Battle Royale Weekly: Development Ends for Islands of Nyne

This week we’re skipping that Fortnite news everyone is talking about right now, you know…the one with the dances. We’re also skipping PUBG because this week we’re going to focus on the underdog Battle Royale titles. As you read from the title of this article the big news this week is that development ends for Islands of Nyne, but we’ve also got news about a couple of events going on this weekend if you need an escape from your family or if you just want to introduce that younger cousin of yours to the world of Battle Royale. All of that and more is in the Battle Royale Weekly.


Egress Tournament Incoming

Egress made a post on Steam letting people know that a tournament would be coming soon. At this point, it is more of an announcement of an announcement sort of situation. There aren’t any details about the tournament itself yet but they are expected soon. In the announcement, they also say that they will try to give rewards to all participants; there are supposed to be a set of premium weapons for participating in the tournament. The development team also said that they will announce more details on the game’s Steam news feed, so if this is something you’re interested in you should be following along there.

Source: Steam


Development Ends for Islands of Nyne

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Islands of Nyne. For anyone who has been following the game, this really won’t come as a massive surprise. It is a shame though. It was easily one of the more attractive Battle Royale games out there. The developers have said that there will be one more update to the game before they walk away. This update will add game credits and potentially make server changes to allow players to host their own servers. So yes, Islands of Nyne in its current form will still be available for the time being. How long that will last though…we’ll just have to wait and see. The in-game item store has been shut down and refunds for all purchases made from November 29th to today are available through Steam. The good news is that many of those who worked on developing the game have already found jobs elsewhere in the industry. For those who haven’t, we hope you land on your feet quickly.

Source: Steam


Proxima Royale Closed Beta This Weekend

Proxima Royale

With very little warning, Proxima Royale has announced that it will be holding a closed beta this long Christmas weekend starting on December 21st and running until December 25th. Each day the servers will be on for 12 hours, 1 PM to 1 AM Pacific, 4 PM to 4 AM Eastern, and 10 PM to 10 AM for Central Europe. Sucks to be Europe. Those who are backers or previously received beta keys from giveaways will be able to participate. If you want to take part you can still buy a Founder’s Pack on their website. The lowest Founder’s Pack is $22.49 and gets you a copy of the game, access to the beta, a nifty skin for your robot and weapons, plus Sparky, a pre-order exclusive.

Source: Steam and Official Site


Realm Royale Bonus XP Event

Realm Royale

It looks like Battle Royale games don’t want you to be bored this weekend. Realm Royale has announced via Twitter that from December 21st to the 26th you’ll be able to earn 4X Battle XP, no matter what platform you play on. They’re also activating the in-game shop where you can buy a variety of skins and cosmetic items.

The developers also warn that the alpha pack is leaving the shop on PC in mid-January. This will be your last chance to get your hands on it before it’s gone forever. Why are they doing this? Well, the game is now in Closed Beta and they’re getting ready for Open Beta, which is coming early next year.

Source: Official Site


Ring of Elysium Issues an Apology and Announces a New Gamemode

Ring of Elysium

A number of Ring of Elysium players mistakenly got caught up by the game’s anti-cheat measures and had their accounts wrongfully suspended. These accounts have since been unbanned and an apology was issued on Steam. They’re also giving players who were wrongfully caught up in the incident 1,000 e-points, which should be issued within 24 hours.

Shortly after their apology, the development team announced that a new game mode would be releasing on December 22nd called From Dusk Till Dawn. This mode has a twist. Instead of an ever-shrinking zone that you would normally see in Battle Royale games, you’ll have to manage your body temperature as night brings a massive drop in the temperature. Also, unlike other Battle Royale games, the winner isn’t the last man standing and is instead anyone who manages to survive until morning, the end of the round. This game mode is considered to be in testing at the moment and as such will only be available three times a day. These three times taking into account time zones and player locations. The times each day are as follows:

  • 4:00-6:00, 12:00-14:00, 20:00-22:00 (PST)
  • 12:00-14:00, 20:00-22:00,4:00-6:00(GMT
  • 20:00-22:00, 4:00-6:00, 12:00-14:00 (GMT+8)

Source: Steam and Official Site


Stormdivers Looking For Beta Testers


Housemarque is now looking for beta testers for its upcoming Battle Royale game Stormdivers. This game was announced back in late April, and since then we haven’t really heard anything from the developers about the title with the exception of some dev diaries on Youtube. While signups for the beta are available on the official site there is no word yet when the beta will begin. Though it has been said that the beta will take place on Steam. It is certainly shaping up to be a gorgeous looking game. If you want the chance to take part in beta testing when it starts head over to the Housemarque website with your Steam info.

Source: Gamespace

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Battle Royale Weekly: Islands of Nyne Free to Play Weekend

This week news is a little bit light on the Battle Royale front. Of course, it has only been a few days since SOS closed with very little fanfare and no media attention. Many of the Battle Royale games that we follow seem to be struggling with population issues while Fortnite and PUBG continue to dominate the genre. But, all of that doesn’t mean that there is no news. In fact, there are a few different games to talk about this week including Islands of Nyne and Ring of Elysium which rarely have anything to mention.


Fortnite Food Fight

Fortnite is injecting a bit of goofy fun into the game with a food fight limited time mode. You’re either on Team Burger or Team Pizza, which is represented by tomatoes. Build a fort around your mascot before the barrier is lowered in the first few minutes. Once the barrier is down it’s time to go after the other team’s mascot. Players will respawn after 7 seconds when they’ve been eliminated. It’s a goofy little fun mode that has Fortnite fans split down the middle between The Cult of Tomatohead and Shrine of Durr. Yes, there are even subreddits dedicated to the two sides. It isn’t yet clear how long this battle between to fast food giants will continue.


Source: Patch Notes


Islands of Nyne Free to Play Weekend

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Islands of Nyne will be hosting a free to play weekend from Thursday, November 29th to December 2nd. This is the first time they’ve held such an event so for many, this will be the first opportunity to experience the game. They’re holding this event in celebration of their first major patch. There is also going to be an official tournament held that weekend. What the prizes will be is still pending though. The game has been struggling due to low population recently. That isn’t the only trouble they’re facing though, recent reviews on Steam have been overwhelmingly negative. Just 5% of 278 reviews in the last 30 days have been positive. Much of the negativity comes from the inability to get a match started due to low population and what players are calling abandonment of the game by developers. Will this free weekend be enough to save the game? We’ll have to wait and see.


Source: Steam


PUBG Coming to PS4

After months of speculation and waiting the news has finally come that PUBG is coming to PS4. Even better yet, we don’t have to wait very long for it to come. The release date for PUBG on PS4 is December 4th, 2018. Yes, just a couple of weeks away and just in time for the holidays. Pre-orders are now available with a variety of bundles depending on how many in-game coins you’d like. Anyone who pre-orders will get two exclusive items; a Nathan Drake outfit from Uncharted and Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us.

The PS4 version will have three maps; Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. All the major features of the game are also included. For anyone with a Playstation 4 Pro and a television capable of handling it, there will be some visual enhancements to enjoy.


Source: MMOGames


Ring of Elysium Adds Three-Tier Security

Since the end of September Ring of Elysium has banned more than 20,000 accounts and associated computers from the game for cheating and violation of the game’s terms of service. They also revealed a new three their security system that they hope will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Except for the cheaters of course. Their plan includes real-time ban notifications, computer bans, and a player reporting feedback system. They also have a zero tolerance policy in place. All of this means that cheaters are going to have a much harder time cheating and if they do cheat they won’t be able to go back to the game without a bit of work. Will all the effort Tencent is putting into the cheating problem pay off? Hopefully, but we’ll have to wait and see how things go.


Source: MMORPG


So, that’s all there is this week. Sure, other games have had small updates but those are hardly worth writing about. Other news that wasn’t worth talking about in full is that Sea of Thieves is planning a new PvP mode that isn’t quite battle royale but kind of is. There’s still some debate if it should go on our list of battle royale games or not. Leaning towards no though. Also, earlier this month Ashes of Creation announced they’re doing a free to play battle royale mode. This mode is actually a separate thing they’re working on for PvP testing on the side. Just a few days before that Wild West Online also announced they’re bringing out a battle royale mode. This one came with a whole lot more news, however. Like the studio’s collapse and how they’re doing a soft reboot with an almost entirely new development team.

If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out our Battle Royale Beta List that has all of the games currently in beta in the battle royale genre. As you might expect this is actually the vast majority of battle royale titles. At the moment the list includes about 40 different games with more being added all the time. The list gets updated every Friday along with our regular beta list that includes all forms of online games. Though admittedly, we don’t usually put on every mobile game because there are just too many of them.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the current state of the battle royale genre. Are we in danger of going the way of the MOBA? Let me know in the comments below.

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Ring of Elysium Adds Dynamic Weather and an Escape Objective to Battle Royale

Yep, it’s another battle royale game. But this one is hoping a couple of noteworthy wrinkles will be enough to make it stand out. A Ring of Elysium launch announcement has been made by publisher Tencent, along with some information on how dynamic weather and the need to actually escape the battlefield changes things.

ring of elysium launch

If you follow the battle royale genre and are familiar with the title Europa, then you’re also familiar with Ring of Elysium, as it’s essentially the same game. Ring of Elysium will have players facing off in a ski resort town that’s facing an ice age-level storm, with areas of the map that will carry the risk of triggering an avalanche or being affected by changing weather.

Ring of Elysium also introduces a specific objective to the game beyond being the top of the heap. A single rescue helicopter with only four available seats will arrive to the map, so players will have to duke it out among themselves to secure their spot off the battlefield.

The game also touts a variety of other features such as modern weaponry with the ability to be upgraded via attachments, and unique methods of transportation like hang gliders and snowboards along with the usual cars, trucks and boats.

The Ring of Elysium launch will be free-to-play on Steam on Wednesday, September 19th. A trailer featuring gameplay footage is below.

Our Thoughts

We can’t shake the feeling that “dynamic weather” here is code for “ring of danger that closes around the safe zone.” Still, that’s more supposition than actual fact and so we’ll wait and see what Ring of Elysium has to offer when it does arrive next week. Perhaps the objective hook and free cost are enough to make it soar, but ultimately only time will tell if that’s the case.

Source: press release

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