Here’s the BlizzCon 2018 Schedule

An event the length, breadth and depth of BlizzCon would be nothing without a series of ordered dates and times for panels, reveals and more – it’d just be a morass of under-showered fans. So to keep everyone in line, the BlizzCon 2018 schedule has been shared. Can’t do anything about the lack of showering, though. Seriously, con-goers, wash yourselves.

blizzcon 2018 schedule

The first four days between October 25-29 will once again be dedicated to esports events, with group stages and opening rounds for the Heroes of the Storm HGC Finals, the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals and the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship.

Starting Friday, November 2nd, we’re getting the “What’s Next” panels to kick things off starting at 12:30pm PDT/3:30pm EDT with Diablo, then Overwatch, Hearthstone, HotS and World of Warcraft respectively. There will also be a number of panels for most of the games in question as well as continued competition on the esports side.

On Saturday, November 3rd, another series of panels will kick off including the StarCraft II What’s Next, a Heroes of the Storm “Deep Dive”, a panel with the Overwatch devs detailing how they create a new hero, and Q&A sessions for World of Warcraft and Diablo.

The complete schedule of events can be found right here.

Our Thoughts

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to, but what’s most interesting is that Diablo has two panels this year, which is a change from last year where the game didn’t have a presence. Clearly, there’s more to talk about on the Diablo front, and hopefully it won’t just be on the Switch port…

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WildStar Hints at Shutdown by Year’s End

Let’s think of this less like time on death row and more like time enough to enjoy the game and say goodbye. One of the CMs of WildStar has offered something of a WildStar shutdown timetable in a rather vague reply to a discussion on the game’s official forums.

wildstar shutdown timetable

In a forum thread that’s been active since the 6th of this month, community manager Sunshine responded to one player’s lament that they won’t get to experience the game’s Shade’s Eve and Winterfest events, which are the MMO’s answers to Halloween and the winter holidays respectively.

“I assure you that both events will be available and we’ll let you know those dates soon,” reads Sunshine’s response.

While no hard confirmation is available at this time, this does put WildStar on track for being online until at least December, assuming the seasonal events in question aren’t launched out of their usual turn.

In the meantime, WildStar has kicked off another one of its usual events: the Boss Hunter Challenge, where extra rewards are waiting for players that take down World Bosses or Legendary Champions. That event is running between now and Friday, September 28th. Details are here.

Our Thoughts

It would certainly be nice to know exactly how much time WildStar has, but confirmation that these fun seasonal events will be coming back at some point or another is good news at least. In any MMO’s shutdown, we suspect fans will take any good news they can get, really.

Sources: official forums, official site

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