Upcoming The Division 2 Narrative Works to Get a Panel at SDCC

When it comes to looter shooters, looting and shooting are the expected activities, not reading stories. Then again, a game like The Division 2 which has novelist Tom Clancy’s name on it is bound to have some story to it. With that in mind, a panel at San Diego Comic-Con will focus on The Division 2 narrative works, specifically talking about three new upcoming books based on the series’ fiction.

the division 2 narrative

Lorehounds of The Division 2 can expect new reading material covering nearly every medium of book out there:

  • Comic book lovers will be getting a book from Dark Horse that elaborates more on the Strategic Homeland Division’s influence outside of the settings of the game. The story will take place in-between the events of the first and second titles.
  • A novel, also set in-between the events of the first and second game, will follow a survivor by the name of April Kelleher who travels from the hostile streets of New York City to the American midwest.
  • Finally, a lore book titled The World of Tom Clancy’s The Division will provide 192 pages of minutia, artwork and other lore snippets for fans of the series, from tactics to gear to the overall mission of The Division itself.

The three books in question will be highlighted during the convention in a panel titled “Infectiously Expanding The Universe of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” and will feature creative director Julian Gerighty, lead narrative designer John Björling, author Alex Irvine, and Dark Horse editor Ian Tucker with What’s Good Games’ Andrea Rene hosting the affair.

As for release dates, the only one that’s available right now is a nebulous March 2019 arrival window for the novel, while the other two have no confirmed arrival dates at the time of this story’s writing.

Our Thoughts

The overall backstory of The Division definitely leaves open a lot of room for expanded fiction, be it novel, comic book or otherwise. We assume diehard fans of this game are looking forward to seeing more stories about the game come soon.

Source: Ubisoft website

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