Questing Arrives to Citadel: Forged with Fire

While playing in a sandbox MMO is a great deal of fun, some people just need a guiding hand to aim them at some PvE encounters. In the latest update to Citadel: Forged with Fire, players can now get that guidance in the form of a new Citadel quest system, offering the all-too-familiar exclamation marked NPCs for both low and high-level players.

citadel quest system

The new quest system introduces quest givers at each of the game’s three starter zones in order to send new arrivals on a variety of adventures, as well as a daily quest system from those same NPCs. If you’re among the higher-tiered players, you’re not out of the “!” loop either, as a quest giver will also be located outside each of the boss shrines.

Naturally, completing quests assumes some rewards are waiting at the end, and Citadel’s questing is no different. Players will be able to collect a variety of crafting resources and large experience boons from regular quest givers, while high-level quest NPCs will be dishing out valuable and relevant rewards.

According to the last post on the game’s Steam page, this is the first iteration of the game’s quest system and will continue to expand in the future.

This latest update to Citadel: Forged with Fire also introduced optimizations to improve performance for structures that house a lot of crafting tables and other functional constructs, visual improvements to Mana Generators and their links to magical structures, and a variety of other smaller improvements. All the details are here.

Our Thoughts

We’re of two minds here; on the one hand, it’s good that a quest system is being put into place in order to help players not feel too overwhelmed, but on the other hand, this could perhaps dilute the overall sandbox purpose a bit. Where do you sit on this matter?

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