TERA Outlines PC Server Merges

Nobody panic, but TERA PC server merges are on the way. If you’ve followed the MMORPG closely enough, you already knew about this previously, but now we have some more specifics to share with you thanks to an email we’ve received.

tera pc server merges

Merges will be taking place on Tuesday, September 16th. There will be a total of three servers for the MMO after that point; Mount Tyrannas and Fey Forest servers will merge into the new PvP server, Ascension Valley and Tempest Reach will merge into the new PvE server, and Celestial Hills will remain as a PvE RP server. Fans will get a chance to help the devs name these new servers through voting, which will be detailed at a later time.

If you’ve got a preference for what type of server you’d like your characters to land on, free character transfers between server types will be opened between September 4th and 17th. Beyond that, players won’t have to do anything else ahead of the merge – all characters, guilds and friend lists will be transferred over.

There will be a limit on how many characters can be put into one server, however En Masse will be handing out additional character slot coupons for those with characters on multiple servers. Players can expect those coupons between September 11th and 17th.

More information and an FAQ can be found on this website.

Our Thoughts

Sounds like a generally painless affair, all things considered, and the free transfers and character slot coupon offers are very generous indeed. Here’s hoping these merges do indeed bring more players together as they’re intended to.

Source: press release

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Bless Online Outlines its Upcoming Server Merges

Looks like its time for the multiple servers to squish into less multiple servers. Bless Online server merges are indeed on the way and a dev blog post shared on the game’s Steam page has the when, the how many, and the instructions on what players need to do, if anything.

bless online server merges

NA players of Bless Online will see their six servers consolidated to two, while EU players are seeing their seven servers also compacted into two. According to the producer’s letter from earlier in the week, this consolidation will help free up the temporary servers should they be needed once Bless Online fully launches.

For those who either have multiple characters on both factions or spread across different realms, you should bear in mind that they may be deactivated according to a number of priority guidelines. In both instances, priority will first be given to guild leaders, then to the highest level character, then to the most recently played. There are also different priorities for characters or guilds of the same name.

All of the server merging will take place on Tuesday, July 24th at a time to be determined later. There are a lot more specifics that fans of Bless Online will want to keep in mind, so be sure to head to the Steam page for more.

Our Thoughts

Really, it was just a matter of time. There is certainly a lot of things for players to consider, but ideally the server merging will take place with as little a hassle as possible. Fingers crossed for you Bless fans.

Source: Steam

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Tree of Savior Readies Server Merges and a New Hidden Class

Admittedly, we haven’t heard a lot of big things coming out of the painterly MMOARPG Tree of Savior. With that said, a Tree of Savior server merge announcement along with the reveal of a new hidden class for the Swordsman tree probably qualifies. Or at least is of interest to players of the game.

tree of savior server merge

First, the server merge: players on the NA and SEA servers will see their two servers smoosh into one, with NA’s Orsha and Klaipeda combining into a single Klaipeda server, and SEA’s Telsiai and Varena servers combining to form the single Telsiai server.

If your Team – AKA the shared surname of all of your characters – resides on one of these servers, then they should transfer over with little issue. If you have Teams on both servers, however, transfers will work differently. The Team with either the highest total XP or the largest number of characters will be made your primary Team. Data from the secondary team could be lost, including storage slots and character slots exceeding your account’s maximum number.

Server merges are expected to take place on Tuesday, March 13th. If you’re a player on any of the above servers, you’ll want to read up on how transfers will work and what gets merged.

Now, onto the gameplay stuff: players of the Swordsman tree will be getting a new hidden class that doesn’t use a sword whatsoever, interestingly enough. the Nak Muay class leverages their fists, feet, elbows and knees to deal devastating strikes on their foes. Details on the class are sparse, but the official site does offer a look at some of the skills of the class, along with a release date of February 20th and an absolutely gorgeous class theme which can be heard below.

Our Thoughts

Server merges usually mean populations are thin, so take that to mean what you will for Tree of Savior’s NA and SEA playerbase. Ideally, these merges will mean more people playing together, but we’ll have to wait and see how that works. We’re going to focus on the positive instead and marvel at that lovely theme music as well as the attack animations of the Nak Muay in the meanwhile.

Sources: official site 1, 2

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SWTOR’s Next Update Will Merge Servers

The next update for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been officially confirmed and with it a reduction of SWTOR servers. The upcoming server merge has been detailed in a blog post that explains the hows, whens, and whys of the move.

swtor servers

The next update, United Forces, will merge the MMO’s servers as a means to help more players come together for more multiplayer and group-related content according to the announcement. “Your overwhelming response to playing these new experiences has motivated us to continue to pursue more enhancements to making multiplayer the best it can be for you, our players,” reads the post.

The merge will shrink down the game’s 17 servers to 5: two North American servers, one EU English server, one French, and one German. According to the post, the server merge should have little impact on players, their character Legacies, or their Guilds when they next log in, though character renaming may be required. Season 9 PvP rankings should also remain unaffected.

The United Forces update is due to arrive on Wednesday, November 8th. Players can learn more about the server merge as well as what their new home will be on the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

While this update is likely to make grouping easier for players, there’s certainly no denying the specter of worry surrounding SWTOR’s shrinking playerbase. We’re not going to jump to any conclusions, though, and will instead hope that fans of this MMO will find multiplayer gaming easier after this update.

Source: official site

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