Guild Wars 2 Content Developer Lays out Plans for the Year

Andrew Grey, the Lead Guild Wars 2 Content Developer took to the game’s forums today to discuss some of what players can look forward to in the year to come. But he started by saying that “2019 was hard. I’ve been with ArenaNet since 2004 and I can say without question that 2019 was the studio’s most challenging.” And it was indeed a difficult year for ArenaNet with layoffs and a few major departures.

The post also mentions that they are laying the groundwork for an exciting future and that details they can reveal right now are a bit sparse.

To start with though, they’ll be revealing more information about Visions of the Past at PAX East, which takes place at the end of February.

The map for episodes three and four will be meta focused with a push and pull feel similar to WvW. This also makes it sound a lot like the Silverwastes which is to this day a popular zone to play in.

He then went on to talk about what the Living World would be like after episode four. “After episode four, again I’m going to be somewhat vague here, but we want to revisit some of the types of content we pioneered in the past. We learned a lot with Living World Season One and one thing it did very well was to bring the community into the story, and make their actions drive the plot forward. The Nightmare Tower, the election between Evon Gnashblade and Ellen Kiel – these things are memorable experiences because the community’s combined efforts had an impact on the world. As you may have noticed, we’ve been testing tech with things like the boss rush event, that we hope to leverage later on in The Icebrood Saga to create a unique, community experience. But, learning lessons from Season 1, the bulk of this content will be built in a way that it is still playable after the Icebrood Saga comes to a close.” ArenaNet will also be focusing more on repeatable content.

On Fractals, he said that “Reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated” and also apologized for the silence on the topic. Cameron Rich, the designer of the Fractals from Season 3 will be working on a new Fractal and the studio is still very committed to making them work.

What he says on raids though is a little bit less optimistic. “Raids are a trickier beast. They’re a unique experience and community that we want to find better ways to support, the biggest challenge in creating more is the small audience they attract. We gathered data to determine why, and the most common answer was that there is a giant leap in difficulty between raids and other endgame content, and there isn’t anything to help players work their way up.

Our intention was for Strike Missions to be that intermediary step into 10-person content. As we’ve mentioned before and you’ve likely noticed, strike missions are getting harder. Once a full suite of strike missions is complete there should be a graceful ramp up to the existing raid content rather than the imposing leap that previously existed, and our hope is once that ramp is in place, the number of players participating in raids will go up. In addition to that, we’re striving to make improvements to Strike Missions themselves to make grouping easier, and to improve the rewards. We hope this will help introduce more people to 10-person content, which will in turn increase the number of people interested in Raids.

Regardless of if that succeeds or not, we understand the importance of balancing our efforts between accessible content with broad appeal, and content that appeals to the more hard core audience, and recognize that we need to do a better job of supporting the latter.”


Source: Official Forums

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Tera’s Level Cap Increasing in Early 2019

En Masse is looking ahead at the development plan for 2019 and it looks Tera’s level cap will be increased from 65 to 70 in March. Of course, along with it will come new quests because you have to level up somehow. They’ll also be introducing an all-new world boss system to go with the higher level cap. That update in March is being called V80, and it isn’t the first one of the year.

The fun all starts in January with the release of V79. This update will be all about class and skill balancing along with a ton of PvP changes. Battlegrounds will get updates and so will skills and PvP equipment. This update is going to be released on January 15th and hopefully, by then it’ll have a cool name.

In February Tera will host events for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. They also anticipate there being some events to help prepare everyone for the big update in March.

All of this was announced in a blog post on Tera’s official site title 2019 PC Roadmap, Part 1. We’ll most likely get another roadmap in March as their current plans come to an end and it’s time to look ahead to what comes next.

If you’re looking for something new to do in Tera right now there is, of course, Wintera taking place. But, if that isn’t your thing you might want to check out the newly launched fishing feature. Alternatively, you could check out the complete overhaul they just did to their gathering and crafting system. Though let’s be honest, fishing is addictive no matter what game it’s in and once you find yourself a sweet spot to fish in you’re not going to move for days…oh, am I the only one that does that?


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Skyforge to Release New Planet and Adventures in Q4

The fourth quarter of Skyforge looks to be a pretty busy one. According to a Skyforge content roadmap, players of the action MMORPG will be facing a new planet full of new dangers and evidently unexpected allies.

skyforge content roadmap

All of the specifics of these new updates are understandably vague, but the roadmap does confirm the existence of a new planet accessible by space-time wormholes which is home to “a mighty army…under the auspices of a great god who is not yet known to the people of Aelion.”

The post also hints at the arrival of the strongest members of the Mantide race and changes to Adventures that offer new challenges and rewards. There’s also something about a new and unexpected ally showing up at some point.

These content updates are due to arrive in two stages. Stage one, which will involve the powerful Mantides, the new ally and a new event, will arrive in December of this year. Stage two brings changes to Adventures and the new planet full of threats in February of 2019.

Our Thoughts

Two updates don’t sound like a lot, but they do sound like they’re pretty packed with things for players of Skyforge to do. We’re looking forward to learning more about these two content updates in the coming weeks.

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Rend Plans a Series of Updates through Winter

As the weather outside begins to cool down for those of us hanging out in the northern hemisphere, the development of Rend through the sandbox title’s early access will only warm up. A new Rend update roadmap has been laid out by the devs with another general look at a number of features planned through 2018.

rend update roadmap

Between now and December, Rend looks to introduce several updates to enhance gameplay in a variety of ways. First on the list are combat improvements that hope to bring the gunplay of Rend up to par with modern shooters. The team are also looking to streamline features like storage and crafting to make the early game more accessible.

Later down the line, players can expect siege weapons including catapults and personnel flingers; legendary weapons and armor that draw inspiration from Norse mythology; and additional social mechanics that let players party up for PvE or PvP actions and add permission request and voting tools.

While a timeline for these updates is not on the table just yet, the devs promise that each subsequent system update will come accompanied by dev blogs that will explain how each feature will improve the gameplay of Rend.

To that point, you’ll want to keep your eyes on this part of the game’s website, which will likely update as features get revealed and ultimately released.

Our Thoughts

A variety of these updates are likely going to be extremely welcome by Rend players, particularly those that enhance the game’s social mechanics and refine storage and combat. We’re also curious just how the team will implement legendary items and how they’ll balance them. Or if they’ll even worry about balancing them too much.

Sources: press release, official site

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SWTOR’s Fall Content Roadmap Includes New Story

As summer winds down and most of us look forward to the autumn months, the devs of Star Wars The Old Republic are hoping that players will look forward to what’s on tap for the MMORPG. A SWTOR fall content roadmap has a number of new details, including a new story-focused update.

swtor fall content roadmap

Some time this fall will see Update 5.10 – Jedi Under Siege. This new update will continue the game’s storyline with events that take place on an ancient Jedi world that has featured in the Tales of the Jedi comics. Players can expect a new Daily area with separate stories for Republic and Empire sides, and the promise of returning favorite characters.

Further down the line, players can look forward to other features such as a new tier of equipment that can be earned via crafting schematics; a number of new Guild features including a progression system and GvG PvP matches; and a Master Mode version of Gods from the Machine.

More concrete details on all that’s coming with Update 5.10 are expected in the coming months, but those who’d like the general rundown of what’s next can check out a timeline here.

Our Thoughts

Yay, more story! Honestly, we’re kind of happy to put the Eternal Throne arc to bed and are very curious to learn more about these next narrative beats for Star Wars The Old Republic.

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MapleStory 2 Shows its Future Update Plans

We’re still not quite into October yet when MapleStory 2 makes its full arrival, but a new MapleStory 2 roadmap video is giving fans of the cutesy MMO three months’ worth of content updates to look forward to with new classes, new dungeons and new raids.

maplestory 2 roadmap

Starting in October, of course, is the release of the game which will include the Runeblade class and new hard mode dungeons in the form of Labyrinthine Halls, Lubelisk and Beyondlink Tris. November will offer something for the raid-minded with the Shadow Altar, Lubelisk and Moonlight Fortress Chaos Raids. Finally, in December, the Soul Binder class will become available, along with the Sky Fortress.

A producer’s blog recounting the past premiere event for MapleStory 2 further expounded on other changes to the MMO that are meant to avoid the pay-to-win trap. These adjustments include removal of Lumistone, Meret revival system and stats for vanity items among other tweaks.

There was also a look ahead at features like a Blueprint system that lets house designers build pre-fab houses and sell the Blueprints to other players, and a brief word on the Design Lab custom dungeon tool.

A video showcasing the next year’s worth of MapleStory 2 content can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

It’s not terribly surprising that there’s going to be a lot of content waiting in the wings for MapleStory 2 considering it’s an originally Korean release. That all said, we’re excited to see all these new features make their way westward and hope that updates will keep pace with players. As best as possible, anyway.

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TERA Lays Out a Roadmap of Updates for Console

The remainder of 2018 for TERA on consoles is going to be one of regular updates if the latest TERA console update roadmap is anything to go by. A new video from the team has provided a broad strokes look at what the next six months in the action combat MMO are looking like, which are bringing several features that will bring the console edition closer to parity with the PC version.

tera console update roadmap

Starting with August 21st, TERA on console will be seeing a new level 65 PvP battleground known as Gridiron – an arena match that pits teams of 15 against one another in a race to score 70 kills – along with the Rootstock and Pond Faire in-game events. This update is due to arrive shortly after server merges, which incidentally will be granting all players five free character slots when they log in on August 14th in order to facilitate the merge.

From there, the next few months will see an array of updates big and small to TERA on consoles:

  • In September, the nimble Ninja class added to the game along with a number of new Guild features such as leveling and quests.
  • October brings the game’s Halloween event.
  • September introduces a large update with new class balances, end game, dungeons and more.
  • December brings the seasonal Wintera Snowfield snowball fight battleground and a new end-game dungeon.
  • Finally, January will bring the Valkyrie class online and another new end-game dungeon.

The full video that offers a look at everything coming through the year can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

If you’ve played TERA on PC before, a lot of this stuff is probably not going to hold many surprises for you. That said, anything that brings the console version of the MMO closer to the PC version is certainly a good thing and we hope players on their platform of choice enjoy what’s to come.

Source: press release

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Future Updates Mapped Out for Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 is about a month old at the time of this story’s writing. So, naturally, one of the first questions asked of many MMOs is “Where do things go from here?” Enter a Defiance 2050 update roadmap, which provides a bit of insight into future updates planned for the shooter MMO.

defiance 2050 update roadmap

click to expand

As you can see in the image above, the roadmap itself provides a brief look at the next three content updates for Defiance 2050:

  • The first will introduce a new enemy type and the hammer-wielding Crusader class.
  • Following that, another new enemy along with new Sieges, missions, a new advancement system, and the turret-deploying Engineer will arrive.
  • Finally the Paradise Lost updates will feature Major Arkfalls and end game-level dungeons and boss fights.

In addition to what’s planned further down the line, a producer’s letter from Matt “Destromathe” Pettit also brought up the fact that the devs are aware of and working on improving stability issues that are affecting the MMO.

Unfortunately, none of the updates in question have any firm release dates, but players can expect them in “the coming months”. Feel free to dig into what’s next with Destromathe on the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

Considering our own thoughts about Defiance 2050, giving this game some honestly new and engaging content will be a welcome sight indeed. We’d love to hear your own thoughts on this action/shooter MMO so feel free to share your impressions in the comments.

Source: press release

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SWTOR’s Summer Updates will Focus on PvP

Apparently, today’s unofficial Developer Roadmap Day. A new SWTOR Summer development roadmap has been shared by the game’s lead producer and outlines a focused effort to bring the game’s PvPers some new content over the course of the next couple of months or so.

swtor summer development roadmap

Starting in July, updates to PvP will include allowing some – or perhaps all – of the game’s Warzones and Arenas to have cross-faction grouping. Work is also being done on a new Huttball Warzone as well as a new Arena in a compound that players have apparently seen before.

The devs are also working on a new beachfront Stronghold that will allow players to PvP in either duels, 4v4 or even 8v8 formats. Additionally, this new Stronghold will have decorations that will enhance PvP gameplay, with items that players can hide behind or obstacles to lay out.

Beyond that, the devs will also be wrapping up Season 9, work on unranked matchmaking, give more queue control to unranked players, and further work on ways to combat exploiters and cheaters as well as changing how Ranked Warzones complete.

Of course, PvP won’t be the only thing being updated for SWTOR this year. PvE players can look forward to some new updates coming this Fall, while in the near future all players can look forward to a number of quality-of-life adjustments and some goodies tied into the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story film release.

Our Thoughts

It’s, admittedly, been a while since we’d heard some large news coming from the SWTOR camp in terms of what’s coming next. We’re glad to know that not only is development pressing on into next year, but that PvPers in the game are going to get some (presumably) much-needed attention.

Source: official site

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Destiny 2’s New Roadmap Reveals a PvP Crucible Lab

Now that Warmind has been released, it would stand to reason that the Destiny 2 development roadmap is due for an update as well. And, sure enough, it has been, with word of new modes, a new seasonal event, and something called the Crucible Labs, which is a feature that got a few initial details.

crucible labs

The Crucible Labs feature is one of the marquee features scheduled for update 1.2.1, which is currently on track for a release on Tuesday, May 29th. The Labs will be a place where “experimental PvP content” will be introduced to the game while letting the devs collect direct feedback.

In addition to this new feature, update 1.2.1 will also be changing Exotic armor for sandbox gameplay and making improvements to Faction Rallies. After that in July, players will see Prestige versions of the Raid Lairs added by Curse of Osiris and Warmind, along with additional Exotic armor sandbox changes and a new Solstice of Heroes event that will celebrate the accomplishments of the world’s heroes.

From there, Year 2 will begin in September with promised new game modes, weapon slot changes and more goodies yet to be revealed – a possible allusion to the shooter’s Fall expansion that will supposedly add “a whole new style of play for first-person shooter gaming” as promised by Activision COO Coddy Johnson during the company’s Q1 earnings call.

As for the next update and the Crucible Labs feature, more information is due to come Soon™.

Our Thoughts

So it’s basically a PvP PTR then. Considering how contentious and opinionated PvPers can often be, this will either be a great place for feedback and insight or a whirling maelstrom of text-based misery. Here’s hoping more of the former.

Source: Bungie website

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