Battle for Azeroth Breaks New Sales Record for Blizzard

Your friends are playing it. Perhaps you’re playing it. And if you’re not playing it, you’re probably sat wondering what’s wrong with you for not doing so. World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion is pretty heckin’ popular if anecdotal evidence was anything to go by, and now Battle for Azeroth sales numbers have essentially confirmed as much.

battle for azeroth sales numbers

According to a presser from Blizzard, Battle for Azeroth’s day one sales hit 3.4 million units, breaking the previous record held by Legion, Warlords of Draenor and Cataclysm at 3.3 million copies. The new sales high mark also makes Battle for Azeroth the company’s fastest selling PC game of all time.

As one would expect, the World of Warcraft team won’t be letting off the gas, with future updates planned that will include the Uldir raid, BfA’s first PvP season and the Mythic Keystone season, and the ability for players to add Kul Tiran humans and Zandalari trolls to the Allied Races lineup.

In the more immediate future – right now, actually – a hotfix has been deployed that will likely make Feral Druids extremely happy among other changes. The complete notes are found here.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, we’re not terribly shocked by these numbers. World of Warcraft will forever be the 10-ton gorilla of MMORPG gaming, no matter how frequently people claim it’s a dying title and now we all have at least some sales numbers to back that up. Of course, the more vinegary among the MMO playing public will point out that sales numbers don’t equate to active players, but it’s still an impressive figure nonetheless.

Sources: Massively Overpowered, official site

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Valve Stealth-Kills Another Steam Sales Tracker

Apparently, Valve really doesn’t want any Steam sales data to be aggregated from outside sources. Following an April privacy policy change that effectively killed SteamSpy, another behind-the-curtain adjustment of Steam’s API was suspiciously performed after another sales data collection method was devised.

Ssteam sales data

The method in question was developed by Tyler Glaiel, the co-developer of The End is Night and Closure. His method scraped information from Steam achievements, finding 16 decimal places in the related Steam API that reportedly made sales tracking even more accurate than SteamSpy.

However, within a week after this method was shared online, Valve made an unannounced change to its API, rounding up those numbers and rendering Glaiel’s new data collector wildly inaccurate.

The maneuvering has many devs pondering whether GDPR-specific privacy requirements were even the reason for the SteamSpy axing and decrying the API neutering. “Shocking few people, valve really did just kill steamspy out of spite and definitely don’t want anything like it to exist ever again,” wrote one dev. “Valve killed the achievement user numbers trick faster than you can say ‘GDPR was never the issue with SteamSpy’,” remarked another.

The maneuvering might be associated with Valve’s own upcoming sales data tools that were confirmed to be in the works at a games conference in Russia. Valve’s business development head Jan-Peter Ewert brought up the matter when asked about SteamSpy from a dev attending the event.

“We are very much working on new tools and new ways of getting data out of Steam, and we hope that data can be more accurate and more useful than what Steam Spy previously offered you,” said Ewert. “Our general approach has always been to provide open APIs so that when we don’t offer the amount of tools that we should, the community can step in.”

Our Thoughts

If that’s your “general approach”, then why did you muddy up the API when the community stepped in? Seems pretty fishy to us and the answer about Valve’s own sales tracker tools also sounds like less of a hard plan for new features and more like a scrap to keep the dogs occupied.

Sources: Kotaku, PC Gamer

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Conan Exiles Becomes a Best-Seller for Funcom

It doesn’t seem like too long ago when Funcom’s financial fortune seemed to be on terribly shaky ground. However, those days look to be well behind the company with the announcement that Conan Exiles sales have been so healthy that the survival sandbox has become Funcom’s best and fastest selling release to date.

conan exiles sales

The last time Funcom had a best-seller was with the release of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, which sold 1.4 million units over the span of three years before it went free-to-play. By comparison, Conan Exiles has reportedly eclipsed that number in about half the time.

The forward momentum for Conan Exiles appears to keep on going, as the hugely successful Imperial East DLC pack will now be followed by a new Jewel of the West DLC pack, which will bring building and housing items, weapons, and armor in the style of the famous Aquilonia region from the Conan fiction.

Fans can also look forward to a free update to the game which will introduce pets and animal taming features, letting players create beasts of burden or base guards. Finally, Conan Exiles is confirmed to be making its way to Japan thanks to a deal with Spike Chunsoft.

The Japanese release of Conan Exiles is due to arrive on August 23rd; the Jewel of the West DLC is arriving at some point in early August; and the pet taming free update is set to arrive at some point in the latter half of this quarter. Details about the Jewel of the West DLC can be found here and a video full of accolades is below.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations to both Funcom and the Conan Exiles team for putting out what looks to be one of the fastest-growing survival sandbox MMOs going. We had some high praise for the game ourselves, so we agree with the general consensus that this one looks to be sticking around for a good long while.

Source: press release

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sales Break 500k

There appears to be a lot of folks who like the idea of rushing to meet waves of angry rat-people and barbarians. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 sales have reached the 500k mark after only a few days from its release – a first for developer Fatshark Games.

vermintide 2 sales

Since the game’s initial launch, Vermintide 2 has raked in 204 million minutes watched on Twitch and marked 50 billion (with a “b”) enemies slain by those 500k players. Along with, according to the press release, “100% proud developers” as another metric to consider.

“We are proud and happy that gamers worldwide have taken Warhammer: Vermintide 2 to their hearts.” says Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund in a statement. “500,000 games sold was a milestone that we had, but not less than a week after release.”

While PC players continue to enjoy their time wading through enemy waves, console players won’t have to wait too much longer for their opportunity as the game is due to kick off beta tests for both Xbox One and PS4 sometime this Spring.

Our Thoughts

As our own review found, it’s easy to see why Vermintide 2 is doing so well; it’s an improvement to the already excellent Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide in pretty much every single facet. We’d like to wish the devs at Fatshark Games heartfelt congratulations and hope that players in Vermintide 2 continue to enjoy themselves in-game.

Source: press release

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Monster Hunter World is the Best-Selling Game in Capcom’s History

It would appear that the initial weekend surge of Monster Hunter World sales wasn’t a flash in the pan. According to a new announcement from Capcom, Monster Hunter World has broken new ground for the publisher as the best-selling title in the company’s recent history.

monster hunter world sales

The latest announcement from Capcom states that Monster Hunter World has shipped over 7.5 million units worldwide. The figure includes both physical copies of the game and digital downloads on both PS4 and Xbox One, marking Monster Hunter World as the greatest selling product in Capcom’s history. The game’s playerbase is also holding strong with approximately 7 million players worldwide.

The news is part of a regular trend for the Monster Hunter series, which first made its debut back in 2004 and immediately garnered a dedicated fanbase. Games in the Monster Hunter franchise have since gone on to rake in over 48 million units sold around the globe as of today.

As for the game itself, players can now check out a new event calendar that offers timelines, dates, and details of several limited-time event quests and challenge quests. The calendar of events appears to be running on a monthly basis and can be found in PDF format on the official site.

Our Thoughts

Yep, it’s definitely a hit and for good reason; Monster Hunter World is easily one of the most addictive and engaging RPGs out there with a terrific sense of community and some solid multiplayer for hunters to enjoy. Congrats to Capcom and the devs of the game!

Sources: press release, official site

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PUBG Sales Rise but Player Numbers Decline

Combined good news and bad news for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which potentially are two sides of a similar coin. Reports are coming in that PUBG sales have seen an uptick, though the number of players who are actively playing the game is starting to dip for the first time in the game’s history.


According to data from SteamSpy, PUBG has crested 30 million units sold. However that same website as well as details taken from SteamCharts has seen the game’s concurrent player count drop off, with SteamCharts showing a 5% drop in the last 30 days at the time of this story’s writing.

Part of the issue may be related to PUBG’s still-rampant cheating problem, which anti-cheat tech company BattlEye says is mostly coming from Chinese players. According to statistics gathered by Youxi Story, 99% of the cheaters banned from the game come from China, with the country also making up about 46% of the game’s playerbase.

BattlEye had confirmed earlier this month that the company banned over 1 million cheaters, but also stated that “things continue to escalate” according to a tweet from the company.

That said, PUBG could see yet another spike in player numbers overall. Chinese player numbers have leveled off according to a graph shared by Steam Spy at the end of January, which may be due to the fact that players in the area are waiting for the official Chinese release. Over 10 million players have reportedly already pre-registered for the game’s official launch in the country.

Our Thoughts

So for the sake of perspective, we’re pretty sure that PUBG will remain healthy and popular; it’s hard to think that the 100-pound gorilla of the battle royale market is going to be unseated completely. That said, it’s pretty clear that the game’s cheating problems are beginning to have an appreciable affect, so we hope that the tide will abate soon, if for nothing else than to have a game that players can enjoy without having to wonder “what if”.

Sources: SteamSpy and SteamCharts, Youxi Story via IGN, PCGamesN

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