FFXIV Prepares for Blue Mage and Shadowbringers with 4.5

The Final Fantasy Fan Festival provided a whole lot of things for Final Fantasy XIV players to get excited about, and a lot of that excitement is coming early with FFXIV patch 4.5, which will not only introduce a new Job ahead of time but will also lay the groundwork for the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion.

ffxiv patch 4.5

According to details revealed during the Live Letter held at the Fan Festival, Blue Mage will be a “limited” class restricted to a cap of level 50 and unable to enter normal content queues. However, it will also have a variety of entirely unique and extremely powerful skills for a distinct solo experience. Blue Mages will even get their own queue known as The Masked Carnivale, which provides additional challenges once their Blue Mage is at level 50. Players can still form groups themselves if they so wish, however.

In addition to the Blue Mage’s arrival, patch 4.5 will bring on another series of Main Scenario Quests; further Hildibrand adventures, wrap up the Four Lords content; add the third chapter in the Return to Ivalice raids; and introduce other content and quality-of-life features like the ability to travel between servers on the same data center via Aetheryte.

Patch 4.5 will be released in two parts, with part 1 due in January of 2019. As for the Shadowbringers expansion, that comes in Summer of 2019, bringing more new Jobs, a new race and a whole lot more. A teaser site for Shadowbringers is currently online, while a video showcasing the Blue Mage in action is below.

Our Thoughts

Now THIS is how you host an event for the fans (cough cough). Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming content is definitely exciting, and we’ve still got another two Fan Festivals in Paris and Japan coming down the line, so we expect the Shadowbringers reveals to get even more impressive.

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RUMOR: Shadowbringers is the Next Final Fantasy XIV Expansion

As always, dear readers, you’ll want to form your most fashionable tinfoil hats and get the artisinal salt grains ready because we’re about to go to Rumor Town! Today, we’re looking at an intriguing trademark filing that seems to name the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, along with a few binding ties that maybe link the rumor to reality.

new final fantasy xiv expansion

Word of this filing comes by way of a Twitter bot account that automatically announces trademark filings, which shared a submission of “Shadowbringers” by Square Enix on June 11th. That on its own doesn’t have a lot of meat on the bone, but the end of this year’s Rising anniversary event closes with the following verses from a minstrel NPC:

“O hero of rebirth traversing,
Soar you the azure skies.
Upon your breast a crimson crest,
Shine Light down from on high.

O hero of rebirth transcending,
Weave you an azure lie.
By your deeds doth crimson bleed,
And Darkness quench the fire.”

What’s noteworthy here are the references to light, azure, crimson and darkness. Some believe that each word references individual major updates to Final Fantasy XIV, with Light referring to A Realm Reborn, Azure relating to Heavensword, and Crimson referring to Stormblood. So it stands to reason that Darkness here would link with Shadowbringers.

Finally, another reference to darkness is made in the Tales from the Storm short stories being released, with one such story following the Dragoon Estinian closing thusly:

“Thus did Estinien’s journey come to an end─a journey which had seen him revisit the past and in so doing find a future. His lifelong battle having reached its true conclusion, he could finally begin anew. None can say whither his road will lead, whether the skies that greet him will be the striking blue of day, the blazing crimson of dusk, or the deepening black of twilight. Yet wheresoever he should find himself, one thing is certain: he will ever wield his lance for man and dragon both.”

The line of thinking here is that “blue of day” references Heavensward, “crimson of dusk” hearkens to Stormblood and “black of twilight” calls back once again to Shadowbringers.

Our Thoughts

It’s all a bit of a stretch, but at the same time some of the best clues can often be hiding in plain sight, so perhaps we’ll be hearing more about what sort of weight these rumors hold soon? In any case, a new expansion announcement is probably not going to be coming any time soon.

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