CCP Games Launches ‘vSport’ Sparc for PlayStation VR

It’s all the fun of tennis without the exorbitant tennis club fees! It’s the Sparc launch on PSVR, the self-described online competitive “vSport” that seeks to bring “virtual sport, real competition” to VR gaming.

sparc launch

It’s been a little while since we last reported on Sparc, so here’s a refresher: Sparc has players facing off one-on-one in a narrow hallway, trying to angle a ball into a target behind their opponent while also deflecting or blocking their opponent’s shots.

Sparc launches with multiple two-player game modes, three arenas, a broad selection of customization options for player avatars, and the Courtside social space which lets players spectate matches in VR. Games can be played online either with friends or through an integrated matchmaking system, or players can take on a variety of solo challenges meant to test and train them for online matches.

Sparc is out now on PSVR for $29.99 on the PlayStation Store. A trailer for the game’s launch can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Sparc most definitely looks like one of the more interesting and compelling experiences on VR gaming to date and we hope that it gains a following. Are you intrigued by Sparc or is this something that caters to a playerbase that is far too niche?

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