It Lurks Below Arrives to Steam Early Access

We reported earlier this year about It Lurks Below, the solo effort of Diablo’s David Brevik that combines Terraria, Minecraft, and Diablo into one sandbox title. Now, it looks like Brevik’s passion project is ready for a broader release with today’s It Lurks Below early access launch on Steam.

it lurks below early access launch

According to the announcement, It Lurks Below was received favorably by players during the game’s recent beta test, and so it’s time to take things to the next level. While It Lurks Below is up for purchase via Steam Early Access at a cost of $19.99, it’s still in active development with features for latter-game content still planned to be added according to the game’s Steam page.

“I’m flattered by the overwhelmingly positive response to the closed betas and my personal streams of It Lurks Below so far,” said Brevik in a statement. “I read every piece of feedback I receive, and I value any additional thoughts players may have before I finalize the game for its official release. Which of course is…‘Soon.’”

“Soon” here means sometime late in 2018 according to the early access information section on the game’s Steam page. In the meantime, players can head to Brevik’s Twitch channel to watch him stream the game from today, April 25th at 9pm PDT “until he feels like stopping.” There’s also a planned Reddit AMA that will have a date announced soon.

Our Thoughts

Looks like full steam ahead for Mr. Brevik’s new solo RPG! We certainly hope that early access is kind to him and provides lots of valuable feedback and insight as he continues to develop his game.

Source: press release

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