Dauntless Sharpen Your Skills Update Gets a New Video

Information has been trickling forth for the past few days about the next big update to Dauntless, but if you haven’t been following closely or would just like a complete overview of what’s next, a new Sharpen Your Skills update video is now online, detailing the new weapons, new progression, a new skill advancement system and lots more.

sharpen your skills update video

The video touches on all of the new things taht are in the update, along with a couple of other features coming in the immediate future. The update will bring two new monsters; Skarn, a rock-covered lizard, and Kharabak, a swift insect with powerful slicing attacks.

The War Pike weapon will also arrive with the update, along with the aforementioned inclusion of unique damage types for each of the game’s weapons, which will play a part in a hunting group’s ability to remove specific parts from a monster needed for higher-tier crafting. On the subject of crafting, new armor and weapons are on the way, including the much-requested Rezakiri weapons.

Sharpen Your Skills will also add the Cell System, which will allow Slayers to add unique benefits to weapons and armor such as increased damage and faster stamina regeneration. Progression is also going to change as detailed earlier in November.

Future updates are offered a brief look as well, including the Winter event that will land shortly after Sharpen Your Skills and modifiers to the upcoming Daily and Weekly hunts for players looking for a more unique challenge.

The only thing that is not provided in the video is a specific release date for the content, which still is only slated for sometime in December. Everything else that’s coming, however, can be seen in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Sharpen Your Skills is a very loaded update indeed and we’re sure that players of this online monster hunter are eager to dig in and check out what’s new. Count us among those looking forward to the fresh updates as well!

Source: press release

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