ARK: Survival Evolved to Launch PvP Conquest Servers

Sure, dinosaurs are pretty dangerous, but what about the most dangerous creature of all: the PvP’er? That’s the threat that’s being heralded when ARK: Survival Evolved launches its PvP Conquest servers in a few days’ time.

conquest pvp servers

These new official PvP-focused servers will house up to 100 players per world and let those players form tribes as large as 25. The Conquest servers will also feature doubled gain rates for taming, gathering and XP in order to facilitate tribal warfare.

The regular Community Crunch newsletter expanded on the press release we received, noting that there will be 36 total servers within the cluster and all map types will be available. Transfers between servers within the cluster will also be enabled.

These new Conquest servers will go live on Steam this coming Friday, September 28th. PS4 and Xbox One players will also be getting their own Conquest servers, but the announcement didn’t specify a time frame other than Soon™.

Our Thoughts

For those who want to be part of large-scale tribal warfare, these new servers sound like the perfect place to be. Four tribes of 25 players duking it out in the jungles or wastes of ARK sounds like a pretty harrowing time to us and we hope the PvP-minded Survivors have a good time.

Sources: press release, official site

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Fractured Opts for Regional Servers over Single Shard

The single shard global server. In theory, it’s a generally grand idea, especially for MMORPGs. In practice, though, the world is really big and round and internet companies can often be jerkwads. And so, Fractured regional servers are going to be implemented by the sandbox MMO in lieu of single shard tech.

Fractured regional servers

According to the post on the game’s website announcing the move, regional servers are coming as a result of fan feedback – particularly those who have played other single-shard MMOs. “We wanted to create a unified, truly international experience, without splitting our userbase,” explains the post. “Well, it turned out this was a very clear situation where our vision conflicted with that of our community.”

With that said, though the team is looking into implementing regional servers they do want to make sure they don’t split the playerbase too much. So there will first be a single server located in the eastern US for Alpha 1 if the userbase is low, granting a good location for players in the Americas and the EU. If the population grows outwards from there, then additional regions will be added, including US East and West, EU East and West, and servers in Southeast Asia, South America and Australia as necessary.

In addition to these regional server plans, the devs have outlined their localization plans for Fractured. Players can expect to see the sandbox localized for Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, French, German and Italian players. More language support will be added later as the need demands.

Our Thoughts

Like we said in the open, single shard tech would be great if internet speeds weren’t subject to any number of factors that affect ping, but that’s just not the world we live in right now. So with that in mind, we support the team at Fractured in this move.

Source: official site

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Why I Won’t Be Playing Rift Prime

Below is my personal opinion, they are not the views of MMOGames as a whole nor do they reflect the thoughts of anyone except me and others who share my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

When I first heard about Rift Prime, I was intrigued. I was a massive fan of the game before the first expansion released. Even after I stopped playing, I continued my subscription for another year in the hopes that something would pull me back in. So, of course, going back to a vanilla server appealed. It is the state I loved Rift in and I only left after the release of Storm Legion, which by the way I pre-ordered and bought the collector’s edition of, but when I started reading the announcement for Rift Prime there were a few problems.

First, it appeared that when the server ends, your characters would just be gone. Of course, that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Who wants to go through all that play time for them to just up and disappear? Especially since you won’t be ready for it. How often is anyone really ever ready to say goodbye to their characters? Thankfully, we know now that this won’t be the case anymore. When the server ends characters will be transferred to a F2P server. Which…eh…if I’m honest, I’m not hugely thrilled with. Yes, it’s an improvement, but right now we don’t know how long the server will last.

Rift Prime

That brings me to the primary (pun intended) reason I won’t be playing Rift Prime. We don’t know how long this new server will last. Will it go on for three months or three years? If it’s three months…why bother? I can just as easily roll up a character on the F2P servers and play the old content for three months. The thing is though…I’m already not doing that. If I’m going to go back to Rift, there has to be something pulling me back, and a couple of months of me paying for a nostalgia trip isn’t enough.

When I read the FAQ and the launch date announcement, I actually whimpered a little bit. Dimensions, by far my favorite thing that came from Storm Legion, will be available on this server. I never really got to play with my dimension since I left the game shortly after Storm Legion released. Their addition to the server makes it so much more attractive. I WANT to play on this server, but I also want to know it will last.

Vanilla Rift originally ran from March 2011 to November 2012, less than two full years. I remember quite clearly at the time saying to myself that they were burning through dragons too quickly, and I was concerned about what would come once they had gone through them all. It seems like this is just going to be a repeat of history. After they’ve gone through the content of vanilla Rift they’ll move on to Storm Legion, which will once again be where they lose me. So, yes, I want that part of the server’s run to last, even if I know ultimately I will leave again.

Rift Prime

Why can’t Trion give us an idea of how long this server will run? Is it, as has been speculated, that the runtime will be quite short and they’re hoping it will convert to new players on the main servers? Are they worried that if they give a timeline and it isn’t met that there will be backlash? Or is it simply that they don’t know how quickly they’ll get through the content with their monthly release schedule?

So, of course, I’m not going to express an opinion like this without offering up a solution. My solution to the problem is quite simple: give us a guaranteed 8 months to 1 year on the server. At which time Trion evaluates the population and sees if it’s worth continuing. Maybe I’m the only person out there who wants a permanent vanilla Rift server, in which case yes, shut the server down and move characters to other servers but, based on things I’ve been reading in blogs and on social media, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems like there are others like me out there who want something longer lasting as well.

In an interview with Massively, it was said that Trion is considering alternate rulesets and many other options for the future, but it also seems like their future depends on the success of Rift Prime. With such a big question mark over the server right now, I question how well received the server will be. Will they see the popularity and success they’re hoping for? Personally, until I know for sure, I’m not interested in spending the money. But if Trion can give us an estimate, I will quite happily pay for Rift Prime in the hopes that it will soon lead to a vanilla Rift server.

Or maybe I’m just letting nostalgia for a game I fell in love with in beta get the best of me. I had my heart broken by the game when Storm Legion launched, and this seems like a great way to return to a game that I really loved, so maybe I am jumping the gun a little bit. Maybe I need to sit back and wait. Maybe I need to get my thoughts out there now while they’re still on my mind and give people the opportunity to respond to them. Giving Trion feedback from potential returning players, people who want to give them money for their ideal version of a Rift server. They’ve got a great foundation for this idea, but it may all fall apart because we don’t have this one little detail.

I certainly hope that isn’t the case though. For now, I’ll continue watching from a distance and hope that more information will be released. I also hope that Rift Prime is successful enough that more servers are created and we do get that vanilla Rift server so many of us hope will be released.

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CCP Games Reacts to EVE Online’s Latest Large-Scale Battle

After the single largest battle in EVE Online history over a keepstar was waged, CCP Games has had a moment to consider what it means for the EVE Online server infrastructure and how to improve it to better support such large engagements.

eve online server

While the game’s single Tranquility server did not suffer any form of catastrophic failure, the devs do contend that additional work is needed in order to support and even encourage similarly large battles to take place.

“The attackers did report problems launching fresh waves of unmanned fighters from their carriers, which was their main tactic and which accounted for the lion’s share of their damage output,” explained CCP Guard. “The keepstar was going down slowly but surely for two hours and only managed to heal itself once these problems started getting reported.”

In spite of the fact that the planned battle of attrition appears to be confirmed lost as a result of input lag, CCP Games is looking on the bright side. “Tranquility remained online for the fight, and thankfully we didn’t experience any unscheduled downtime,” said CCP Falcon. “This allowed us to watch performance, look at where the main bottlenecks are for an engagement of this scale, and provides us with a substantial amount of data that we can use to help plan the next steps toward strengthening our infrastructure to support these massive engagements.”

Those next steps, according to Guard, are software-based, with “active development” on systems that will transfer non-essential calculations away from the main server cluster and into the cloud. The battle has also reportedly reinvigorated discussions among the team to look into additional long-term solutions.

“We want to continue to allow our pilots to wage war on a scale that’s never been seen before in online gaming,” closed Falcon.

Our Thoughts

It’s definitely a shame that the keepstar stayed upright as a result of server problems instead of a well-executed defense strategy, but we are going to join CCP Games in looking at the positives in the aftermath of this latest war. Especially if those positives lead to more galaxy-shaking conflicts. After all, like the video touting the fight stated, neither the battle nor the war are over.

Source: Polygon

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PUBG 1.0 Launches, Servers Explode

Murphy’s Law is in full effect for easily one of the most anticipated PC gaming launches this year. Today marks the PUBG 1.0 launch, which is also the full release of the battle royale shooter to PC. So, of course, the game’s servers have apparently decided that now would be the right time to burst into flames.

pubg 1.0 launch

We’re speaking in hyperbole, of course, but the fact remains that the backend of Battlegrounds has been experiencing difficulties since the game went live at around 5am EST. The issues first began for EU players who maxed out the region’s server capacity. Shortly after that, matches were not being logged on the game’s leaderboards.

As of this writing, all of the servers for every region have been shut down. It’s unclear what has occurred, but the developers are on the case and will post updates as soon as they become available.

The devs have also posted an alert on Steam regarding the Gamescom Invitational Key that opens in-game crates. The key itself is getting a name change but will function as before and even be used to open a new, upcoming crate. To that point, purchases of keys are being suspended for about a week to implement the needed adjustments.

Our Thoughts

Welcome to the world of massive online gaming launches where the scale of the playerbase jumps up from the testing pool and what can go wrong will go wrong. We hope that the devs are able to correct the connection issues soon and that PUBG fans will get to battling royale-ly in short order.

Sources: Twitter, Steam

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6 MMOs That Could Benefit From Having a Progression Server or Vanilla Server

From time to time, the idea of progression servers gets tossed around by fans. Everquest has seen quite a lot of success with them. It’s an opportunity to relive the glory days, or experience them for the first time. Along the same vein is the idea of a Vanilla server, sought after by fans who somewhere along the way didn’t like a choice the developers made that in their view changed the game forever. While in theory any MMO could create a progression server or a vanilla server, there are a few that are better suited for it than others. In this week’s Listed we’re taking a look at 6 MMOs that could benefit from having a progression server or a vanilla server.


6. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Progression Server

Black Desert Online is by far the youngest MMO on this list and it has earned its place because of player housing. Housing is limited in Black Desert Online. Not everyone who wants a house can get one and with player housing being such a big draw to the game the opportunity to get a house would be very welcome. Black Desert Online is incredibly successful and offering players another chance at housing would bring back players who left because they couldn’t get housing.

Housing is limited in Black Desert Online. Not everyone who wants a house can get one and with player housing being such a big draw to the game, the opportunity to get a house would be very welcome. Black Desert Online is incredibly successful and offering players another chance at housing would bring back players who left because they couldn’t get housing.


5. ArcheAge


Many consider ArcheAge to be one of the great disappointments of the MMO genre, so imagine being able to roll back the clock and make different choices. Not only could you make different choices with a fresh start but Trion could too. With special rules that correct the errors that were made along with way. No more P2W accusations, the chance for everyone who wants it to get a fresh start, it’s a dream come true.


4. Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv beginners guide

You won’t hear me saying FFXIV is a disappointment, it is one of the most beloved MMOs on the market right now. But wouldn’t it be great to start it all over? Maybe you didn’t start playing until years had passed and wish you could have been there from the start. Go back to a time before any expansions had released. This is the perfect situation for a progression server. This, of course, brings about all sorts of questions. How quickly would it progress? What happens to it after it catches up?


3. Rift


For Rift, a new server could go either way. Perhaps a vanilla server that goes back before the launch of Storm Legion, the first expansion and stays there. Or maybe it would take the form of a progression server which slowly reintroduced content created through the years. It would, unlike a vanilla server, allow for Dimensions which were only added to the game with Storm Legion. Or maybe it could be a combination of the two. Either way, it would give veterans the chance to return to the game and experience it all again. It also gives people a chance to get those all-important server firsts. Something which I am proud to say I have a few of. Of course, if a new server were introduced you would have current players leaping at the opportunity for those server firsts as well. It would revitalize every corner of the world as players decide what it is they want to famously be the first person to do.


2. Star Trek Online

space combat changes

Star Trek Online has had so many amazing releases through the years, introduced so many beloved characters from the shows to the game. This makes it the perfect candidate for a progression server. Imagine reliving all the excitement. I’ve met many people who feel overwhelmed with the amount of updates to the game. This would give them the opportunity to get in from the very start and work their way through the content as it releases.


1. World of Warcraft

world of warcraft hallow's end

With all the unofficial vanilla servers and the drama that has surrounded them, you had to know that World of Warcraft would be number one on this list. Blizzard could do both even. Have a server that only runs vanilla for those who prefer it and have a progression server. At Gamescom a few years ago while speaking to our journalists, then Game Director Tom Chilton mentioned that finding new players to try World of Warcraft was a struggle. And considering how successful the game is that is understandable, but how many people would be interested if it were a progression server? What if instead of playing through an empty world, only populated in high-level areas, you could get these people in at the start of an all-new server? Start them off in the beginning and progress through all the expansions, all the updates. It might just be enough to convince even the most resistant to give it a try.


And with that you have our list. It is by no means complete, in fact you could add just about any MMO to the list. For a brief time I did consider adding games that had been shut down. There has always been the call for a pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies, that’s one of those that I don’t think will ever fade. Equally beloved is City of Heroes, what an adventure it would be to start it all over again. It would be the ultimate progression server for fans of the game, as well as cashing in on superheroes suddenly being very in style right now. Sadly, of course, these are two that are very unlikely to ever happen but we can still dream.

Which brings me to you, the reader. Is there a game you would enjoy playing a vanilla or progression server of? Even one that has been shut down. How would you see it working? Let me know in the comments.

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