Another World of Warcraft Expansion Possibly Leaked

It looks like yet another future World of Warcraft expansion has possibly been leaked. We say possibly of course because right now nothing is confirmed. And we say again because this is the second rumored WoW expansion leak to happen in less than a week! Before we go any further please be aware that by reading beyond this point you might be exposed to future spoilers for World of Warcraft, continue at your own risk.

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Expansion Giveaway

The first expansion, which was leaked last week was Age of Darkness. This expansion will allegedly see the old god N’zoth unleash a darkness that covers Azeroth. The expansion is rumored to have the Tinker class, a level squish with a new cap at 60, a new max-level progression system called Conquest, and a few improvements and reworks on systems already in the game. The supposed release window for this expansion is the end of 2020. There is however a lot of debate over whether this rumored leak can be believed. For one, the original leak as posted on 4chan has been deleted. Others have called it a laughably bad attempt at trolling the community. Right now there doesn’t seem to be much or any evidence to support the claims this rumor alleges. So for now, take this with a heaping pile of salt.

The second expansion, supposedly leaked is Shadowlands and, unlike the first, it is actually a little bit more believable. Once again, the leak came from 4chan, for anyone familiar with leaks and rumors this won’t be surprising at all. It is rumored to have two continents, Dragon Isles and Shadowlands. In fact, this is what makes the whole rumor so believable, there’s also a zone map that looks quite official. After a Youtuber made a video about the rumored Shadowlands leak he was supposedly contacted by people who had worked at Blizzard who supposedly confirmed the leak was real, including the image which supposedly came from an internal dev show and tell session. What do people think of this one? Well, it seems somewhat mixed. Plenty of people who think it’s the real deal, others who say they’ll wait and see. There are even some people who believe it is real and that Blizzard “leaked” it themselves to test the water. Whatever the case may be, we’re going to have to wait until Blizzcon to find out if there was any truth to be had.


Source: Reddit, ENUK

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Blizzard Working on Warcraft Pokemon Go Style Game

While there may have been a lot of unhappy Diablo fans over the announcement of Diablo Immortal it turns out that there are a lot of mobile gamers in Blizzard. In fact, they have even more mobile games in the works, including a Warcraft Pokemon Go style game. Why? Because the developers at Blizzard love Pokemon Go and with it consistently being one of the top money making mobile games in the world it just makes good sense. Combine the biggest MMORPG with one of the biggest mobile games and profit while also working on something you love.

The news that Blizzard is working on a Pokemon Go style game based in the Warcraft universe came in part of a long article on Kotaku that looks at the future of Diablo, and in fact the culture currently in Blizzard. The article itself has a number of anonymous sources who either currently work at Blizzard or have recently. It’s a long read, but an important one for anyone who might not understand why Diablo Immortal exists or what is going on at Blizzard at the moment.

Things to do Before Battle for Azeroth Launches


The biggest revelation from Kotaku article is the Warcraft Pokemon Go game. In fact, it’s the only real newsworthy part of the entire article. The rest though, is a very interesting dive into the politics at Blizzard. It often refers to the fact that they’re focusing a lot on cutting costs and feeling pressure from Activision where they weren’t before. There appears to be a shift in the culture of the studio for better or for worse. One of the outcomes of this change is the inclusion of smaller game projects like Diablo Immortal, Warcraftemon Go, and other mobile games.

As for Warcraftemon Go, it will be joining a genre of games that is gaining quite a bit of momentum. It began with Ingress, Pokemon Go’s older brother. Then Pokemon Go was released and Niantic started working on the same type of game but in the Harry Potter universe. There’s also a Jurassic Park game, a totally new IP called Maguss, and even Jesus Christ himself has a version of this style of game.


Source: Kotaku

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Path of Exile Potentially Coming to PS4

The console MMO market is a burgeoning one by all accounts and we may well see another game added to the growing list. In what appears to be another unintended ratings board leak, a Path of Exile PS4 version might just be waiting in the wings for MMOARPG fans.

path of exile ps4

This ratings board leak comes by way of Taiwan’s Digital Game Rating Committee, which has added a listing of the MMOARPG to its website. The listing also states that the game has passed through the ESRB, though bear in mind that information comes by way of Google Translate, so grains of salt and all that.

The report we’ve sourced does make a reminder that Path of Exile is on the way to a Chinese release, so it’s possible that this PS4 version might be region-specific. That said, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the game to spread to the PS4 – it made it to Xbox One in August of last year and, assuming the game had console exclusivity, a year’s time would be long enough for Grinding Gear Games to branch out.

Our Thoughts

It really does seem inevitable that Path of Exile would be PlayStation 4-bound. The game has gotten what feels like a rise in its stake with its latest updates and we suspect that there are more than a few ARPG fans on the PS4 that would enjoy what PoE offers.

Source: Destructoid

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RUMOR: Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Working on Online Title

We’re hopping on the Good Ship Supposition to Isla Rumor to look at the elusive and deadly Tyrumorsaurus Rex…alright, I’m done. The fact remains, however, that a Guerrilla Games online title appears to be coming together, as several moves by the Horizon Zero Dawn studio seem to indicate as much.

guerrilla games online title

One of the indications of this new game comes by way of a job posting on the Guerrilla Games careers page, which is looking for a user interface programmer to help create a UI for “an epic open world game” of some sort. What’s intriguing about this job listing can be found in the “pluses” section, which lists “experience shipping network enabled code, online games” as a desired skill for the new hire.

Tied with this are other new additions to the Guerrilla Games team; most notably former Rainbow Six Siege devs Simon Larouche and Chris Lee, who both are bringing their online multiplayer experience to the developer.

Naturally, these are leaps to conclusions as Guerrilla Games has yet to make any official announcement on what their new project is. This means these developments could mean anything, from a multiplayer component to a Killzone or Horizon Zero Dawn sequel to an entirely new IP. We’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground for more.

Our Thoughts

Ideally, an all-new IP would be great, but a lot of the new hires made by Guerilla Games seems to be leaning to the FPS/Killzone side of things. Perhaps they’re looking to reinvigorate that franchise with some online shooting?

Sources: Guerilla Games Careers Page via, VG247

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Diablo Netflix Series Accidentally Confirmed by Show Writer

As we reported earlier, there were rumors of a Diablo Netflix series fluttering about. We now have a bit more confirmation of this show’s existence, though that confirmation appears to have been done in error. Woopsie.

diablo netflix series

Andrew Crosby, the screenwriter for the Hellboy remake and rumored leader of the project, tweeted out earlier this week that he was tapped to write and run an animated series based on the IP:

“I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new Diablo animated series for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out.”

Shortly after the tweet was made, Crosby deleted it, presumably because he wasn’t apparently given confirmation to let the cat out of the bag. Holy Mother Internet never forgets, however, and the tweet has since been cached.

It’s important to bear in mind that “final talks” don’t necessarily mean a done deal, though it is heartening to know that the series’ development has come that far along. The timing also seems to sync up with an official reveal of the series at this year’s BlizzCon. In any case, we still recommend a few salt grains to take with this news. Just in case.

Our Thoughts

We sincerely hope that this accidental leak doesn’t jeopardize the Diablo animated series from becoming a reality. In all honesty, we’d be very interested to see just what sort of things Mr. Crosby and his team will put together for the show.

Source: PCGamesN

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RUMOR: Netflix Developing a Diablo TV Series

Perhaps this is what the devs meant when they said the forges are burning hot? An admittedly nebulous rumor of a Diablo TV series being developed by Netflix has crossed my notice, so allow me to report in with what is currently known.

diablo tv series

All that we’ve got is the word of an editor-in-chief of the source website, but the anonymous scuttlebutt is that Netflix is interested in making Diablo a series for its platform and has tapped writer Andrew Cosby to develop it.

If the name Andrew Cosby is unfamiliar to you, then allow us to elaborate. Cosby is one of the current writers of the upcoming Hellboy film reboot, as well as a co-founder of comics publisher Boom! Studios. Cosby also has some TV writing credits to his name, writing for the Syfy original series Eureka and the short-lived UPN series Haunted.

Netflix is clearly very eager to continue cranking out its own originals and has seen some success adapting video game properties to television, most notably the animated series Castlevania, which has confirmed a second season. Bearing that in mind, a Diablo series doesn’t seem beyond the pale. Of course, if firmer details arise we’ll be sure to share them.

Our Thoughts

There’s most definitely a lot of story to be had in the Diablo universe that would make for some compelling television. Just as long as the writing team that Cosby puts together doesn’t take the source material too terribly seriously. After all, a lot of the Diablo charm is that it’s the more cheese-flavored form of grimdark fantasy.

Source: Revenge of the Fans

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RUMOR: Shadowbringers is the Next Final Fantasy XIV Expansion

As always, dear readers, you’ll want to form your most fashionable tinfoil hats and get the artisinal salt grains ready because we’re about to go to Rumor Town! Today, we’re looking at an intriguing trademark filing that seems to name the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, along with a few binding ties that maybe link the rumor to reality.

new final fantasy xiv expansion

Word of this filing comes by way of a Twitter bot account that automatically announces trademark filings, which shared a submission of “Shadowbringers” by Square Enix on June 11th. That on its own doesn’t have a lot of meat on the bone, but the end of this year’s Rising anniversary event closes with the following verses from a minstrel NPC:

“O hero of rebirth traversing,
Soar you the azure skies.
Upon your breast a crimson crest,
Shine Light down from on high.

O hero of rebirth transcending,
Weave you an azure lie.
By your deeds doth crimson bleed,
And Darkness quench the fire.”

What’s noteworthy here are the references to light, azure, crimson and darkness. Some believe that each word references individual major updates to Final Fantasy XIV, with Light referring to A Realm Reborn, Azure relating to Heavensword, and Crimson referring to Stormblood. So it stands to reason that Darkness here would link with Shadowbringers.

Finally, another reference to darkness is made in the Tales from the Storm short stories being released, with one such story following the Dragoon Estinian closing thusly:

“Thus did Estinien’s journey come to an end─a journey which had seen him revisit the past and in so doing find a future. His lifelong battle having reached its true conclusion, he could finally begin anew. None can say whither his road will lead, whether the skies that greet him will be the striking blue of day, the blazing crimson of dusk, or the deepening black of twilight. Yet wheresoever he should find himself, one thing is certain: he will ever wield his lance for man and dragon both.”

The line of thinking here is that “blue of day” references Heavensward, “crimson of dusk” hearkens to Stormblood and “black of twilight” calls back once again to Shadowbringers.

Our Thoughts

It’s all a bit of a stretch, but at the same time some of the best clues can often be hiding in plain sight, so perhaps we’ll be hearing more about what sort of weight these rumors hold soon? In any case, a new expansion announcement is probably not going to be coming any time soon.

Source: Gamerescape

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Riot Co-Founder Muses about a League of Legends MMO

Alright, if we’re all very honest with ourselves, this could all come to nothing. Even so, a random tweet from the co-founder of Riot posing the question of a League of Legends MMO does get one’s thoughts running, even if the idea goes no further than a simple “what if” thought exercise.

league of legends mmo

Here’s the setup: League of Legends recently decided to expand upon its world and lore with the release of a new website, which lets fans of the MOBA explore the world of Runeterra and get lots of neat world-building tidbits about a number of locations and people in the game’s universe.

In a subtweet of the link that was sent out by the League of Legends Twitter account, Riot co-founder Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill off-handedly asked fans about the possibility of League of Legends entering the MMO space with a simple “Should we build a MMO? Yay or nay?”

Again, it bears repeating that this appears to be a mere fit of mental fancy more than any hard plans. That said, League of Legends has already dipped its toes into the PvE pool a couple of times during special limited-time modes, so perhaps this could be Mr. Merrill testing those waters again.

Regardless of what does or does not come of this whole matter, the map of Runeterra is totally worth a look for fans of the game.

Our Thoughts

An MMOARPG from the world of League of Legends could definitely be interesting indeed, but then again that runs the risk of alienating any players who see the game as MOBA first and all other things second. Personally speaking, I’d definitely be down to play a League of Legends MMO if it means I get to be s Star Guardian.

Source: Twitter

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Evidence Mounts of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

The biggest and arguably best battle royale shooter appears to be continuing to spread its oily, ravenous tentacles around the entire gaming world until we are all consumed by its countless teeth and dragged screaming into its cloudy, event horizon-sized maw before being silenced forever with only our agony to comfort us. Basically, it looks like a Fortnite Nintendo Switch port is pretty certain.

fortnite nintendo switch

The initial rumblings of this rumor arrived at the beginning of the month, with the Korean Software Ratings Board listing a rating for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch apparently ahead of schedule. That reported leak, however, has since been taken down.

Now, some new datamining appears to have unearthed a couple of additional clues that the shooter is making its way to the Switch. A self-described console hacker has found files of interest in the matter: a line of code in the Nintendo eShop that references an update for Fortnite, and an icon that appears to bear the similar style and formatting of other Switch game icons one can find on the system’s home screen.

Naturally, this is all conjecture at this point and could still be a rather elaborate gag. That said, there won’t be too terribly long for everyone to find out what Nintendo is up to once E3 arrives and that is a pretty long way to go for a gag. On the other hand, this IS the internet.

Our Thoughts

The Nintendo Switch would absolutely be the perfect fit for a game like Fortnite Battle Royale. The system’s portability and the fast-paced, short-form nature of Fortnite BR’s gameplay beats make it an absolute shoe-in for the sort of on-the-go gaming that Switch likes to push.

Sources: Kotaku UK, Polygon

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Blizzard Seeks a Dungeon Artist for Diablo

Right, everyone got their salt ready? No, it’s not margarita time, put the tequila away. It’s Blizzard game dev speculation time! On today’s show, we’ve got another Diablo job posting that hints at some new developments for the ARPG series. Or not. That’s why it’s speculation.

diablo job posting

The posting in question is looking for a dungeon artist for what’s described as “a new, unannounced Diablo project”. Beyond that tidbit of information, the job posting details are otherwise mundane; familiarity with Maya, ZBrush, and Substance painter/designer, HR buzzwords like “self-motivated” and “team player”, etc. About the only other hint – and this is a stretch – is the capitalization when the posting references creating “assets for the Diablo World”.

Something truly new for Diablo is well overdue, with the current game seeming to be content with offering up Seasons as its main hook for new content. To that point, the most recent announcement mentions that future Seasons of Diablo 3 will be themed, with Season 14’s theme being “greed”.

It’s possible that this new dungeon artist job listing holds hands with another job posting made last year that sought a production director with “massively multiplayer experience”. That said, it’s also entirely possible that this job posting is in reference to the anonymously confirmed Nintendo Switch edition.

Our Thoughts

If there’s anything new to report on this front, it likely won’t be coming before E3. We would love to see a proper MMORPG based on the Diablo universe, but then again Blizzard has already been pretty gunshy about bringing a new MMORPG to market. Just ask Project Titan. Oh, wait, you can’t, because Overwatch is all up in your face.

Source: Blizzard Careers site

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