Madfinger Games Looks to Break into Mobile Esports with Shadowgun War Games

Madfinger Games, the studio behind mobile titles like Shadowgun Legends and Dead Trigger 2, are hoping that mobile esports will be their next wave of the future with the upcoming Shadowgun War Games release, a fast-paced mobile FPS specialty-built for esports.

shadowgun war games

If you’ve played Shadowgun Legends, then War Games should feel right at home to you. War Games is 5v5 capture the flag FPS gaming featuring a roster of heroes from the Shadowgun Legends universe, each with their own unique weapons and skills.

The announcement touts Shadowgun War Games’ engine in particular, boasting lag-free 60 FPS gameplay on most mobile devices, up to 90 FPS gameplay on higher-end mobile phones like the ASUS ROG phone, and smooth, intuitive controls built with professional gamers in mind.

Shadowgun War Games is due to enter an open beta later this year and launch globally on iOS and Android in 2019. There will also be a playable build of the game on the floor of this year’s Gamescom and a tournament on the ESL stage this Saturday, August 25th. Details are on the game’s website and a trailer is below.

Our Thoughts

Mobile esports probably doesn’t ring a lot of bells for many people, especially after that disastrous showcase of Command & Conquer: Rivals at EA’s personal E3 event. That said, we enjoyed Shadowgun Legends a fair bit when we had some hands-on time with it in 2016, so it’s entirely possible that this one won’t be nearly as facepalm-worthy.

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