Scavengers is a “Co-Opetition” Shooter Akin to Halo 5’s Warzone Mode

One of the former devs of 343 Industries’ Halo series have decided to get back to doing what he knows: making games where teams of people get into firefights with each other and enemies. Which is basically the general premise of the newly-revealed Scavengers announcement, though there’s certainly more to it than just that.

scavengers announcement

The studio behind Scavengers is called Midwinter Entertainment, which is headed by 343’s former studio head and Halo creative director Josh Holmes. The small team of devs at Midwinter have formed a partnership with SpatialOS’s Improbable, which will provide a $502 million investment as well as development support for the Unreal Engine-powered, SpatialOS-supported title.

As for the game itself, Scavengers will drop players into a post-cataclysmic ice age where they’ll have to team up to scavenge for supplies and take on both enemy human teams and hundreds of AI-controlled robot enemies. The game is being described as something of a spiritual successor to Halo 5’s Warzone game mode, stating that Scavengers will include “the game design principles that made Halo 5’s Warzone a revolutionary new mode for Halo players.”

Midwinter Entertainment will be at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, CA on March 19-23 at the Improbable booth. Meanwhile, interested players can get a tiny bit more information about Scavengers – or at least more information about the team’s approach to game design – in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Hmm…between Scavengers and Project C, we seem to be spoiled for choice for in-development post-apocalyptic multiplayer titles powered by SpatialOS. Yay? Of course, we’ll still be interested in seeing more of what Scavengers has to offer as time and development pushes on.

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