair of the same name if it were an actual person instead of a patch update to an MMORPG.

rift soul patch

Both Prime and Live flavors of RIFT have gotten a laundry list of changes to the Souls of each of the game’s base classes, including Warrior Paragons and Riftblades, Rogue Saboteurs and Riftstalkers, Cleric Justicars and Druids, and Mage Chloromancers and Frostkeepers. There are also a few Prime-specific changes for Rogue, Cleric and Mage.

In addition to the Soul adjustments, update 13 also made Tartaric Depths normal bosses drop Captured Intel and kicked off an event in Live, while Prime opened Greenscale’s Blight and made changes to crafting, combat and more.

There’s lots to take in that can’t really be covered in a simple news update, so be sure to check out the full patch notes.

Our Thoughts

Personally speaking, it’s been a very long time since I played RIFT, but seeing these tweaks to the MMO’s Souls definitely has me pondering where things stand now. If you’re a regular player of either version of RIFT, we’d love to hear your take on these changes.

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Rift Progression Server Plans Revealed

Since the beginning of the Rift progression server there has been the question of how it would progress, what kind of timescale would we be talking about? Well, we finally have a bit of information into that.

The first raid will be coming in late April. To get ready for the release of the Greenscale raid the Life Saga and Death Saga will unlock later today, just in time for the Month 2 challenge. Along with Greenscale Trion will also be releasing the following:

Expert Deepstrike Mines
Expert Runic Descent
Expert Abyssal Precipice
Expert Charmer’s Caldera!

Darkening Deeps Expert is expected to open next week or slightly later (their words). They also have a ton of balance changes they’re going to be making.

Looking beyond the immediate future River of Souls will be the next to be reviewed. Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls are also coming later this month. If you’re a fan of Summerfest there’s good news for the Prime server. It will be the first full festival on the server.

So while Trion seems to know where they’re going next it seems like they still can’t dedicate themselves to any sort of timeline. This is as much a learning experience for them as it is for us. We will just have to wait and see how things progress. This might give us some insight into how another Rift progression server might work if they open another in the future.

Along with the update on Rift Prime Trion also said that they’re working on addressing Ability Lag and doing some balancing. Guild creation through the UI will now cost 1 platinum to match the rate of a Guild Creation Scroll. They’re also gearing up for Summerfest and will be talking about it in this week’s live stream.


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Rift Prime Server a Success

Can you believe it, Rift Prime is already a month old and best of all, Trion is calling it a rousing success! Thousands of players have taken to the server in the month since it started. Queues were even a regular occurrence at the start. According to Amanda Fry, a producer on Rift, “A dynamic event in Silverwood on day one had the most participants of any event in RIFT history! Nearly a thousand people were tackling the challenge, and the sheer volume of activity and teamwork there was simply awesome to see. Right then we knew that we made the right call with RIFT Prime.”

While Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds wanted to talk about the community. “RIFT Prime has been a huge success the first month in, and we can’t thank the RIFT community enough for supporting it. We pride ourselves on being able adapt in ways that make sense for our players and will give them what they want in our games, and RIFT Prime is a great example of that.”


Since the launch of Rift Prime players have completed over 5 million quests and tens of thousands of dungeons. And yet somehow villain groups still manage to find more goons willing to join their fight.

While Trion is celebrating the success they’ve had so far they’re also looking ahead to the next month which will see the introduction of more content. In particular, the first raid will be introduced in the coming weeks where they’re taking on the might Gweenscale! *Cough* I mean…Greenscale, dragon god of the Plane of Life.

If you haven’t played on the Rift Prime progression server there is still plenty of time to get involved and now is the best time to do it before new content is introduced.


Source: Press Release

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RIFT Talks Lag and Ability Balance for Prime

The devs of RIFT have been playing the Prime progression server right along with you and they’ve noticed a few things that need adjustment. In a RIFT Prime dev update posted to the game’s forums, players are getting a look at changes due to improve ability lag, ability balance and high-level PvP.

rift prime dev update

On the subject of ability lag, the devs mentioned that Prime’s zone events are breaking records previously held by the game’s beta and launch, which in turn is taxing their server’s CPU despite getting an all-new one. In order to correct this, the devs will be devoting more server cores to handle player ability processing, which will not only benefit Prime players but Live as well.

The devs are also working on a number of ability adjustments to skills such as Elemental Barrage and Wrathful Exuberance. The changes should be complete by this week and abilities that were disabled should return shortly after, though players should also note that these planned changes are Prime-specific.

Finally, high-end PvP is seeing an awful lot of healing. The devs do want to do something about it, but will not be able to this week as any short-term changes would have more negative effect than positive. So, players will need to wait for more news while the team ponders what to do next on that front.

Our Thoughts

Good to know the devs are playing in addition to paying attention to feedback. Here’s hoping that the upcoming adjustments to Prime (and to Live by proxy) end up being beneficial for fans of the MMORPG.

Source: official forums

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The RIFT Prime Server is Now Open

For those who pine for the old days back when RIFT was declaring that players weren’t going to be in Azeroth anymore, now is the time. Today is officially RIFT Prime launch day, opening up the game’s subscription-only progression server and rolling back the game to its vanilla version.

rift prime launch

As detailed previously when Prime was first announced, the new Vigil server will offer players the opportunity to re-enter the game world with a maximum level 50 cap and content that lead into the threat of the original Great Dragons.

According to the newly-posted patch notes, the new Prime server will be a challenge, as Patron benefits will not be applied to characters created on Vigil. Additionally, players can only create two characters on the server and cannot purchase additional slots. That said, there will also be no loot boxes, boosts, or other game store items as promised before.

The new Prime server update also adds a few tweaks to the current RIFT game with patch 4.4, including a couple of minor tweaks to the Warlock and Bladedancer Souls, along with some small adjustments to Raid Rifts, a couple of the game’s quests, and a reduction of the vendor value of crafted Glyphs.

Patch notes for what’s new, however meager that may be, can be seen on the game’s regular forums, while Prime players will likely want to keep their eyes on the RIFT Prime forums, which are read-only for all but only accessible for posting if you’re a Patron.

Our Thoughts

And so it begins. The trip back in time when RIFT players formed impromptu free mount caravans and dashed about the zone sealing up the Rifts that would open up around the map. We definitely hope that those players who have decided to leap into RIFT Prime have a good time!

Source: official forums

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RIFT PTS Datamining Finds Patch 4.4 and RIFT Prime Details

As it seems to be the case with every MMO public test build release, dataminers have dug into the recent RIFT PTS update and uncovered a wealth of new details for the game, including a look ahead at what’s coming in patch 4.4 and some initial pieces of info regarding RIFT Prime.

Of course, this means that it’s time to deploy a SPOILER WARNING and note that you should not scroll past the picture below if you don’t want RIFT update spoilers. We would have called in Spoiler Puppy, but he’s sleeping right now.

rift pts update

Patch 4.4 of RIFT’s current Live game will be kicking off the Carnival of the Ascended once again, with new backpacks, masks and wings for players to earn. There are also some new mounts including what appear to be parade balloons and a new Apocalypse Snail.

There will also be a new 10v10 deathmatch Warfront in the form of the Tenebrean Prison, which currently has a first to 20 scoring mechanic, with two points earned for every kill and one point lost for every death. 4.4 will also bring the Droughtlands and Moonshade Highlands IAs to the game.

As for RIFT Prime, some intriguing first details were included in the PTS. According to data, enemy health and damage appears to be adjusted based on level, while Prime-specific class changes are also apparently included. A total of 173 different content flags have been found, including standard and normal versions of each dungeon and raid.

Miners have also found information that suggests the Prime LFR will be updated for 20-player matchmaking and LFR, Normal, and Hard difficulties for level 50 Greenscale’s Blight will be included, though likely not available at launch. Zones like Ember Isle, Planetouched Wilds and Vostigar Peaks also appear to be gated off.

Our Thoughts

We’re not completely surprised by the zone gating and Greenscale’s Blight lock, but it’s still interesting to know just what Prime players may be able to expect. Are you intrigued by anything that’s been revealed for Prime, or are you concerned about this new progression server like one of our writers? What about Live’s patch 4.4? Let us know below.

Source: The Ghar Station via Massively Overpowered

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Why I Won’t Be Playing Rift Prime

Below is my personal opinion, they are not the views of MMOGames as a whole nor do they reflect the thoughts of anyone except me and others who share my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

When I first heard about Rift Prime, I was intrigued. I was a massive fan of the game before the first expansion released. Even after I stopped playing, I continued my subscription for another year in the hopes that something would pull me back in. So, of course, going back to a vanilla server appealed. It is the state I loved Rift in and I only left after the release of Storm Legion, which by the way I pre-ordered and bought the collector’s edition of, but when I started reading the announcement for Rift Prime there were a few problems.

First, it appeared that when the server ends, your characters would just be gone. Of course, that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Who wants to go through all that play time for them to just up and disappear? Especially since you won’t be ready for it. How often is anyone really ever ready to say goodbye to their characters? Thankfully, we know now that this won’t be the case anymore. When the server ends characters will be transferred to a F2P server. Which…eh…if I’m honest, I’m not hugely thrilled with. Yes, it’s an improvement, but right now we don’t know how long the server will last.

Rift Prime

That brings me to the primary (pun intended) reason I won’t be playing Rift Prime. We don’t know how long this new server will last. Will it go on for three months or three years? If it’s three months…why bother? I can just as easily roll up a character on the F2P servers and play the old content for three months. The thing is though…I’m already not doing that. If I’m going to go back to Rift, there has to be something pulling me back, and a couple of months of me paying for a nostalgia trip isn’t enough.

When I read the FAQ and the launch date announcement, I actually whimpered a little bit. Dimensions, by far my favorite thing that came from Storm Legion, will be available on this server. I never really got to play with my dimension since I left the game shortly after Storm Legion released. Their addition to the server makes it so much more attractive. I WANT to play on this server, but I also want to know it will last.

Vanilla Rift originally ran from March 2011 to November 2012, less than two full years. I remember quite clearly at the time saying to myself that they were burning through dragons too quickly, and I was concerned about what would come once they had gone through them all. It seems like this is just going to be a repeat of history. After they’ve gone through the content of vanilla Rift they’ll move on to Storm Legion, which will once again be where they lose me. So, yes, I want that part of the server’s run to last, even if I know ultimately I will leave again.

Rift Prime

Why can’t Trion give us an idea of how long this server will run? Is it, as has been speculated, that the runtime will be quite short and they’re hoping it will convert to new players on the main servers? Are they worried that if they give a timeline and it isn’t met that there will be backlash? Or is it simply that they don’t know how quickly they’ll get through the content with their monthly release schedule?

So, of course, I’m not going to express an opinion like this without offering up a solution. My solution to the problem is quite simple: give us a guaranteed 8 months to 1 year on the server. At which time Trion evaluates the population and sees if it’s worth continuing. Maybe I’m the only person out there who wants a permanent vanilla Rift server, in which case yes, shut the server down and move characters to other servers but, based on things I’ve been reading in blogs and on social media, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems like there are others like me out there who want something longer lasting as well.

In an interview with Massively, it was said that Trion is considering alternate rulesets and many other options for the future, but it also seems like their future depends on the success of Rift Prime. With such a big question mark over the server right now, I question how well received the server will be. Will they see the popularity and success they’re hoping for? Personally, until I know for sure, I’m not interested in spending the money. But if Trion can give us an estimate, I will quite happily pay for Rift Prime in the hopes that it will soon lead to a vanilla Rift server.

Or maybe I’m just letting nostalgia for a game I fell in love with in beta get the best of me. I had my heart broken by the game when Storm Legion launched, and this seems like a great way to return to a game that I really loved, so maybe I am jumping the gun a little bit. Maybe I need to sit back and wait. Maybe I need to get my thoughts out there now while they’re still on my mind and give people the opportunity to respond to them. Giving Trion feedback from potential returning players, people who want to give them money for their ideal version of a Rift server. They’ve got a great foundation for this idea, but it may all fall apart because we don’t have this one little detail.

I certainly hope that isn’t the case though. For now, I’ll continue watching from a distance and hope that more information will be released. I also hope that Rift Prime is successful enough that more servers are created and we do get that vanilla Rift server so many of us hope will be released.

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RIFT Prime Gets Release Details

If you’re among those looking forward to RIFT Prime, the soon-to-arrive progression server announced in January, you’re in luck. Additional details have come to light about the server, including release date, cost and more.

rift prime

As a reminder, yes, there will indeed be a cost associated with accessing RIFT Prime. Specifically, you’ll need to be a RIFT Patron – AKA a subscriber – to RIFT Live in order to gain access to RIFT Prime. If you’d rather get a headstart on access without paying a sub fee to the Live game, the offer of a Primogenitor Pack is on the table, which provides 30 days of Patron access, two 15-day Patron vouchers to hand to friends or use yourself, and a bundle of cosmetics for $29.99.

As for the Prime server itself, it will launch on Wednesday, March 7th. The server will, as one expects, have players experiencing vanilla RIFT, when the level cap was 50 and players had to contend with the Great Dragons. Prime’s in-game store will not provide any of the supply crates, equipment, boosts or bags found in the current Live game.

Additional content and levels will be unlocked for RIFT Prime over time, and eventually the server will have an undetermined finite life cycle, at which point Prime player characters will be transferred over to the Live server.

Players with questions can consult this FAQ as well as tune in to a livestream this Friday, February 23rd at 11:30am PST on Twitch, where the devs will be talking about the Prime service.

Our Thoughts

There are certainly a few questions one can think up based on the information we’re granted here, chief among them being exactly how much time the Prime server will stay online. We’ll be sure to keep eyes on this new service as we head closer to March.

Source: official site

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