Vermintide 2 Announces the Shadows over Bogenhafen DLC

If you’re a regular player of the multiplayer rat-poking simulator Vermintide 2, you’ve probably near max in terms of advancement and ready for whatever’s next. We now know just what that next is with the reveal of the Shadows over Bogenhafen DLC, which has a release date and…that’s about it, honestly.

shadows over bogenhafen dlc

There aren’t an awful lot of details about this new DLC yet in terms of content, but the announcement quotes Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund as saying that players “will be tested like never before by Grandfather Nurgle’s unpleasant attentions.”

The announcement also promises that this coming fall season will see more content arriving to Vermintide 2 overall, though once again is mum on the details of what that content will look like and when it will specifically release.

What we can say for sure is that Shadows over Bogenhafen will release on Tuesday, August 28th for PC and Xbox One. The vagueness otherwise continues with the teaser trailer below.

Our Thoughts

We really wish we had more to report here, but then again having a release date for the next DLC isn’t exactly bad to hear about regardless. Here’s hoping that we’ll get some more firm details on what the fall updates and new DLC will bring to this slice (get it?) of multiplayer co-op gaming.

Source: press release

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