Raid: Shadow Legends is a familiar but spectacular adventure

The beginning of Raid: Shadow Legends is a nice surprise, feeling like a big punch in the gut. A party of four very diverse warriors with tongues as sharp as their weapons rush to face an impressive dragon, only to end up eaten and scorched in the face of such unsurmountable odds. The use of high-level gameplay as a tutorial isn’t an unusual approach, serving as a way of showcasing the heroes and bosses at their full potential. Yet, it remains fresh and convincing after so many years.

Luckily, not all the champions are gone for good – a single champion is bestowed a second chance and it’s up to you to choose which one. Will it be High Elf Archer Elhain, Orc Galek, Paladin Athel or Dark Elf Kael?

Raid Shadow Legends Dragon Boss

Roasted Champs

Plarium is the developer of many acclaimed strategy games, mostly based on a tried-and-tested city-building template that has proven successful since the studio’s inception in 2009. However, Raid: Shadow Legends breaks with the tradition, instead being a turn-based role-playing game with more than 300 unique champions to collect.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile game, but a desktop version is in the works if you prefer to play on your computer and aren’t too fond of emulators.

The main strength of hero collecting games lies in their roster. A great cast is more than capable of making or breaking a game, even if the core mechanics are polished to the brim. Raid: Shadow Legends is off to a great start with its enticing introduction and when the dust settles, it gradually presents you to its diverse modes and challenges. It’s a clever way of easing casual and veteran players alike, using your bastion as the hub for every possibility.

The visuals in this game instantly grab you from the get-go. While initially doubtful about the high quality of the intro graphics, when the campaign started it was clear that these were actual in-game models. Raid: Shadow Legends looks stunning, with some spectacular scenarios and environmental effects. The sheer diversity of the locations is enough to keep you going, always on the lookout for background details that makes the whole experience that little bit better – the beautiful snow effects in Ice Peak, or the scorching pits in the Minotaur labyrinth are a sight to behold. The same can be said about the bosses, with some attention-grabbing creatures such as the creepy Spider, or the devastating Fire Knight.

Raid Shadow Legends Champion

The champions are beautifully rendered and with detailed animations achieved through motion capture. The smooth movements highlight their different personalities, even in the case of the grotesque beasts or undead hordes that you get to recruit.

If there is one thing that would add to the immersion and mood of the game, it’s champion interaction. It was enjoyable to see the four warriors poking fun at each other during the intro sequence, although their detachment was somewhat worrying for the well-being of the party. It would be interesting to see something similar in the campaign, with an affinity system for each champion to express their amity, hate, or benevolence towards one another. This could build on the game’s universe and pave the way for interesting stories or side-quests.

There’s this unmistakable The Lord of the Rings vibe to the whole setting. The accomplished dark fantasy aesthetic is a breath of fresh air, moving away from the saturated cartoon or anime style that similar games tend to use to the point of exhaustion. This is a great looking game and one that will instantly catch the attention of onlookers in their search for the next collectible card RPG.

Raid Shadow Legends Spider Boss

Your four-man party of champions can be comprised of units earned by advancing in the campaign, or by using shards to summon new heroes. Your progress will unlock better shards and legendary champions, with several means to upgrade your squad. There’s PvP, dungeons, faction war, and so many other options and regular rewards, that you won’t be thwarted by a level for long. It’s a multi-layered game where getting a new and formidable champion feels like a victory and a free pass for more challenging levels.

Despite featuring an auto-combat mode, this is a quality-of-life option that is better suited for re-runs and to earn additional experience using low-level champions. Using auto mode when playing the latter half of the campaign or PvP will only earn you shameful defeats, so it’s best to steer clear of it. Tactical prowess is necessary to advance, considering that the A.I. isn’t always going to make the best combat decisions in the long run.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a game that stands out from the competition, even if it doesn’t exactly push the genre forward. I’ve enjoyed my time with it and was thrilled at every new stage and boss fight. With great looks and a remarkable cast of champions, this is one compelling adventure that I will frequently return to.

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Genshin Impact – More Than a Chinese Breath of the Wild Clone

Appearing from out of nowhere, Genshin Impact made quite an impact and is now one of my most anticipated games of the year. At the risk of sounding like a pubescent girl at a Justin Bieber concert, excuse me for the outdated comparison, Genshin Impact is the kind of exciting game that just won’t disappoint. It transpires quality through every pore and nothing about it feels shallow or out of place.

It’s not a happy coincidence that Genshin Impact invites so many comparisons, most of them laudable. The announcement trailer got many players comparing it to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while others were reminded of Ni No Kuni. Pick any other great looking anime game and you are on the right track. Genshin Impact looks stunning, but that is just one of its many qualities.

Genshin Impact characters

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Waifu

Genshin Impact is the work of a studio at the top of its game. Developer miHoYo is on a personal mission to show the world that the Chinese developers’ reputation for putting out low-quality knockoffs of popular games is a thing of the past. The studio’s previous game, Honkai Impact 3rd showed its talent and keen eye for flashy combat. It remains impressive despite its restraining mobile roots, and every anime fan should give it a try.

Genshin Impact isn’t a sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd; instead, it’s an entirely new game based on a manga that is available on Crunchyroll. There are several chapters published, in case you’ll want to get acquainted with the world and characters in anticipation for the game. This isn’t mandatory though, as Genshin Impact will make sure that you feel at home in its world.

The true nature of Genshin Impact’s online component is one of the things that cast a shadow of doubt on many players. Is it a full-fledged MMORPG, a solo adventure or a co-op game? Don’t expect to see many players roaming the striking world of Teyvat, but you can invite a few friends into your world to explore the land and fight together. This is an entirely optional mechanic, since you can go on adventures alone and peacefully enjoy the wonderful sights and life-threatening foes. If you’d rather have a couple of friends by your side, you can rest assured that their world will remain untouched and entirely safe until their return. Genshin Impact doesn’t mix things up and it’s all the better for it.

Genshin Impact open world

Unlike other action RPGs where your class selection is limited to a handful of choices, Genshin Impact already offers 11 playable characters. If this number sounds impressive, brace yourselves for what is coming: a roster of over 30 unique characters is promised! Obviously, no schedule was given for such an ambitious plan, but the thought alone is enticing, especially considering the high quality and depth of each one of the currently available characters.

Don’t think that trying each character will be a straightforward experience though. After choosing your main character you must then unlock the rest of them by progressing in the adventure. The cast isn’t entirely female, unlike Honkai Impact 3rd, but women are clearly in the majority, with eight characters (EienYuki, Amber, Lisa, Barbara, Jean, Xiangling, Venti and Kamisato Ayaka) versus three male characters (Kaeya, Diluc and Razor). Outfit customization is a feature that is being internally debated by miHoYo, but I’m betting this will be a part of the game in the foreseeable future considering the potential for costume microtransactions is just too big to ignore.

Genshin Impact borrows the on-the-fly character switch system from Honkai Impact 3rd. You can freely pick one of your four distinctive characters and use their unique skills to overcome different challenges. Multiple classes and character switching will be a recurrent theme for the various dungeons that await you.

Genshin Impact city

The Anime World Is Yours

Teyvat is a striking open world that you can freely explore by running, climbing and swimming but there are no underwater treasures to find, that much was already clarified. You have freeform movement at your disposal, with a fast travel system to spare you the pains of running to a distant region. The world will feature seven huge city-states to discover and contemplate, each with an inimitable and extraordinary architecture style. The first closed beta featured the region of Mondstadt, and a second very different region was already teased: the Liyue Harbor.

With such a lovely world to explore, it would be a shame if you couldn’t purchase or build your very own cozy house. Thankfully, a housing system is in the works, although it is unclear when it will be available.

Combat may happen anytime and there is an exhaustive action combat system with many combos to take advantage of. An elemental system is also included, allowing for some interesting chain reactions based on seven natural elements, Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, and Geo. This system allows for some in-depth interactions that can be used in combat or to solve some puzzle-based challenges.

Genshin Impact dragon

Mounts and pets are not guaranteed in the game, but it’s not unlikely that they show up in the future. For now, you only have Paimon at your side, the adorable and friendly companion that will help you out during your journey.

Genshin Impact has several life activities planned such as fishing, chess and card mini games. Musical instruments are another one of the possibilities and I can see this happening in the wake of thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light iOS release.

Speaking about what Genshin Impact is shaping up to be is underestimating what it already is; a fantastic-looking, cheerful anime RPG with a great selection of characters and an in-depth skill-based combat system. With a sprawling open world filled with things to see and do, and hopefully a captivating story to keep you on your toes, Genshin Impact is way more than a Chinese Breath of the Wild clone. It is a beautiful anime with its own identity and style.

Genshin Impact is in development for PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4, with a release scheduled for 2020.

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NCSoft Launching into Western Mobiles with Aion: Legions Of War

Three weeks from today there’ll be a new foray from NCSoft into the mobile game market, this time with its first mobile RPG in the west, Aion: Legions of War. With the success they saw in Korea in 2017, NCSoft decided to try its hand at another mobile experience. Certainly, there are a number of mobile titles that have been announced by NCSoft recently like Blade & Soul M but their Aion entry is being touted as the first mobile RPG of theirs for the western market.

This particular entry, borrowing from the MMO Aion is created by the original Aion development team at NCSOFT’s headquarters. Players will be able to collect heroes from the world of Aion and build up combinations of them for use in boss battles, PvP, and Guild Dungeons.
Check out some of the short clips of the game here.

While you cannot download the game yet, pre-registration is available now on along with that most classic of pre-order enticements, an unlocking bar. Pre-registering gives 100 points to the total, though how many are needed for each tier is a question. There are other share options to add to the total.

Unlocks include 36,000 in-game gold, a “rare confinite”, 160 gems and the biggest unlock being a three-star hero. Notably, you will need to connect with your Facebook account to redeem the rewards after launch.

With NCSoft leveraging Lineage for a mobile game and now Aion, you have to wonder if we’ll see some odd resurrections in the future. While Master X Master never made it, it was notable for having characters from Guild Wars 2 and City of Heroes. With the recent shut down of Wildstar, maybe there is a mobile future for the Chua or a return to the streets of Paragon City for that most classic of activities. Go, Hunt, Kill Skuls.


Source: Press Release

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Final Fantasy XV Announces Standalone Multiplayer Release and FFXIV Crossover

A recent Final Fantasy XV anniversary livestream had a whole lot to say to mark the game’s two-year anniversary, and while most of the announcements are understandably single-player focused, there are a couple of multiplayer-related tidbits in there. Namely, a standalone release for the multiplayer Comrades mode and a crossover event with Final Fantasy XIV.

final fantasy xv anniversary livestream

Multiplayer: Comrades, the small-scale online co-op multiplayer mode of the game that was released last year, is now going to be its own standalone title for Xbox One and PS4. This effectively shuts down the mode’s inclusion from the original title, though the PC version will continue to receive these updates.

This new release will introduce 10 new bosses for players to face off against. It will arrive on December 12th at 5pm PST and will cost $9.99 for new arrivals or will be granted for free to those who purchased the expansion previously.

As for the Final Fantasy XIV crossover event, that will also arrive on December 12th as a free update to all Final Fantasy XV players. The crossover quest will introduce Noctis and his companions to the Miqo’te Y’jhimei, ultimately culminating in a fight against the wind Primal Garuda from FFXIV. Special XIV-themed costumes await as a reward for completing this event.

Naturally, there are trailers for these updates. The XIV collab trailer can be viewed here and the latest Comrades trailer is here.

Our Thoughts

It’s interesting that they’ve decided to release Comrades as a standalone title on consoles, but considering that the original game’s DLC is winding down, perhaps they’re trying to trim as much as they can. In any case, we do hope that fans of this particular title enjoy both the online multiplayer and the collab event.

Source: press release

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Wargaming Enters the Online ARPG Scene with Pagan Online

When one thinks of Wargaming, they usually think of historically recreated vehicles of war blasting away at one another in online combat. That perception is changing just a bit with the company’s Pagan Online announcement, which is Wargaming’s first publishing foray into a whole new genre: the online multiplayer ARPG.

pagan online announcement

Set in a world of “dark pre-Christian mythology” according to the presser, Pagan Online looks to combine the grand tradition of action RPG gaming with combat mechanics from the world of MOBAs. Players can look forward to carnage-filled missions with multiple game modes and difficulty levels, as well as a single-player campaign that will receive episodic Battle Chapter updates.

“With Pagan Online we’ve modernized how combat in a top-down action RPG works,” claims Uros Banjesevic, co-founder and creative director of developer Mad Head Games. “[We’re] taking cues from MOBAs to create something that’s fast-paced, overwhelming with enemies, and super challenging.”

Pagan Online is due to arrive sometime in 2019 and is taking names to join in its pre-launch tests known as Trials. You can get a teasing CGI trailer for the game below.

Our Thoughts

Well…it certainly sounds good, and if this game’s MOBA/ARPG combat feels as good as that which was used in a game like Master X Master, then this could be one to watch. Still, we’re going to have to stay sat here on the fence until we see some actual gameplay on display.

Source: press release

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Vermintide 2 Celebrates Halloween with Geheimnisnacht

In a world menaced by Chaos-driven fiends and snarling, huge rat-people, you probably don’t need a Halloween. In fact, you probably need a holiday where all you do is stay safe indoors and eat cookies. The Vermintide 2 Geheimnisnacht holiday, however, has no cookies. It has darkness.

vermintide 2 geheimnisnacht

For those who aren’t familiar with the lore, this particular holiday marks a time when the twin moons of Mannslieb and Morrslieb are full and the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. It also is said to be a time where magic as at its most potent.

What this means for the game of Vermintide 2 is that every map in the online slash-em-up will be covered in darkness, with no daylight to be seen from now until November 4th. There will also be an event quest that rewards a unique portrait frame, a thematic dressing-up of Thaal’s Horn Keep, and the re-opening of the Trophy Room.

The update that has brought the Geheimnisnacht holiday with it has also introduced a number of tweaks and bug fixes. The complete changelog can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Boy, that is a heck of a word to type out multiple times in a row. We do hope that players of Vermintide 2 enjoy Geheimnisnacht, but we can’t help but feel that this is a bit of a missed opportunity: after all, a game like this just oozes with the sort of style that screams Halloween. Perhaps next year…

Sources: press release, Steam

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Breach to be Distributed by En Masse Entertainment

The co-op/asymmetrical action RPG Breach has clapped hands with the folks at En Masse Entertainment for its full distribution to players. The new partnership will not only bring the game to the En Masse launcher, but will also be the launching point for the Breach technical alpha.

breach technical alpha

While a hard date has not been announced for the game’s alpha, the plan is to bring the test online at some point “later this year.” The En Masse partnership will let players access the game from En Masse’s own game launcher if you’re not keen on the Steam Early Access version.

The folks at En Masse seem confident that hands-on time with Breach will be convincing for players. “Once we got a chance to play Breach, we knew this game was going to be something special,” said En Masse CEO Sam Kim. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer another highly anticipated action-RPG to the En Masse game library.”

If you happen to be in the vicinity of this year’s TwitchCon, Breach will have a presence there, letting players try the title themselves. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait for its technical alpha and Steam Early Access launch later this year, and then await a full free-to-play launch in 2019.

Our Thoughts

En Masse definitely likes its action online titles, so Breach definitely feels like a perfect fit in that regard. We’re eagerly awaiting knowing more firm dates for the game’s testing, early access and beyond.

Source: press release

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Dauntless Introduces You to the Riftstalker

A new Halloween holiday has arrived to the online multiplayer RPG Dauntless and with it a new monster for players to hack into that pretty much looks like it came from a Halloween monster movie. Say hello to the Riftstalker: part cat, part bat, and full of all-new tricks.


The Riftstalker may look to veteran players like a spookified version of a Skarn after a diet, but it has a few unique mechanics. One of them is the ability to travel through and even pull players into rifts, where Slayers will have to survive in the creature’s dark dimension.

Another feature of this new critter is its reported level of intelligence, with AI that apparently learns from its moves and will change them. Not only does this hopefully present new challenges to players, but it also apparently presented a new challenge to the game’s engineers.

Though the Riftstalker has gone live with the game’s Dark Harvest holiday, it will not be disappearing with the event on November 1st and will instead be a permanent part of the monster roster.

Our Thoughts

Adaptive AI, huh? We’ll have to see about that. All things considered, though, the Riftstalker certainly has some interesting sounding mechanics and could be a very unique fight for players of this game to take on. Heres hoping it actually is as smart as advertised.

Source: official site

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Blizzard Tries to Tamp Down Expectations for Diablo’s BlizzCon

The excitement over what Diablo at BlizzCon is lining up definitely has stirred up, with help from a couple of teases to be sure. However, it would appear that the devs are trying to fling a little bit of cold water on that hype and temper expectations.

diablo at blizzcon

In a quick post on the game’s official site, the Diablo devs told fans to perhaps not expect everything at BlizzCon to be full of the reveals they’re hoping:

“These are very exciting times—we currently have multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and we can’t wait to tell you all about them . . . when the time is right. We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that ‘good things come to those who wait,; but evil things often take longer.”

The post does make a direct mention of the game’s arrival to Nintendo Switch, which will officially release on November 2nd to the system, so the game’s time on the main stage will certainly have some focus on that.

That said, the post also mentions that fans will get something new from this year’s event, saying “While we won’t be ready to announce all of our projects, we do intend to share some Diablo-related news with you at the show.”

Our Thoughts

So Diablo 4 this will not be. All things considered, it’s good that Blizzard stepped forward and tried to talk people down a bit, but somehow we also can’t really say for certain that people won’t be let down or upset regardless of this forewarning. Also, they did claim that their marketing wasn’t clever but ended up being exactly that once before, so who knows.

Source: official site

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Is Breach Finally 4v1 Done Right?

The idea of asymmetric PvP has a long history in the online gaming world that has never achieved its full potential. Back in the early MMORPG days of EverQuest and Asheron’s Call, developers actually spawned into the online words as raid bosses. Due to the unbalanced nature and resource constraints, these types of events haven’t been implemented in more recent MMOs. A few years ago, we had a small-scale take on players controlling raid bosses with Evolve while Shadow Realms attempted to recreate the Dungeon Master experience from Dungeons & Dragons. Now Breach is trying its hand at the asymmetric PvP subgenre as a 4v1, third-person action RPG that puts a twist on ancient mythology.

Breach Veil Demon


In Shadow Realms’ Shadow

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with Dallas Dickinson (President) and Gabe Amatangelo (Chief Creative Director) of QC Games to get a hands-on demonstration of Breach. If those names sound familiar, it’s because they were previously part of Bioware’s Shadow Realms development team.

A few minutes into the game, I was instantly reminded of my time with Shadow Realm back at PAX 2014. The idea of taking over the Dungeon Master, or Shadowlord, role definitely intrigued me, especially as someone who very much enjoys PvP focused games. Setting traps, taking over monsters, and picking off heroes one by one was great in concept, but what was presented at the time lacked a special something. It could have been the generic characters, settings, and skills or the combat just not feeling quite right. It felt like the team had great ideas with Shadow Realms but wasn’t able to quite build the gameplay to deliver on them.

Already having those ideas to pull from, it seems as if the QC Games team has been able to spend more time building the core game mechanics such as combat, setting, and character progression . With that in mind, let’s look at what Breach is doing to set itself apart.

Breach gameplay


What is Breach?

In the short time that I spent with Breach, it was very apparent that the game does not simply fit into one category. It’s clearly a lobby-based, co-op third-person action RPG, but it also embraces pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons and pulls parts from the MOBA genre. Breach can be played solo as a hero or Veil Demon, co-op, or in full 4v1 PvP mode.

These varying game modes have the ability to draw in all kinds of different gamers and not just those interested in PvP; you can dungeon crawl with your friends or torment AI heroes as the Veil Demon. The standard game mode will have four heroes face off against a single Veil Demon that can manipulate the battleground and control hordes of monsters, but the number of players can be modified in the custom game mode.

There are the typical roles that one would expect from a team-based RPG: Mage, physical DPS, healer, and tank with a wide-variety of classes ranging from Necromancer to Nighthawk. Currently, there are 18 classes for the Heroes and 6 for the Veil Demon, with more on the way. Furthermore, players can mix and match skills between certain classes to tailor their own unique playstyle. Unlike traditional MMORPGs or MOBAs, players aren’t locked into a single class or hero but instead can customize an avatar that can change or modify classes before any match. In a way, it’s similar to Final Fantasy XIV where players can access every class on their main character and are granted extra ability options based on the number of unlocked jobs.

Breach God

Before a match starts, players will hang out in a central hub similar to Destiny or most other current lobby-centric games. This is where they can modify their equipment, talents, skills and practice on the training dummies. When a match begins, the two teams will take turns drafting. The heroes will draft their classes while the Veil Demon first chooses their class and then two elite monsters. In the current build, players aren’t forced to fill certain roles, and this can lead to some interesting team compositions. However, as I experienced in one of the play sessions, a team of all Demon Hunters isn’t the best choice and a good balance of roles will likely be optimal in most situations.

After the draft ends, players will be transported to the battleground and be required to complete various objectives as they move forward. These include missions such as killing a certain number of enemies before the timer expires or capturing points. While this seems simple enough, the Veil Demon is doing its best to stop the heroes from succeeding. The Veil Demon this omnipresent entity that can’t directly engage or be engaged by the heroes but it can spawn traps, take control of minions, or summon powerful elite monsters. At the end of each map there is a powerful boss that the Veil Demon can either take control of or work together with as a final attempt to stop the heroes.



According to the story, 70,000 years ago humans lived alongside mythological creatures where they were enslaved and hunted. Taking pity on the humans, a group of Immortals split the Earth into two realities by creating the Veil. The humans were separated from the other mythological creatures and allowed to live in relative peace. However, the Veil is starting to collapse and the worlds are colliding. This has simultaneously allowed demons to invade the human world while also providing certain individuals with a power called “The Spark,” which grants them magical abilities.

Breach Environment

There are a lot of legendary myths from around the world and not focusing on a single one, such as Roman or Greek, allows the QC team a huge amount of freedom in level and enemy design. Each of the battlegrounds embodies a different culture from Egypt to Japan, and the final boss represents one of their gods or mythical beings.

This initially made me think back to SMITE, which currently has close to 100 gods from 12 different pantheons. Hopefully, this will give the development team a lot of inspiration to draw from and continue to create new content while allowing players to experience cultures from a multitude of backgrounds.


Game Mechanics and Features

Before meeting with QC Games, I had the opportunity to play through the tutorial on my own. One of the first things I noticed was how smooth and responsive the combat was. When you press a button, there’s no awkward delay or animation before the attack or skill initiates. The overall control and feeling of combat reminded me a lot of Neverwinter, albeit with better visuals , and specifically playing the Assassin was reminiscent of the Trickster Rogue.

Attacks have a nice ‘snap’ to them and you can feel the impact on enemies. Standard attacks can be performed without a target, but there’s a sort of soft-lock when correctly aiming at an enemy and using certain skills. This aspect is also similar to Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online, but the controls are much less floaty.

According to the development team, the game will be free-to-play once released and there will be no pay-to-win aspects. For monetization, Breach will be using a League of Legends style where players can pay to unlock new classes faster or purchase cosmetics.

For the most part, the game will feature horizontal progression, which should also decrease chances for pay-to-win features. Unlocking new gear won’t provide a direct power bonus but will instead increase options available to the players. For example, each item for a class provides access to certain talents that are unlocked during a mission. Swapping out that item won’t make you instantly stronger but it could provide talents more suited to your play style. Furthermore, classes can mix and match certain skills, which means that unlocking more classes provides more cross-class combination options.

Breach Elementalist


What it Needs

I feel like the elephant in the room is the lack of a map editor. With Shadow Realms likely never seeing the light of day, Breach is the closest we’re getting to that Dungeon Master experience. And while it’s fun to spawn traps and monsters on the fly, getting to create and setup an entire campaign ahead of time is exactly what this type of game needs. Player created content has a history of driving longevity in games and it often spawns entirely different ways to play or even creates new genres.

To answer my initial question of whether Breach is finally the 4v1 game we need… the answer is maybe. For being in Alpha state, the game already feels great mechanically and the tools are there, but it just needs a few more features and to give players a bit more control over design.

Breach Heroes

In its current state, Breach is a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to what QC Games has in store for its future. For those of you interested in trying out Breach, it will enter paid Early Access on Steam later this year with an expected free-to-play launch in 2019.

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