Saga of Lucimia Early Access Timetable Outlined

Saga of Lucimia is on its way to being a more readily playable thing according to the sandbox MMO’s most recent newsletter. Among other topics of discussion were some general plans for Saga of Lucimia early access as well as its next major release.

saga of lucimia early access

According to the newsletter, the devs are eyeballing mid-October for Release 11’s arrival, with updates to the release coming out as 11.2 some time during the 2018 holiday. Incidentally, that point will also potentially mark the closure of the game’s pre-order store and the beginning of closed alpha/early access.

Beyond that point, 2019 plans are being made to enter a new round of investor talks and take on new additions to the game’s team. Already the studio has hired a new programmer and an intern who has begun putting together character art.

All of the MMO’s plans for Q4 and onward are planned to be addressed during the team’s annual meeting, which will be held between September 10th and 17th at a cabin in Minnesota. During this week-long excursion, the devs are expected to iron out the particulars and take part in some recreational good times.

Our Thoughts

We’re looking forward to more complete details on Saga of Lucimia’s plans to expand. Considering the team’s weekly blog posts espousing Saga of Lucimia’s old school virtues, seeing all of that talk put into an actual, tangible product will be good to see indeed.

Source: newsletter

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Saga of Lucimia Updates a Four-Year-Old Blog Post on Grouping

Admittedly, four years is a pretty long time to wait to update a blog post. But then, Saga of Lucimia has undergone quite a few updates in that time itself, too. A dev blog about Saga of Lucimia grouping has undergone a bit of an adjustment, with new screenshots and some other edits to “reflect the advancements of [the team’s] philosophies.”

saga of lucimia grouping

With group gameplay still very much on the brain, the post once again talks about how Saga of Lucimia’s primary gameplay will be geared towards parties of eight players at minimum, advising those who want to venture outside of city limits and guard protection at even level to venture forth with friends in tow.

Of course, that’s not to insinuate there won’t be short-session or downtime activities to take on. The blog offers a nod to crafting and gathering as a primary solo activity, along with less dangerous threats in the overworld that can be taken on by yourself or with small 2-4 player groups. There’s also the option of going back to lower level content and smashing face if you desire.

That said, pretty much everything outside of those activities – roughly 85% of the game – will require reaching out to others to form a party with diverse skills of 4-8 players. The ideal makeup of a party, according to the post, should include for “primary” adventurers, two hybrid support players, and two pure support players.

Our Thoughts

…and all of that, of course, sounds amazing. The point being that communicating this, both in-game and out, will be paramount to setting expectations and building the kind of community the devs want. Beating one’s fists against the table at how people are doing MMO gaming wrong now won’t help. Communication is absolutely key.

Source: official site

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Monthly Saga of Lucimia Pre-Alpha Roleplay Events Begin

For many MMO gamers, roleplay is just as important as stats, encounters, and progression. With that in mind, the first of several planned Saga of Lucimia pre-alpha roleplay events is kicking off, each one being GM-led and limited-run.

saga of lucimia pre-alpha roleplay

These roleplay events will spool up monthly over several episodes through the entirety of 2018 and will be similar to the GM-run live events that will be part of the MMO’s content. Participants are even getting some unique in-game rewards for joining in, including the Flowing Blue Silk Sash item.

The event will be held tonight (Friday, April 20th) at 9pm EDT in the game’s pre-alpha #9 build, which means there won’t be any new features or a new pre-alpha build being offered to those who participate. As far as pre-alpha #10 is concerned, the devs are hoping to have that available “around the corner” and look to announce the launch date of that build soon.

Our Thoughts

The focus on roleplay is outstanding, but the fact that this is essentially a test-run of the game’s GM-led events is even better. Having actual GM-managed content is such a rare thing in MMORPG gaming nowadays that it’s probably going to end up being a wholly new experience for most players.

Source: official forums

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Saga of Lucimia Says “Nuts” to MMORPG End Game

“You have to get to X level before the game gets good.” “Raids and end game dungeon grinds are where this MMO’s fun begins.” If you’re among those tired of hearing that old chestnut, then the devs of Saga of Lucimia are with you. To that point, the latest weekly post from the game touches on how Saga of Lucimia end game will work. Which is to say “it won’t be there”.

saga of lucimia end game

Being a sandbox MMO, Saga of Lucimia doesn’t exactly have any sort of singular goal in mind and emphasizes players doing and experiencing what they want. The game’s lack of experience points and levels also emphasizes exploration and adventure.

Despite that, there are quests tied to a narrative in Saga of Lucimia, which are tied to four story volumes that represent the base game and three expansions’ worth of content. After those volumes are done, the devs will be bringing the Saga of Lucimia to a decisive end. With all that said, the aforementioned volumes of stories and their associated quests will make up approximately 10-15% of the entirely MMO’s content.

“We have publicly and candidly spoken several times about the fact that we will more than likely sunset the game once the storyline is finished, or hand it off to the fans if they want to continue it into perpetuity once we’ve finished our primary storyline.

One has to look no further than The Walking Dead show for the perfect example of a series that has gone on way longer than it should have, simply because it’s a cash cow. With this being a passion project for us, it has never been about making a shitload of money. Which is one of the reasons we have turned down several offers from publishers who wanted us to go free to play with a cash shop.”

Our Thoughts

While there are a few points that Saga of Lucimia’s weekly blog posts raise that perhaps don’t jive with a few of our thoughts, this is definitely one that we get behind. Making a world instead of a video game is always the ideal of an MMORPG and we certainly respect the devs’ ideas to bring their game to a complete end once it has run its course, however long that may be.

Source: official site

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Saga of Lucimia Discusses MMORPG Player Toxicity

While PvP sandboxes and competitive multiplayer games are very often held up as the model for toxicity, PvE players are no less guilty of being digital jackasses. To that point, the latest Saga of Lucimia blog post is all about player toxicity, how MMORPGs used to get it right, and how they’re approaching the inevitable matter of bad actors in their game.

saga of lucimia blog post

According to the developer op-ed, the solution was already in place in the form of active GM enforcement. However, as game companies cared less about their own policies and more about profits, GM enforcement fell to the wayside, leading to self-minded players and guilds to take over.

What does this all have to do with Saga of Lucimia? A great deal, as the post goes on to explain that they will take enforcement of “play nice policies” very seriously.

“Toxicity will not be accepted in any form, and we will absolutely be holding players to a certain standard of general niceness when it comes to playing alongside their fellow gamers. It’s not just about racial slurs or mom jokes; it’s about players who go out of their way to be idiots and jerks just because they think they can get away with it because they sit behind a computer screen with anonymity.”

While there was no express admittance that Saga of Lucimia will have active GM involvement like the EQ days of yore, they did state they will enforce a sort of “three strikes” policy for those actively seeking to screw over others; first with a warning, then a temporary ban, then a permanent one.

Our Thoughts

Accountability is without a doubt missing from a lot of multiplayer and MMO games, though the argument can certainly be said that a game like Saga of Lucimia could be dealing with a smaller playerbase and therefore a more manageable number of people than a game like League of Legends or Overwatch. Still, we certainly appreciate their low level of tolerance when it comes to in-game toxicity and are hoping to see such decisiveness in action.

Source: official site

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MMO Alpha and Beta List: December 15, 2017

We’ve almost reached the end of 2017 which means there are a few holiday beta events taking place. If you’re on the lookout for one of these, try Hyper Universe, Saga of Lucimia, or Escape from Tarkov.

Pre-Alpha has begun for high-end backers of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Dragon of Legends

Dragon of Legends

While Dragon of Legends, Wild Buster and OrbusVR all entered Early Access. OrbusVR vows not to have any further wipes, so this could be considered a soft launch.

Moonlight Blade announced they’ll be heading to open beta in Korea in January. While TERA for consoles started testing this week.

Most excitingly, Conan Exiles has announced a release date of May 8th. This will be for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


As always there is much more in the list below. Keep an eye out for the new  flag which will tell you what was added this week.


Don’t forget to place a vote for the best beta of 2017 in our Reader’s Choice Awards.


Pre-Alpha & Alpha

Arcfall Official Site MMO Survival
Ark Park Official Site Dinosaur VR Launch Dec
Ashes of Creation Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Alpha Dec 15
Bless Online Official Site MMORPG Korea Alpha
Camelot Unchained Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Children of Ur Official Site Glitch-revival
Copia Official Site Strategy Card Game
Dogma: Eternal Night Official Site Gothic Horror MMO
Dual Universe Official Site Sci-Fi MMORPG Pre-Alpha
Eco Official Site Global Survival Game
Empyrion Official Site MMORPG
Exidium Corp Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox
Fangold Official Site Digital TCG
Forsaken Legends Official Site Multiplayer Formerly MMORPG
Islands of Nyne Official Site Battle Royal Nov 25
Little War Online Official Site 2D MMORPG
New Dawn Official Site Survival Sandbox
 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Official Site MMORPG Backer Pre-Alpha
Preta: Vendetta Rising Official Site Hack and Slash MORPG
Project Genom Official Site Sci-Fi Shooter
Project Gorgon Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Prosperous Universe Official Site Space
Pumpkin Online Official Site Non-Combat Game
Rebel Horizons Official Site Sci-Fi MMO
Sacrament Official Site Indie MMORPG
SamuTale Official Site Sandbox MMO
Sea of Thieves Official Site Pirate Adventure MMO Technical Alpha
Skara – The Blade Remains Official Site MOBA(ish)
Starbourne Official Site 4X MMORTS
Tale of Toast Official Site Indie PvP
Untitled Tactical Shooter Official Site Tactical Shooter From Automaton Games
Valiance Online Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Zombie Barricades Official Site 3rd Person RPG


Early Access



Abatron Official Site RTS FPS
Age of Heroes VR Official Site MMORPG inspired VR
Arena: Cyber Evolution Official Site Sports MOBA
Battalion 1944 Official Site WW2 Multiplayer Shooter
Boundless Official Site Voxel Sandbox MMO
Blast Out Official Site PvP Brawler AKA RUiN
Citadel: Forged With Fire Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Conan Exiles Official Site Open World Survival Launch May 8
Crowfall Official Site Strategy MMORPG
Dark and Light Official Site Dark Survival MMORPG
Days of War Official Site WWII Shooter
DayZ Official Site Zombie Survival
Descent: Underground Official Site Multiplayer Sci-Fi Shooter
Divided We Fall Official Site Team Strategy Game
 Dragon of Legends Official Site Online ARPG
Gloria Victis Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Golden Rush Official Site 4-Team MOBA
Grav Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox MMO
H1Z1 Official Site Zombie Survival
Heavy Gear Assault Official Site MMO-ish PvP Arena
Hellion Official Site Multiplayer Space Survival
Hyper Universe Official Site Side Scroll MOBA
Islet Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
JCB Pioneer: Mars Official Site Survival Sandbox
Jeklynn Heights Official Site Match-Based Multiplayer
Labyrinth Official Site CCG RPG
Line of Defense Official Site MMOFPS
Linkrealms Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Naval Action Official Site Naval Sandbox MMO
Novus Inceptio Official Site Sandbox Survival MMO
Of Kings and Men Official Site Multiplayer Strategy
One Tower Official Site Micro MOBA
 OrbusVR Official Site VR MMORPG No more wipes
Osiris: New Dawn Official Site Space Survival Adventure
Out of Reach Official Site Survival Sandbox
Overpower Official Site MOBA-Style MMOFPS
Pathfinder Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Official Site Battle Royale Survival
Quake Champions Official Site Shooter
Riding Out Official Site Horse MMO
Rokh Official Site Sci-Fi Survival
Saga of Lucimia Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Savage Lands Official Site Multiplayer Survival
Shroud of the Avatar Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Star Citizen Official Site Spaceship Simulator
Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Official Site Arena PvP
The Black Death Official Site Medieval Survival MMO
The Exiled Official Site PvP Sandbox
The Isle Official Site Dinosaur Survival
The Culling Official Site Battle Royale Shooter
Throne of Lies Official Site Social Deduction
Tiger Knight Empire At War Official Site PvP Strategy
TUG Official Site Sandbox Survival
Utherous Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Valnir Rok Official Site Norse Sandbox
VRobot Official Site Robot Smash VR
 Wild Buster Official Site Sci-fi Hack’n’Slash
Wild Terra Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Wild West Online Official Site Wild West Sandbox MMORPG
Win That War! Official Site MMORTS


Closed Beta

Martial Arts

Moonlight Blade

Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) Official Site MMORPG Korean Only
Closers Official Site Anime Action RPG
Dauntless Official Site Co-op Action RPG Open Beta in 2018
Dead Maze Official Site Zombie Iso MMO
Durango Official Site Mobile Dinosaur Survival Launches Q4 2017
Escape From Tarkov Official Site Military MMO
Fairy Tale: Hero’s Journey Official Site Online RPG
Fringe Wars Official Site Space MOBA Spring 2018
Ironsight Official Site FPS
Legends of Aria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG “Coming Soon”
Lost Ark Official Site Diablo-esque Action Game Korea Only
Luna Online Official Site Anime MMORPG SE Asia Beta
Magic: The Gathering Arena Official Site Card Game
 Moonlight Blade Official Site MMORPG Korea Open Beta January
PigBang Official Site Mobile MOBA
Royal Blood Official Site Mobile MMORPG
Runewards Official Site CCG iOS Beta
Shadowgun Legends Official Site Destiny-like Mobile
Shattered Skies Official Site Survival Shooter
Shot Online Golf Official Site Golf the MMO
Soul Master Official Site RTS/RPG Blend
Space Junkies Official Site VR Shooter By Ubisoft
Switchblade Official Site 5v5 Vehicle Arena PC & PS4
 TERA Official Site MMORPG PS4 & Xbox One
Total War: ARENA Official Site RTS Battle
Worlds Adrift Official Site Sandbox MMO


Open Beta

Monster Hunter World

Battlesplash Official Site Water Shooter
Ever, Jane Official Site Jane Austen MMORPG
INSIDIA Official Site Strategy PvP
Life is Feudal Official Site MMORPG
Monster Hunter World Official Site ARPG Console
Paladins Official Site Team-Based Shooter
Paragon Official Site MOBA
Pocket Legends Adventures Official Site Mobile MMORPG
Supernova Official Site Sci-fi MOBA
Tannenberg Official Site WW1 Shooter
Transformers Online Official Site Overwatch a-like Chinese Beta



Shadow's Kiss

Citadel of Sorcery Open Donation MMORPG
City of Titans Kickstarter Superhero MMORPG Coming Soon
Exile Online Gofundme Dystopia Cyberpunk In Development
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Open Donation Fantasy MMORPG
Sacrament Patreon Indie MMORPG
Shadow’s Kiss Patreon Vampire Adult MMORPG
Star Citizen Open Donation Space Simulator MMO
Valiance Online Open Donation Superhero MMORPG Ongoing


Announced But Unplayable

Vermintide 2

Aion Tempest Official Site Mobile MMORPG
The Amazing Eternals Official Site FPS-Deckbuilding Strategy
Formerly Called Keystone, Development Stopped
Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) Official Site MMORPG
Beta in 2018, Formerly Project W
Blade and Soul 2 Official Site Mobile Game Releasing 2018, NCSoft
Blade and Soul Revolution Official Site Mobile MMO By Netmarble
Breakaway Official Site Sport Brawler Hiatus
Chronicles of Elyria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
City of Titans Official Site Superhero MMORPG Pre-Alpha 2017
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Official Site HP Mobile ARG
Created by Niantic who made Pokemon Go
Lineage Eternal Official Site Action MMORPG
Delayed, Called Project TL
Maguss Official Site Magic Location Based ARG
Harry Potter meets Pokemon Go
Pantropy Official Site MMOFPS Kickstarter in Nov
Project Z Online Official Site Tab Target MMORPG By ChangYou
Seed Official Site Survival
Ship of Heroes Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Alpha Dec 2017, Beta Dec 2018
Untitled Funcom Conan Game Official Site Turn-based Strategy
Vermintide 2 Official Site Warhammer Shooter
God Slayer Online Official Site MMORPG By ChangYou

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MMOney: Q3 2017, Kickstarter, and Lootboxes

Shadow’s Kiss Funds

Shadow’s Kiss, the Vampire MMO from Clockwork Throne Studios has finished up its Kickstarter successfully. A very dark and mysterious 884 backers pledged $80,414 to help bring this project to unlife. While it fell short of some of the stretch goals, the original core experience was only aiming for $25,000. Here’s to a successful campaign and a game to watch in the future.


Crowfall Drops Pledges for Pre-Order Packages

Crowfall is making a shift. The company behind Crowfall, ArtCraft Entertainment, has decided to make the move from selling pledges as a kickstarted game would into selling pre-order packages.

“For the last two years, we’ve used crowdfunding (and company investment) to fund the game. Now that we’re getting closer to launch, we need to transition our project from selling pledge packages to selling pre-orders of the game.

On December 31st, we will retire all 2017 pledge packages and the majority of our parcels and strongholds bundles. Essentially, everything that was priced over $200 USD is being removed from our virtual item catalog.”

Visit the link for an FAQ and to get in on the eternal war if it catches your eye.


Saga of Lucimia Raises Funds

The team behind the Saga of Lucimia has continued to work on the game for nearly four years now despite a lack of traditional financing. Between their early pre-order program and participation in Early Access, they have almost entirely funded development to date with the team reaching into their own pockets to keep everything going. Now though they have announced a new evolution with the securing of independent funding for the game. Not only that but in January of 2018, they will be announcing several positions that they hope to fill for the calendar year on a contract basis. So if you want to ready that resume and join in on one of the more unique roads to an MMO, time is short.


Jeremy Soule Kickstarter Album Gets an Update

From a positive note to a slightly less so one. 4,256 backers on Kickstarter brought together $121,227 to fund the Soule Symphony No. 1, “The Northerner” way back in March 2013.  This huge amount pledged was based off of a $10,000 goal. Since the original report on Kotaku regarding the absence of the album, some news has emerged with Soule chiming in and Kotaku updating the report:

“Shortly after the publication of this article, Soule said he will release “Northerner Diaries” to backers on December 20. This is not the symphony he Kickstarted, Soule told Kotaku, but “the fully produced vignettes of my ideas for it so far.””


Raph Koster Chimes in on the Economics of Making a Game

How much does it cost to make a game? What are the overheads faced by companies? If you are interested in the reality of game economics and the pressures faced by companies there is a masterclass available on Raph Kosters blog. Raph Koster was the lead designer of Ultima Online and the creative director behind Star Wars Galaxies. He has probably forgotten more about the games industry than we could hope to recount over the course of his career.

If I had to go with a choice quote, it would easily be this:

“Basically, there isn’t a good business plan. There aren’t any realistic expectations. Any sane business person would say “don’t make games.” You can see this in MMOs now — where just getting 100k people subbing to something ought to make a highly satisfactory viable business… but go look at player reactions to visuals that aren’t at the absolute top end.”


Niantic Raises $200 Million for More AR Games

Niantic, the company behind the multiplayer mobile augmented reality games Ingress, Pokémon Go, and the upcoming Harry Potter game has raised roughly $200 million in funding. Recently we have heard plans for Ingress to be rebooted into Ingress Prime and of course, Pokémon Go continues to be popular. Exactly how popular their Harry Potter AR will be likely can only be measured on a scale of “Everyone plays” to “Seriously everyone plays”. Time will tell what those funds will make for us, but be prepared to hear more even about Niantic in the future.


Things Looking Up for Funcom

Funcom’s recent financial report and presentation for Q3 2017 is out now and contains some good news. They are reporting their third consecutive profitable quarter, which is now the most profitable YTD 3Q in Funcom history. This is a far cry from the dire straits they were in in recent memory. Further to that, they are reporting “Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization” of $1.8 million. Players of Secret World Legends can also look forward to more improvements in the game in 2018 with this being a key part of the financial presentation. Congratulations to Funcom on the great news.


NCSoft Has Strong Q3

From one studio’s financials to another, this time with NCSoft. According to our friends at Massively and the figures themselves, NCsoft had an exceptionally good third financial quarter this year, reaching a record high in sales and operating profit for the company. Guild Wars 2 gets a highlight for the sales of Path of Fire being robust, even if not as high as Heart of Thorns. Of course, there’s also the massive rush in mobile for NCSoft recently so keep an eye on your phones for more of their games headed that way.


The Lootbox Saga Continues

No business roundup would be complete this year without mentioning loot boxes or the major disappointments with both Star Wars Battlefront 2 in particular and EA in general. With various parts of the world waking up to the scandal regarding loot boxes, we have had governments move to investigate if they are gambling which will in turn likely bring down regulation upon them. Belgium wants to ban loot boxes on the basis of gambling and if nothing changes, that may echo across the EU and before long the industry as a whole. The sum effect thus far, however, was a sharp decline in EA stock trading wiping out a not inconsiderable amount of shareholder value. Of course, even with this recent backlash, EA is still trading at levels far beyond what it was a year ago. Only time will tell what the long-term effects will be of a short-term microtransaction grab.


Digital Game Revenue up 15%

According to the market research specialists in Superdata digital games revenue grew 15% worldwide in October. With players having spent $8.5 billion across console, mobile, and PC in October, up from an equally stellar $7.4 billion in the same month last year. League of Legends still sits atop a mountain of cash of course but Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is hardly slacking having recently set a number of world records and inspiring Bluehole to turn their Devilian creating subsidiary into the PUBG Corp. Will battle royales continue to chase after MOBAs or are we seeing a shift in the worlds favourite sort of game?

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Saga of Lucimia Dates its Next Pre-Alpha Test

We’ve been hearing plenty of chatter from the Saga of Lucimia devs about why they’re doing things, but now supporters are going to get their chance to see how those things are actually applied to a game. The next Saga of Lucimia pre-alpha test, AKA Early Access #9, has gotten a start date and this time it’s quite a bit longer than previous tests.

saga of lucimia pre-alpha test

Saga’s ninth round of early access kicks off on Friday, December 22nd and will keep its server lights blinking until Friday, January 5th. That’s two entire weeks worth of open-world MMO’ing, marking the longest test period for the title yet as previous alpha builds were only available during weekends.

The new build promises a variety of new mechanics and features in place, though the initial announcement doesn’t provide any information on what those are yet. More details on just what will be in build #9 will be provided in blog post form closer to the start date.

In the meanwhile, fans are invited to the Dungeon Crawler Networks’ Tavern Talk this Friday, December 8th where the devs will be “going over things in greater detail”.

Our Thoughts

Excellent! They’re going to put gameplay out there and for a much longer period of time than normal. With this first major foray into persistence, we’ll maybe get a better idea of whether players of the game will actually make use of the social systems proposed by the devs in the manner they hope.

Source: official forums

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Saga of Lucimia Directs You to the Bulletin Board

So let’s say you’re looking for some Saga of Lucimia group activity, but you’re not part of a guild or otherwise friends with anyone who plays. What do you do? You check out the bills posted on the tavern’s bulletin board. And don’t you dare suggest a group finder, because the devs will probably smack you for that.

saga of lucimia group

This week’s post from the devs is yet another diatribe on how MMO players who take advantage of convenience features like a group finder are missing the point. “[Saga of Lucimia] is a living, breathing world populated with living, breathing human beings, every single one of whom is worthy of your time and friendship. But you, the individual, have to be willing to break out of that shell to find these friendships,” challenges the post.

Cut through the paragraphs and you’ll find the suggestion of a bulletin board’s postings referred to as the way for players of Saga of Lucimia to form up and take on the adventures waiting in the world. The bulletin board will be located in a town’s tavern and will provide details on group events and guilds in the immediate local area, making the tavern a central hub for anything a player wants to do in the area as well as a place for potential friends to be found.

“There’s a lot to be said for modernity, but we like to know the people across the table from us,” closes the post. “For us, community trumps convenience every day of the week.”

Our Thoughts

The post in question makes a lot of assumptions about the friendly nature of MMORPG players in an open setting. If my personal years of general chat in MMOs are anything to go by, people are going to have pretty strong opinions on who can or cannot join their group, not “raise a mug to grand adventures”. That said, perhaps things will be more accommodating in Saga of Lucimia. We just won’t know until actual gameplay happens.

Source: official site

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Saga of Lucimia Rages Against the Microtransaction Machine

Well, maybe not “rages” per se, but the devs behind the upcoming MMORPG most certainly have some strong feelings about monetization. In a recent blog post, the subject of Saga of Lucimia microtransactions was the primary topic – more specifically, why the game will never have them.

saga of lucimia microtransactions

The blog is an opinionated write-up of the current climate of gaming monetization, which calls out free-to-play and microtransaction practices in general and EA in specific.

“While there are some examples of microtransaction systems that work relatively well — I would argue that Elder Scrolls Online is a prime example in this category — the vast majority of them do not. One has to look no further than the recent fiasco surrounding Electronic Arts and their fumbled Battlefront II launch to see a system gone so completely wrong that the company announced that they were suspending microtransactions just prior to the game’s public launch.”

So what does all of this have to do with Saga of Lucimia? Because the game proudly will be accessible only through a monthly subscription. According to the post, the MMO will offer this as a nod to the preferences of gamers, as a way to avoid casual play habits, and because the devs don’t have an investor’s board to answer to.

“It’s the model we prefer, it’s the model many (I would argue most of us us old-school gamers) that we’re familiar with, and it’s this model that offers the most value to the customers: 100% access to 100% of the game for a flat, monthly fee. No hidden charges, no exceptions,” reads the post.

Our Thoughts

While we certainly can appreciate the charged opinions on why a subscription model is better than free-to-play, there’s also something to be said about not outright balking at casual players, which is a whole other kettle of fish. Still, like the devs have said, they’re very clearly open to creating a game for a niche base, so if that brings them success then all the better.

Source: official site

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