Ring of Elysium to Get New Map and EU Servers

With things going reportedly pretty well for the newly released battle royale shooter, it stands to reason that Ring of Elysium development plans will press forward. An announcement from the devs has outlined a number of stages to the game’s updates going forward, including servers for EU players and a new map.

ring of elysium development plans

Stage one of these updates is simple but straightforward: optimizations, support for Portuguese and Russian, and anti-cheat measures, all of which are due this month. The second stage is where things get more significant, which will add greater player customization options, a 10-week Adventurer Pass season system that offers various rewards, and an overhaul of character animations.

Stage three is when Ring of Elysium will open up new EU servers and a new tropical island map set in Thailand; a map which beta testers will likely find familiar and has been heavily requested to return by fans.

Specifics of when these update stages will land were not detailed, but you’ll very likely see information about them on the game’s Steam page and read the overview of what’s next here

Our Thoughts

Looks like a steady line of updates to this particular battle royale shooter. We hope that everything coming up is entertaining for fans of Ring of Elysium, and we’re looking forward to new content in the future.

Source: press release

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