League of Legends Unleashes a New Star Guardians Trailer

Riot Games has spilled anime all over League of Legends as it revels in the MOBA’s latest patch content and several roster members reskinned as the magical girl-themed Star Guardians. The latest Star Guardians trailer is all about the new set of Star Guardians, with particular focus on Ahri in a dramatic transformation sequence.

star guardians trailer

The Star Guardians skins introduced in Patch 7.17 for Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka, and Syndra arrive along with the new Invasion game mode. From today until Monday, September 25th, players can form up in five-player PvE action to defend the Starlight from waves of enemy attacks. Completed missions during the Invasion mode will earn you Starlight Tokens which can be redeemed for a New Horizon Ward and a Hextech Mystery Champion.

In addition to the Invasion game mode and subsequent skins, the Star Guardians will be getting their own product line, including minis of Star Guardians Lux, Jinx, Poppy, Janna and Lulu.

You can soak yourself in the majesty of Ahri’s magical girl goodness below.

Our Thoughts

Needless to say, League of Legends is going full speed with the anime. The Star Guardians honestly look like a great deal of fun and it’s very obvious from the animations, the skins, and an entire site full of lore that Riot Games is enjoying themselves. We hope players do as well!

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