Guardians of Ember Announces New Features

Runewalker’s full 3D MMORPG, Guardians of Ember, is due for some changes entering early access, hopefully addressing some player concerns and potentially making the game a little more balanced. Those who played during CBT 1 or 2 will find that plenty has changed for EA, and we’ve got a handy list for you right here.


Welcome Back to Guardians of Ember – There’s a Lot to See

Early Access has a lot of cool features including the PVP mode that you’ve been waiting for. A quick look tells us that there’s a lot more here than your run of the mill MMORPG, so let’s break the features down one by one.


Runewalker has been kind enough to bring us the PVP mode we’ve been waiting for complete with every match type you could possibly want including:

  • 1v1 Duels
  • 3vs3
  • 5vs5

Of course if you get tired of hacking it out against each other, you can always try the new Horde mode which packs plenty of excitement.


Guardians of Ember Preview

Horde Mode

This new PVE mode brings you a wave challenge, pitting you and five other players against ten waves of enemies with the goal to defend the ember crystal. This mode is intended for higher level players, but don’t worry, if you’ve hit at least level 10 you can join the fray. Once all players die, or the crystal is destroyed, the game is over, but there are rewards that are dependent upon how many of the waves you survived. Also, this complete and utter grindfest results in points that you can cash in for crafting material, giving you the opportunity to craft better equipment and become a more effective player.

The Guild Skill System

Being in a guild is more than just a status symbol now. Runewlker has implemented a new guild system which allows players to profit when they upgrade their own guild. In-game, the guild can be upgraded via gold until level 5, but energy is needed for the upgrade to 6. Right now, there are 14 guild skill which include:

  • Increase Amount – Bring more Guild Members into the Fold
  • Repair Equipment – Reduce Base Repair Costs
  • Running Technique – Increase Movement Speed
  • Technologies on Control – Increase Speeds on Mount
  • Hunting Technique – Damage Increase
  • Self-Defense Technique – Increases Damage Reduction
  • Therapy – Healing Bonus
  • Critical Technology – Increases Critical Hit Chance
  • Block – Increase Block Chance
  • Exp/Technology – Increase Battle XP Bonus
  • Plunder – Increases Gold Drop
  • Treasure Divination – Increases Loot Drop
  • Crafting Technology – Upgrade a Rare Degree of Probability
  • Fishing Technology –Improve Fishing Bait


In other words, the guild skill system will give players a reason to join up and make use of the new skills. Also, guild skills will be upgraded separately using research points, allowing complete and total customization of the guild.

Cash Shop

While many are going to complain about the inclusion of a cash shop in a buy-to-play game, we have to say it’s not the first time we’ve seen it. The original cash shop has been changed due to user feeback during Early Access, and it offers Loot Orbs, containing convenience items. In other words, you aren’t going to buy anything that’s going to give you a significant advantage over other players. Available items include mounts, pets, reskill scrolls, or resurrection scrolls. You won’t be needing those reskill scrolls early on however, as a reskill is completely free up to level 25.

You can also get the loot orbs with Empire Coins, which can be earned be completing achievements. To put it another way, you don’t have to pay real money to get the loot orbs.


The level requirement for crafting has been reduced to 15, all the way from 35 for the course of the EA. You now have four different professions to choose from, all of which are self explanatory:

  • Armorsmithing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Crafting
  • Alchemy

Enhancement System

The enhancement system allows you to upgrade equipment stats and create runes for equipment enhancement – this will become available to players at level 15. Also, stats can be extracted from equipment and bound to a rune.


Absent during the CBT, mounts and pets have finally been added to the game during Early Access, finally allowing for quick world travel and of course, a cute collection of furry friends.

Guardians of Ember

A Whole New Game

A lot has changed in Guardians of Ember since the CBT, and we’re sure that returning players are going to have a lot to be happy about.

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