Hot Wheels Set Lets You Play Rocket League IRL

I love watching Rocket League as an esport and always like to envision what it would be like to spectate a match of vehicular football in real life. Unfortunately, real life Rocket League isn’t quite here yet, but a Hot Wheels Rocket League set is coming that lets you play a form of the game with toys, which is pretty darn close.

hot wheels rocket league set

The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals set isn’t just a mouthful of a toy name, but also a way for folks to play a form of IRL Rocket League. The set comes with two remote control vehicles, a ball, and an Arena Mat to duel on. The cars themselves are controlled via free downloadable smartphone apps that are available on either iOS or Android.

In addition, the set will include DLC codes for the Rocket League game: a Hot Wheels Goal Explosion; a Hot Wheels RC Rivals Topper that features the toy in action; and two RC Rivals Decals for the Battle Cars that are featured in the set.

This unique collectible will be available at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and Target in North America this coming November 1st, and will set you back a cool $179.99.

Our Thoughts

Okay, so there are a few things that just can’t translate to real life terribly well, but this method of bringing Rocket League into meatspace is a pretty darn good trade-off. Seriously, it’s actually pretty cute.

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Rocket League Launches Season 9 and Hot Wheels DLC

I’m going to be honest with you, I was certain that Hot Wheels and Rocket League would join forces more frequently. Still, the release of Rocket League Season 9 and new Hot Wheels-themed DLC means that the obvious combination is now officially a thing for the second year in a row.

rocket league season 9

The new Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC pack will net buyers three unique Hot Wheels Battle Cars and three creature-themed toppers for $5.99 US. If you’d rather not spend money but still like Hot Wheels-related stuff, the update has also included a new Hot Wheels Arena and a variety of free customization items to earn.

Of course, there’s more than small metal toy cars being represented in the latest update. Season 9 has also kicked off in the vehicular footballer, bringing competitive versions of Rumble, Dropshot, Hoops and Snow Day as extra modes. Those who took part in Season 8 can also get their rewards with this update.

Finally, the patch brings volume four of the Rocket League x Monstercat musical playlist, new cosmetic rewards tied to the playlist, and several quality-of-life improvements. A full rundown of the changes can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Another new season in Rocket League and a lot of new ways to play this time around. We wish those participating in the competitive side of this game the best of luck. We also kind of hope that these competitive forms of other Rocket League match types will translate into their appearance in the title’s esports broadcasts.

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Rocket League Gets Clubs and XP Refinement in Next Update

Playing matches of Rocket League just for the sake of playing them is fun enough, certainly, but perhaps a sense of progress is what helps motivate you. If you happen to be that type of player, than the upcoming Rocket League Progression Update is going to give you the carrot to chase, along with a new Clubs mechanic to let friends form up.

rocket league progression update

Like its name implies, the Progression Update will refine the game’s current XP earnings system, removing the current level cap of 75 and flattening XP needed for leveling up. Every time you level up, you’ll get a random item of Uncommon quality or better, while Common items will be unlocked for a particular slot after hitting a certain threshold of matches played. In both cases, these earnings apply to online matches only.

The new update will also introduce Clubs, a guild-like feature that lets up to 20 players form a rocket car football club of their own complete with custom club colors. More information on how Clubs work will be revealed in a dev blog later.

These features, along with some new achievements, trophies and quality-of-life features, are due to arrive Wednesday, August 29th. The week after that, the new Rocket Pass will go live. More information can be read at the game’s site.

Our Thoughts

These features aren’t what one would call “hot ticket” like new cars or arenas, but they’re very likely going to be appreciated by regular players of Rocket League regardless. After all, forming up a squad of reliable friends and teammates has got to be useful.

Sources: press release, official site

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MMO Money: EA Eyes Battle Royale and Crowfall Hits Funding Milestone

We’re back again with another look at the world of MMO business. This week we’ve got more funding milestones, Superdata has released another month’s revenue report, and there’s more lootbox news. Oh, and we can’t forget the Battle Royale games. Battle Royale forever!


Crowfall Hits Funding Milestone

Crowfall Hits Funding Milestone

ArtCraft Entertainment has now raised $20 million from a combination of investments, partnerships, and their crowdfunding efforts. The Kickstarter campaign finished with more than $1.7 million donated back in March 2015. Later that same year they had raised $10 million through investments. Now, in the time since then, they’ve doubled their money and raised another $10 million. This was announced in a press release by the company in which they also announced an international distribution agreement that will see Crowfall released in Russia and the CIS.


Source: Press Release


Netease’s SpatialOS Investment

Netease has invested $50 million in SpatialOS which they’re calling a small equity stake to act as a strategic investment. How anyone can consider 50 million anything small is beyond me. Improbable has said that they’re establishing a presence in China to support game developers while also actively seeking other partners in Asia. In the press release announcing this investment, they also say: “the investment will increase our ability to help game makers in China and beyond to build previously impossible games, by helping game makers to benefit from a neutral, openly available technology platform supporting the next generation of online gaming.”

At the moment, SpatialOS is being used by Worlds Adrift, Mavericks, and Fractured. Last year they also received a half a billion dollar investment from SoftBank. What does this all mean? We’re like to see a whole lot more games made with SpatialOS in the future. Though, it should be noted that earlier this year Chronicles of Elyria dropped SpatialOS. It’s not clear yet if Netease will be using SpatialOS in any of their future games, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s outside the realm of possibility.

Netease was also in the news recently for another reason, they’re taking over publishing EVE Online in China starting in October. They’re also responsible for bringing Blizzard games to mainland China.


Source: Official Announcement


At EA Battle Royale Is On Everyone’s Mind

During EA’s Q1 earnings call executives fielded questions from investors and it seemed that everyone had Battle Royale fever. There were questions about if Battlefield V’s model might resemble Fortnite. EA held firm saying that the game’s Battle Royale mode would be just that, another mode. But there was also a hint at the possibility of EA releasing a comparable game in the future. “We’re interested in experimenting with a free-to-play standalone game that might be in a shooter genre or another genre. But I don’t think that’s how we’re looking at the Battlefield stuff right now.”

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson also said that the company is open to cross-platform play. “We’re looking at key franchises in terms of how we should deliver cross-platform play in a similar way that Fortnite has, especially some of our titles that have a broad and diverse player base,” he said. “The ability to bring PC to mobile or mobile to console can bring family and friends together, and we think that’s an important part of our future development profile. Expect more from us on that front in the future.”

So, expect more Battle Royale from EA in the future.




Top Grossing Games in June

Superdata released their monthly look at the top grossing games with a look at June. PUBG got a massive boost thanks to the Steam sale. In June the game sold 4.7 million units, but at a reduced price. That being said it was still the second best month the game has ever had. On the list, PUBG jumped from 9th to 3rd for PC.

Pokemon Go also had a fantastic month, they were previously in 7th for mobile games back in April but have now jumped up to 3rd. They owe their success to the warm summer months and to very popular changes to the game which have brought a lot of players back. Including regular community events like the upcoming Eevee event in which Eevee will be a whole lot more common and boosts will last longer.

Much of the rest of the list remains the same, however.


Source: Superdata Report


Vainglory Made $50 Million Since Launch

Mobile MOBA Vainglory is one of the great successes of the MOBA genre and is widely considered the best mobile MOBA available. So it shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that they have brought in $50 million since they launched in 2014. This actually makes it the third most successful mobile MOBA behind Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. 32% of that revenue comes from the United States while Japan is the next highest at about 12%. Almost 64% of all revenue comes from iOS which isn’t really much of a surprise given that it launched as an iOS-only title. While everyone keeps talking about battle royale games it is nice to see former trends can still succeed.


Source: Sensor Tower Report



For Dutch players of Dota 2, it is now plainly obvious what is contained inside lootboxes now. They’re following in the footsteps of Path of Exile who have done this previously. In doing so they put the power in the hands of the players, letting them decide if they want to buy it or not. While some people have said that it has taken the thrill out of opening the box, others welcome it as they’re now getting only what they want to pay for. While Valve hasn’t come out and said that this is because of the Dutch Gaming Authority’s ruling earlier this year, it isn’t a stretch at all to assume that it is. Yay progress!

Meanwhile, Rocket League has published a blog post which has the drop rates of crate rarity levels and they promise that any changes they make in the future will also be announced. The rates range from 55% to 1% and also include Painted and Certified Attributes.


Source: Rock Paper Shotgun, Rocket League

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Rocket League Explains its Rocket Pass

The battle pass is the hottest of new hotness in gaming today, and so perhaps the revelation of the Rocket League Rocket Pass is hardly a surprise. But how does this work, exactly? A post on the game’s page has offered a number of specific details.

rocket league rocket pass

At the brass tacks level, the Rocket Pass is like every other battle pass out there: play the game, earn XP, level the pass, get free stuff. The difference with the Rocket Pass is that there will be two versions in the form of a Free pass and a Premium pass.

The Free Rocket Pass will be available to everyone (naturally), offering banners, titles and other customization rewards. For 10 Keys or $9.99 USD, you can unlock the Premium pass which (also naturally) ramps up the goodies to include Car Bodies and Rocket Pass-specific XP boosts among other Premium-specific rewards.

Regardless of which Pass players go for, every item that can be earned will be tradeable except for Titles.

A specific arrival date for these new battle passes was not announced, but players can look forward to their arrival sometime this summer. More details and an FAQ are available here.

Our Thoughts

Alright, well…it’s a battle pass. Not a whole lot more to say that can be elaborated upon here beyond hoping that regular players of Rocket League like what they’re seeing with this system.

Source: official site

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Rocket League Hits the Beach in the Salty Shores Update

We’ll let you insert your own summer-themed axioms and just get right to the point. The Rocket League Salty Shores update has landed to the competitive car footballing title, bringing the game to a California-styled beachfront while packing a new car and summer-themed items into its cute little canvas beach bag.

rocket league salty shores

Salty Shores is the name of the new location as well as the update itself, featuring an outdoor arena right along the sunny seaside available in all of the game’s Playlists. The update has also added a new Battle Car in the form of the Twinzer, which can be found inside the newly added Impact Crate.

Salty Shores has also added a small collection of summery toppers; some new decals for several vehicles; a third volume of music tracks from the music label Monstercat; and the start of competitive season 8. You can find the full patch notes on the game’s site as well as take in the 80s-licious trailer for the update embedded below.

Our Thoughts

There are more than a couple of staffers here that adore the 80s aesthetic, so to say that this new update ticks a few boxes for us is an understatement. It’s definitely the right season for some summer-related multiplayer events, so we’re ready to stay out of the humidity of the real world and enjoy the digital beach. Only because we burn in the sun easily. …well, a couple of us do, anyway.

Source: press release

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Rocket League Releases the Tournaments Update

The entire point of Rocket League’s gameplay is competition, but up until recently that competition has been a simple one-and-done affair, which might be leaving some players of the car-driven soccer title wanting more, especially if they’re fans of the RLCS. Enter the Rocket League Tournaments update.

rocket league tournaments update

As the update’s name suggest, Tournaments will let players piece together their own bracketed, team-based tournaments. These tourneys can either be private or public and will include all the game modes you’d want including Soccar, Snow Day, Hoops, Rumble or Dropshot. Tournaments can also have Mutators that change variables like arena gravity and ball size.

In addition to custom-built tourneys, the update also introduces features like connection quality indicators to signal issues like packet loss or latency issues, a chat ban system that holds hands with the game’s existing language ban and reporting systems, visual and performance upgrades for the Nintendo Switch version, and a new Battle Car among others.

The Tournaments update is available now for the game on all platforms that have cars playing soccer. Full information can be found on the update’s landing page.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, with as many esports events as Rocket League has, it’s kind of remarkable that this sort of update didn’t arrive sooner. That said, better late than never, certainly. We hope that players have a great time in their own custom-built mini-tournaments!

Source: press release

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Rocket League Gets Heroic with DC Super Heroes DLC

The vehicles in Rocket League are pretty cool, granted, but they sure as heck ain’t no Batmobile and, frankly, the fact this rocket-powered car isn’t in a league of rocket-powered cars is surprising. Psyonix will soon correct this egregious oversight with the Rocket League DC Super Heroes DLC.

rocket league dc super heroes dlc

Due to arrive on March 5th, the new DLC will let players either dress up their existing cars with decals and wheels themed after DC superheroes like Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern, or straight-up drive two new Premium Battle Cars in the form of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises or the Batmobile from the ’89 Batman film. Players can also show off their favorite DC characters with a variety of banners.

All of the items in the DLC – including the two Premium cars and 20+ customization items – will arrive to all Rocket League platforms on Monday, March 5th and will set you back $3.99. You can check out all of the shiny goodies in the DLC on this web page and check out the in-game Batmobiles in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, though, who wouldn’t want to drive on the Rocket League pitch in the freakin’ Batmobile? Granted, the other items and decals look great too, but none of them are Batmobiles. Pity the Batmobile from the 90’s animated series wasn’t included, though.

Source: press release

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Rocket League Plans 2018 Cross-Platform Party Release

We already know that Rocket League would very much like to have everyone play together, but it would seem that the devs at Psyonix are already hard at work on making Rocket League cross-platform party features happen. At least, if an answer from the game’s support staff is any indicator.

rocket league cross-platform party

A player reached out to Rocket League Help on Twitter asking about a possible release date for cross-platform party play, as that person would like to join their friend on the PS4. According to the answer from support, players can expect the feature sometime this year.

For the time being, Rocket League only allows cross-platform play through the use of private match invites instead of letting players form open match parties. Additionally, voice chat is only available either exclusively on the player’s chosen platform or through some means of third-party voice chat like Discord.

As for the immediate future of Rocket League, the game’s fifth season of esports has been granted a start date for sign-ups of Tuesday, January 23rd. The prize pools for both the RLCS and the Rival Series are also being raised this year, with a total of $500k up for grabs at this year’s RLCS and $50k for the Rival Series. Those interested are invited to learn more about other important dates on either the game’s standard website or its newly-opened esports website.

Our Thoughts

“A 2018 release” isn’t an awful lot of information, of course, but we at least know that there’s work being done to let players come together for a match or three in Rocket League soon. We anticipate further details on this cross-platform party features to be announced in a more impactful manner once development is further along.

Sources: Twitter via PCGamesN, official site

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