Overwatch Season 10 Makes Brigitte Active

Those already in the know have likely begun all of their placement matches and other initial steps for Overwatch Season 10, but just in case you’re not otherwise aware, the new competitive season is adding a couple of notable additions. Namely, the Rialto map and the game’s latest support hero Brigitte.

overwatch season 10

We finally will get to see whether Brigitte’s kit is going to bring salt, rage, tears and baying for nerfs as the latest hero makes her way to the Competitive active roster. After one quick glance at the thread titles in the Overwatch Competitive discussion forum, it looks like people are well on their way to high blood pressure.

In addition to the latest worst thing to happen to Overwatch Competitive, the Rialto map is due to arrive to the Season 10 rotation. That, however, won’t be available until later; Rialto will arrive to the game on Thursday, May 3rd and then will be brought into Season 10 in a later patch after players have had some time to learn the map.

Finally, Competitive 6v6 Elimination will run for a few more days until Monday, May 7th. Participants will receive a unique spray icon and CR based on their highest earned tier once this branch of Competitive wraps up.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, though, Brigitte is already causing huge levels of needless stress for Competitive players, so we expect there will be adjustments to the character at some point down the line. Of course, these are the knee-jerk reactions of a playerbase that hasn’t had time to adjust and so we suspect the meta will coagulate once Season 10 has had more time to cook.

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