World of Warcraft Players Search for the Secret Uuna Quest

Are you familiar with Uuna? She’s a rare pet drop that landed to World of Warcraft with patch 7.3. With the release of patch 7.3.5 and datamined clues found from the patch while it was on PTR, the hunt is on to find a quest line tied with Uuna.


Datamining of 7.3.5 found a variety of voice lines and triggers associated with the Uuma pet, leading many to believe that there’s a series of quest steps that have been introduced secretly with the release of the latest update.

So far, players have been able to trigger reactions by using whistle, hug and roar emotes at Uuna, and reactions have been reported by simply having the pet in certain areas in the world.

Information found from datamining appears to suggest that there’s a story line that involves helping Uuna defeat some form of darkness, which could culminate in some effort to save her. The assumed reward is some form of additional Collectible associated with Uuna, be it another pet, mount or otherwise. At any rate, the WoW Secret Finding Discord community is on the case.

Our Thoughts

We’re eagerly awaiting the more intrepid explorers of Warcraft’s playerbase to crack the mystery of Uuna and her potential hidden quest line. We also hope that the reward ends up being worth the digging, though we also suspect that managing to be among the first to piece it all together would be pretty rewarding, too.

Source: PCGamesN

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