Square Enix Collective to Publish Voxel Sandbox MMO Boundless

Square Enix has a pretty thin list of MMOs and Square Enix Collective even moreso. That looks to be firmed up a little bit more in both cases with word that a Boundless publisher agreement has been finalized between the team at Wonderstruck and Square Enix Collective, offering some new backing for the in-development sandbox MMO as it continues to make its way to final launch.

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You might remember Boundless as being called Oort Online once upon a time. In Boundless, players get to explore a voxel-based sandbox world where they can mine, craft and hunt alone or with others. The game has undergone a variety of updates over the course of its Steam Early Access period, with its 192nd build update introducing a number of balance adjustments and some additional polish.

That spit-shine is perhaps part of its new connection to Square Enix Collective, which will help bring the game to PC. The devs will self-publish on PS4 as well, but the announcement by the Collective does state that there will be cross-platform play in Boundless’s single, unsharded universe.

While a firm release date has not been tied down, players can expect Boundless at some point later this year.

“Here at Square Enix Collective we’re very proud to have worked with a range of talented developers in the past few years – teams from a whole host of countries around the world, working on projects in a diverse array of genres,” remarks the announcement. “We’ve put an unhealthy number of hours into [Boundless] here at Collective Towers, and we hope you’ll join us at some point as we all shape our own destinies.”

Our Thoughts

Congrats to the team at Wonderstruck for getting the attention of Square Enix Collective! We’re all for seeing the MMO genre expand onto consoles further, particularly ones that are sandbox-y, so here’s hoping that development presses on at pace to bring this new world to life!

Source: Square Enix website

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