Age of Conan is Opening a Limited-Time Progression Server

Actually, this bears some further explanation; don’t think of the newly-revealed Saga of Zath server as a classic Age of Conan progression server, but think of it more like how Diablo 3 Seasons currently work. The new Saga server will challenge players to achieve character milestones of progression for a variety of unique rewards.

age of conan progression server

The Saga server is a PvE ruleset server similar to Crom, where players can play through a special “saga quest”. Finishing objectives of the quest will net you exclusive rewards like cosmetics, titles and Tier 6 raid equipment. Once the Saga ends, your character will be transferred over to Crom with all of their earnings intact.

Objectives for the saga quest include reaching certain level milestones, completing a raid via the raid finder and following through on classic raid progression. If players manage to defeat the final boss of the Palace of Cetriss, everyone on the server will receive a unique vanity cloak and the victors will have their names immortalized on the Age of Conan website. The server will also have a special bonus to increase the rate of fatality kills, which will reward additional XP for every enemy slain.

Joining in on the Saga is as simple as clicking a “Create Saga Character” button at login. Existing characters cannot be transferred to the Saga server and character boosts will not be allowed, making sure everyone arrives on Tortage with the same rags and broken oars.

The Saga of Zath is set to begin today, Wednesday, January 24th and will remain open until Tuesday, May 15th.

Our Thoughts

What an interesting way to refresh the existing game! While there’s certainly something to be said for introducing new content to the actual MMO itself, we have to admit that the challenge that the Saga of Zath server presents is intriguing indeed. Are you going to attempt this new form of progression, or would you rather the devs create new updates instead?

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