For Honor Offers Early Details of Season 6

With the Age of Wolves update nearing its lifespan, it’s time to look ahead to For Honor Season 6. Ubisoft has offered some early information about the multiplayer brawler’s next season, including features, adjustments and a release date.

for honor season 6

Season 6, otherwise titled Hero’s March, will introduce a new map to the game in the form of Beachhead. According to the announcement’s description, Beachhead is a fortress that was once a place of solitude and respite, but still remains a desirable stronghold. The new map will be free and playable in all modes except Tribute.

The new update will also see another round of hero reworks, this time focusing on the Orochi and Peacekeeper heroes. Information on what these updates entail was not provided, but they are promised to be “major” and part of continuing development to improve hero balance across the board.

Finally, Season 6 will add a new visual collection feature that lets players track all of the looks they’ve unlocked and apply them to their gear in a separate menu. The new feature should help those who are hoarding equipment for aesthetic purposes.

Season 6: Hero’s March will land globally to all For Honor platforms on Thursday, May 17th as a free update. Speaking of free, the game is currently running a free weekend of the complete game from now until Sunday, May 6th on all platforms. Players can get more information at the link provided and even enjoy a discount on a full purchase if they feel inspired to do so.

Our Thoughts

With the forward strides that For Honor seems to have made overall, it looks like Season 6 will be a pleasant update to the game, if not exactly rich with content. Still, we’re looking forward to hearing more about what the devs have planned for the Orochi and Peacekeeper and hope that fans of the game have lots to look forward to.

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