ARK Gets Some TLC in Newest Update

The newest TLC update to ARK: Survival Evolved is precisely intended to provide what it says in the acronym, offering up some tender loving care to the dinosaur sandbox, along with the start of in-game Valentine’s Day.

tlc update

The update itself is introducing model redesigns, animation changes and new special abilities to five of the game’s creatures. The update is also bringing a number of requested quality-of-life changes, with an absolutely immense list of bug fixes and balance adjustments.

On top of the update, ARK: Survival Evolved is loving on love with its Valentine’s Day event from now until February 16. When players enter the -vday command line, they’ll be able to reap special benefits including double the Mate Boosted range, triple the Mating Speed and Mating Recovery, a 3x increase in creature maturing and egg incubation speed, and 1/3 decrease in baby food consumption.

If you’d rather not mess with command line parameters, the event will grant tamed creatures a 5% chance of dropping a Valentine’s Cake item that can be used either as a full heal or advance a creature’s taming affinity bar by 50%. There will also be red, pink and white dinos roaming the wilds during the festive season.

The current update is available on PC and headed to consoles soon. Full patch notes for the update can be found here and a trailer showing off what’s new can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

That is a lot of TLC indeed. While typically it’s nice to see game updates focus on adding more new stuff to the base title, sometimes a pure QoL-focused update meant to smooth out some of the rougher game edges is welcome. We also have to chuckle at ARK’s spin on Valentine’s Day with the whole…increased mating…thing. Tee hee.

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