Rust Launch Announced After 4 Years in Early Access

Remember survival sandbox game Rust? Back in 2014 MMOGames said it was second only to DayZ in terms of survival games. It was one of the early stars and had its share of controversy through the years. You couldn’t pick your race, you arrive in the world naked, and for a long time being a man was your only option. Well, after 4 years of being in Early Access Rust is going to launch.

If you were hoping for some fanfare and a big party, I hate to burst your bubble, but there isn’t going to be any. In fact, for the team working on Rust nothing is changing. The staff will all still continue working on the game as they have been.


One thing that will change is the price. Currently, it’s available on steam for $19.99 that price will be going up to $34.99.

So, why is this happening? Quite simply Rust is in a state where the development team feels comfortable selling it. They’re very happy with where it is, though they also acknowledge that more work is needed. In their blog post where they announced Rust is leaving Early Access they state that had Steam Early Access not existed they would have, until now been developing the game quietly.

Finally, they thank everyone who has been playing Rust and helping them develop the game. Going forward you’ll still be able to help with the development process as there will be two different branches of the game; the main playable branch and the staging branch where they’ll test out new updates. Facepunch Studios have an impressive roadmap laid out with things that will be coming to the game this year and beyond.

MMOGames has been following Rust since they first got into Early Access. We previewed Early Access twice, here and here. We also shared a tale from Rust and the most viewed video on our Youtube account is from Rust. You can watch it below, just keep in mind that there is male nudity also the video is from all the way back in 2013.


Source: Official Site

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