Skyforge Announces a Battle Royale Mode

Yep. The MMORPG Skyforge has also succumbed to the siren song of battle royale gaming. Skyforge Battle Royale has been officially announced by the devs, bringing the familiar gameplay of the sub-genre to a new mode from within the original game.

skyforge battle royale

While the avatars of Skyforge are essentially immortal, the battle royale field of Skyforge pretty much eschews that whole notion to make way for the mode’s last person standing gameplay beats. Incidentally, players don’t have to have a character in the original MMORPG to start playing battle royale, letting you hop into the fight from the off.

What hopefully sets Skyforge Battle Royale from the pack, according to the announcement, is the sci-fantasy setting of Skyforge and a focus on class-based gameplay. Players of battle royale will have a choice of 12 different heroes with their own skills to customize around their playstyle. The mode also promises a combat system that should feel familiar to MMO players and will have monsters on the map.

Skyforge Battle Royale will land on PC August 28, PS4 on August 29 and Xbox One on August 30. A cinematic trailer for the mode is below.

Our Thoughts

Okay, so…if this is a mode within the MMO that doesn’t require advancement in the MMO itself, then what would be the carrot on the stick for players of the MMO to enter battle royale? Perhaps we’ll learn more about just why folks would feel enticed to try out Skyforge Battle Royale in future updates, but for now it either is just a fun side diversion or a tacked-on mode to chase a fad, depending on how one looks at it.

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