Fortnite Season 4 Feels the Comet’s Impact

It’s been the source of wild speculation and teased for the past few days, but now Fortnite Season 4 has landed with the force of a comet’s arrival. Quite literally. The newest update to the game introduces new mechanics and changes as a result of a comet’s crash landing to both Save the World and Battle Royale.

fortnite season 4

For Battle Royale players, several places on the map have been altered, changed entirely, or otherwise pockmarked thanks to the comet’s arrival. The comet didn’t only just bring map changes, though; it also brings Hop Rocks that can be found and consumed to grant players lowered gravity. In addition, the Season 4 Battle Pass has been updated with 100 tiers of new cosmetic rewards to earn.

In Save the World, things are taking a more cinematic turn with the Blockbuster quest line. Part one has arrived, offering five quests and one Landmark Mission where players team up with Spitfire and Lok to find Ray, investigate the meteor, and recruit a superheroic team.

In addition to this new story-loaded quest line, players of Save the World now have a chance to see loot drops from Husks they take out. Husks can contain goodies like building materials, ammunition, crafting ingredients, and even schematics.

The full patch notes for Season 4 can be found here and a trailer heralding the start of Season 4 is below.

Our Thoughts

At long last, the comet has arrived! …which seems like an odd thing to wish for, but there have been plenty of Fortnite fans who have been eager to know what this comet was bringing to the game ever since it was first spotted. Here’s hoping that fans of both Fortnite modes enjoy what’s new this season!

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Guild Wars 2 Announces Living World Season 4 Release Date

Now that everyone’s gotten acquainted with Elona in Path of Fire, unlocked a griffon, and grumped at ArenaNet’s Mount Adoption License, it’s time to turn to more pressing matters. Namely, the Guild Wars 2 Living World season 4 launch, which has gotten an official date and, of course, a new trailer today.

guild wars 2 living world season 4

Details on just what Season 4 involves are pretty sparse right now, but the announcement does state that the new season will “seamlessly” transition from the narrative events that unfolded during Path of Fire. As ever, new updates to the story will be released every 2-3 months and will be available to everyone who owns a copy of Path of Fire.

The associated teaser trailer is just as vague, with jump cuts to scenes through the Living World’s more dynamic moments up to this point, closing out with a pretty ferocious dragon attack that looks to portend things to come.

What comes next will be revealed starting Tuesday, November 28th. Additional details are expected in the coming weeks, but until then you can check out the teaser trailer in question below.

Our Thoughts

Looks like we’ve got some big danger coming our way! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the sort of encounters and direction you’re hoping this season of the MMO’s Living World will take, so be sure to share with us in the comments below.

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