Star Citizen Backer Loses in Small Claims Court to RSI

A backer of Star Citizen who sought to see their $4500 refunded after losing faith in the project has officially lost their case. The RSI small claims lawsuit was tossed out by the presiding judge, moving the matter to arbitration in spite of the fact that the backer in question offered their fiscal support before the company changed their terms of service.

rsi small claims lawsuit

Redditor firefly212 reported in from LAX airport in Los Angeles, California with the result of their June filing, which saw RSI/CIG successfully argue that the arbitration clause should be applied to their transaction. The judge hearing the case would not listen to arguments about whether the ToS change was conscionable, nor would they rule about RSI’s argument that the game was playable and therefore earned its funding.

According to firefly212, RSI will not be refunding the portion of their money not covered in arbitration.

“I would like to thank all of you who have given helpful advice or offered words of encouragement,” wrote firefly212. “Though I lost today, I don’t want to come off as salty… I asked the court to answer some questions, and I got some answers.”

Our Thoughts

While we’re certainly glad that this backer got some answers out of the matter – even though they didn’t get back their money – we still have to worry about what sort of legal precedent this might set for those who lose faith in Star Citizen and wish to back out. Of course, this is the risk one assumes when it comes to backing a Kickstarter project…but one does have to wonder where risk assumption ends and consumer protection begins.

Source: Reddit via Massively Overpowered

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