Battlerite Royale Becomes a Standalone Title

Perhaps it was inevitable. Perhaps it was fate. Or maybe it’s nothing terribly deep. In any case, Stunlock Studios has decided that making a Battlerite Royale standalone release is the best way to go for the MOBA-styled multiplayer variant and the devs have explained why.

battlerite royale standalone release

Evidently, breaking up Battlerite and Royale was just easier on everyone involved according to marketing director Johan Ilves.

“Early on in Battlerite Royale’s development we noticed how difficult it was to align the battle royale theme with the arena mode and still ensuring the genre and gameplay to work together. Battlerite Royale has become a significantly different experience and we are now separating the games so that each of them can flourish in their own right.”

The most recent dev blog on the game’s website elaborated on this further:

“When the decision was made, we suddenly could do more to make the best possible Royale experience. Today we firmly believe that we can deliver a more polished, more fun, and more exciting experience with Battlerite Royale without compromising Arena and the fine-tuned balance that we strive to perfect.”

With that decision out of the way, you may be wondering where things go from here. That will be revealed in an update roadmap to be unveiled this coming Monday, August 13th. That date will also be when signups for Battlerite Royale’s closed beta will begin. Until then, plans currently see Battlerite Royale hitting Steam Early Access this coming September.

Our Thoughts

If breaking the two title up means both flourish and improve, then that’s certainly the better. The case in favor of this move could certainly be argued by looking at how Fortnite’s insistence of keeping Save the World and Battle Royale together seems to be having a negative impact on the former while the latter continues to expand. Here’s hoping the folks at Stunlock are confident with this decision.

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