RuneFest Unveils World Event, RuneScape Mobile Beta and OSRS Polls

This past weekend saw a bunch of reveals for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape at RuneFest 2018, including the Members Beta for RuneScape Mobile and new content details for both OSRS and RuneScape.

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Starting today, subscribers to RuneScape can download and play the special members-only beta of the mobile edition. As with the mobile version of OSRS, this will feature full cross-platform and cross-account integration with the PC version of the full MMORPG. It’s currently available for Android only, but will release for both Android and iOS devices. Speaking of releases, OSRS Mobile is due to fully launch on October 30th.

As for the games proper, it wouldn’t be much of a RuneScape convention without a round of announcements for those. RuneScape players can now take on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the ‘Til Death Do Us Part event, which starts today and runs all through October. There are also updates due this Winter like a rework of mining and smithing, the new Needle Skips time-looping adventure, and the last part of the Elite Dungeons trilogy.

For Old School RuneScape players, polls will run that offer up the elven city of Priffdinas and the introduction of the continent of Zeah. If these polls are successful, both pieces of content should arrive to the MMO by next year.

A more in-depth rundown of all of RuneFest 2018’s reveals can be found right here.

Our Thoughts

As ever, RuneFest looked to be pretty jam-packed with new shiny things for all things RuneScape. We’re looking forward to further information for both the content updates and RuneScape Mobile’s progressing development.

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Tickets for RuneFest Go On Sale Today

For fans of RuneScape, RuneFest 2018 is an event, both in the literal sense and in the sense that it’s something to look forward to. In either case, the details for when this year’s tickets go on sale have been shared with us and we’re sharing them with out.

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This year’s event is running on Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th at an all-new location; the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Center, about 30 minutes outside of London, England. Tickets will be on sale today, Tuesday May 22nd starting at 11am EST for £150, or a little over $200 US.

This year’s ticket is a little different this time around. One ticket will get you entrance into RuneFest itself as well as RuneScape Live and the Night Before Party immediately after RuneScape Live on Friday, October 5th.

As for the theme of this year’s RuneFest, that will be revealed at a later date. Fans should expect more of the same in terms of LAN events, role-playing, panels with the devs, and new announcements. The event will also land at around the time Jagex continues work on the mobile editions of RuneScape and OSRS.

Information about the event, as well as a link to purchase tickets, can be found at the event’s website.

Our Thoughts

That’s a lot of event for the ticket price, but we expect that the diehard fans of RuneScape were already ready with wallets in hand regardless of what the tickets included. We wish those hopping into the digital queue the best of luck and hope everyone has fun come October. Meantime, we’ll be sitting and looking at what announcements will come from the event then.

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