RuneFest 2017 Offers Myriad RuneScape Reveals

At this year’s RuneFest, a long list of RuneScape reveals was made during a presentation at the MMORPG’s con. Design director Mark Ogilvie took to the stage and provided details on features, updates, and other improvements that the devs are actively working on.

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The updates discussed in the speech cite a player survey that was taken during the Summer and calls back to the earlier commitment to completing “unfinished business” in terms of updates while also making new content. “It’s up to us to keep a good mix of those old promises, shiny new secret updates and the things you tell us you want more than anything,” said Ogilvie. “The updates I’m going to talk about have hopefully hit that right mix.”

Updates in the pipeline include the following:

  • A rework to Clue Scrolls, including a Master tier of clue scrolls and a number of unique rewards.
  • Relic items, which are unique pieces of skilling off-hand equipment.
  • Novtumberfest, an in-game answer to the Oktoberfest beer festival.
  • Combat skilling pets, which are due to arrive sometime this year.
  • The finale to the Pirate Quest line, subtitled “Pieces of Hate”.
  • New skilling activities like deep sea fishing and safe cracking.
  • The addition of a new 10-map square area known as The Lost Grove, along with a new 7-player boss monster designed to “kill thousands” of players.
  • A Dimension of the Damned co-op mode that will force players into an alternate dimension to survive hordes of undead foes due in October.
  • Plans to further expand the benefits of Clans in-game.

There is an awful lot more to cover and in greater depth, so be sure to head over to the RuneScape site for the full transcript.

Our Thoughts

Definitely an impressive and exciting lineup of updates. There’s too much to really go over for a single news story, so if you’re a RuneScape fan, we’d love to hear your input on which of the planned updates have you the most excited.

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