Chronicles of Elyria Lays Off Staff

The so-far fruitless hunt for a publisher has now had an effect on several members of the Soulbound Studios staff. A community letter has confirmed that Chronicles of Elyria layoffs have occurred as the developer turns its focus away from courting investors back to crowdfunding.

chronicles of elyria layoffs

According to the letter, the size of the team at Soulbound Studios doubled in size from 2016 through 2017, but was done so unsustainably unless the studio was able to secure long-term investors. Since that hasn’t been achieved, the team will now shrink downwards to be funded through the existing store, which means some jobs had to be cut.

“This was painful for all of us as we had developed a close bond with everyone in the studio, but it was a necessary action to move forward at the velocity and cost we need to succeed,” reads the letter.

The letter states that publishers that the company approached were not a fit for the game, primarily because they wanted to include microtransactions like loot boxes in the game – a feature that Chronicles of Elyria flatly refuses to add.

According to the statement, the current size of the team is now at a sustainable size that it can develop the game without any publishing or investment deals. “We plan on continuing crowdfunding for the foreseeable future so that we can maintain creative control of the game, and ultimately deliver the promise of Chronicles of Elyria,” closes the letter.

Our Thoughts

Our thoughts and well-wishes go to those who were affected by the layoffs at Soulbound Studios and we hope that they are able to get new positions within the industry soon. It’s a shame that Chronicles of Elyria wasn’t able to get any major investors, but considering the reasons why we pretty much understand. Here’s hoping that development won’t be affected too deeply.

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