These Are the Machines of Ascent: Infinite Realm

If the bulk of your game is about using steampunk machinery and airships, then you should probably show them off. A lineup of images of Ascent: Infinite Realm machines has done just that, with a huge selection of images you can peruse in the slideshow below along with details of many of the MMO world’s technological marvels.

As you can see from these images, there is a lot of hardware in Ascent: Infinite Realm, including mechs, jetpacks, mountable cannons, and (naturally) airships. The aircraft in A:IR range in size and purpose including the Ontari and Nous training airship; the five-player Ontari Assault Ship; the Wind Sprinter high-speed personal craft; and a behemoth craft that can carry 75 players into the battlefield of Dragon Valley.

As players progress through A:IR, they can expect to see higher altitudes and growing danger. As such, players will want to further enhance their mounts, airships, and weapons, though the process of how to do so was not part of the press release.

For more detailed information on all of the machines shown, players are invited to check out the official website and look at the news section for more.

Our Thoughts

The variety and scope of machines in Ascent: Infinite Realm are definitely exciting and are only whetting our appetite for this game’s arrival to the West. While the announcement didn’t have any additional news on when we can expect testing to begin, taking a look at all the new toys will have to do for now.

Source: press release

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