Star Wars Fortnite Crossover Event Going on Now

A Star Wars Fortnite crossover event is now taking place in the mega-popular Battle Royale game. From now until November 17th you’ll be able to get the Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit in the Item Shop. If you buy Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on PC in the Epic Store you’ll get the outfit for free!

An Imperial Star Destroyer has also been spotted in the sky above the Island though it isn’t clear what its mission is, besides bringing lots of Stormtrooper Outfits. The trailer for the event seems to be suggesting that there will be more. In the description for the video, it says, “The Imperial Stormtrooper has been seen scouting out the Island. What could his mission be?”

It’s really no surprise that there is a Star Wars crossover event taking place right now considering the release of the new game and the fact that we’re just a month away from The Rise of Skywalker. Whatever else is going to be happening in-game you can expect it to take place this weekend so cancel your weekend plans and keep an eye on that Star Destroyer. If you can’t make it this weekend you do have until November 30th to get the skin by buying Fallen Order in the Epic Store.

Check out the trailer for the Star Wars Fortnite crossover below.

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Star Wars Galaxies Legends – The Galaxy Reborn

To say that Star Wars Galaxies was an influential MMORPG may be a slight understatement. Running over the course of eight years and two decades, the game remained strong in the galaxy far, far away despite divisive updates to its profession systems in 2005. To this day many people talk of it reverentially when comparing it to newer experiences in the Star Wars mythos and even recurring MMO’s such as Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. However, Galaxies is not merely a relic of the past.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is a project that has fought vigorously to keep that dream alive. Founded in 2016, Legends is an emulation of the late-game of the beloved MMORPG. Based on one of the last builds of the live game prior to it’s shut down, the economy-centered sandbox game still allows you to live your best life whatever that may be. Drawing aspects of Ultima Online, World of Warcraft and Everquest the game has been heralded by multiple critics to be one of, if not THE, best MMORPGs of all time. Legends truly allowed anyone to do anything and that still lives on to this day in SWG: Legends.

Legends, as long time fans of the MMO might know, is based off of the New Game Enhancements (or NGE) build of Galaxies. This move released in its last expansion, Trials of Obi-Wan, distilled the incredibly varied professions system from 40 down to 6 and unlocked the incredibly powerful force-sensitive Jedi for every single player to flush the game with Revenge of the Sith’s success. With the original grind for Jedi requiring multiple months to unlock, and the profession able to solo multiple players in PvP, users abandoned the game en masse for greener pastures.

Star Wars Galaxies Legends - The Galaxy Reborn
However, Legends has taken NGE and improved on it. Fleshing out several of the improvements introduced by Sony Online Entertainment towards the end of the game’s life cycle, as well as increasing the breadth of professions, this is perhaps the most genuine version of Galaxies to date. If you so wished to you could really just make a macro and level an entertainer in the back of a cantina bar until the Jawa’s came home. In the spirit of doing anything and being anything, Legends continues to deliver.

Unlike the original base game, Legends is a mod-approved emulator, meaning you can inject as much as you’d like into the world. While set-up is a touch inconvenient, requiring you to already possess a copy of Galaxies’ files, this is easily circumvented through popular means which does not endorse (Piracy, yarrrr). Working like any other mod, Legends files simply require a moderate download and installation before you can hook up to the main Omega server.

But once you do, does the nostalgia ever start coming back.

On top of working to fulfill and optimize older systems, Legends has been endeavoring to inject it’s own, newer content. On top of several quality of life changes including wilderness spawning AI, collision damage while flying in space and profession tweaks, newer things such as environmental uprezzing and additional details have been put together. Newer world bosses have been added for the combat classes, such as the Ancient Krayt Dragon. Additional content has been developed for several older in-game events such as the Ewok Festival of Love (yes, that’s a real thing), as well as memorials put in place for several of the Star Wars actors who have since passed on.

Star Wars Galaxies Legends - The Galaxy Reborn
One of the more major overhauls to the Galaxies emulator is a newer Galactic Senate program. While it doesn’t allow you to play as your inner Sheev Palpatine, the Senate program instead reflects similar systems in games such as Star Citizen. Players across the game world can vote for player-character representation to the Galactic Senate, functioning as a community representative for their particular demographic. These reps then work and interact with Legends staff regarding any changes to the overall game, essentially allowing widespread community feedback to be distilled by a few messengers. While this does allow for a certain level of politicking and the oh-so-feared ‘drama’ to emerge very little seems to be present in the MMO’s forums or in-game world, speaking to either the system’s working order or the community’s fidelity on the matter.

On top of these, Legends has worked to inject newer quest-based content into the game while implementing older Minor Quests left over from the older Galaxy days. Still in development, the, ‘Jedi Themepark’ will focus on a questline specifically towards the force-sensitive Jedi profession. Featuring newer heroic level instances, this questline will feature Jedi endeavoring to discover the deeper secrets of the Force. As it crosses into these dungeon-crawling instances, players of other professions will be able to tag along to assist their friends in discovering the untapped potential of the Force, be it the Light or the Dark Side.

That isn’t to say that other players don’t have enough to do. Leaning heavily on community-driven recurring content, the development team has worked to make their calendars as populated as possible. Including in-game holidays, the team has also developed several spotlight initiatives such as the ‘Galactic Homeshow’ contests, based around evaluating how players decorate their in-game housing. ‘Friday Features’ discuss gameplay content, while inviting in newer players through explanatory forum-based articles. As is the case with many legacy or private servers such as Nostalrius there is a heavy focus on the playerbase and how rewarding they are to the team as a whole.

Star Wars Galaxies Legends - The Galaxy Reborn

Even still, with the ramp-up to Episode IX this December, Legends has begun their own ‘Countdown to the Rise of Skywalker.’ Featuring an expansive, if not divisive, community fandom contest, the team is also injecting in-game events inspired by the newer trilogy. Throughout December 2019 Legends will feature live events from the Sequel Trilogy including Rey and others. Much like the discussion around the trilogy, however, the emulator’s community seems to be split in two over the notion; just a few paragraphs into the contest’s announcement thread reveals people’s displeasure over the notion.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is a blast from the past, truthfully. It’s still fun to dive into, despite all the incumbent issues coming from the older Galaxies and the decisions made later in the game’s development cycle. However, its incredibly clear that the team behind keeping this legacy server alive deeply cares about how they do so. A lot of thought and care is being put into the game’s legacy, with minor changes and additions coming in time with major additions to content. With popular Star Wars endeavors meeting widespread community disapproval often, it’s nice to see that Legends stands alone to not only pay homage to the players but respect to the mythos its based on. Its fun to jump back a long time ago to see that the galaxy far, far away still holds true.

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Solo Features Star Wars Galaxies Easter Eggs

Its been 7 years since Star Wars Galaxies shut down but hardcore fans found not one but two Star Wars Galaxies easter eggs in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The most notable of the two references was from young Han Solo himself who mentions that he spent part of his childhood boosting AV-21s, a two-seater Correllian speeder. This vehicle first made an appearance in Star Wars Galaxies. The vehicle was quite rare in the game and has never been mentioned outside of Star Wars Galaxies until now.

The second reference was to the valahorn, a musical instrument. This instrument was first introduced in Star Wars Galaxies and got its first big screen mention in Solo. In the movie, Woody Harrelson’s character Tobias Beckett says he plans to retire to Glee Anselm where he wants to learn to play the valahorn.

For most people who see Solo these easter eggs will go completely over their heads, but for those who still pine for SWG, it is a welcome nod to a part of the universe they loved. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a new chapter for Star Wars Galaxies and we will see more things from the beloved MMORPG make it into the mainstream Star Wars continuity.

Raph Koster, the game director for Star Wars Galaxies seems to be quite pleased about the mentions, having taken to Twitter.

We’re just wondering what took them so long. Star Wars Galaxies is an obvious place to go for any random Star Wars things you need to have mentioned without having to make up something. The writers for Solo were either SWG fans or they really did their homework. The big question on our minds now though is if that means Star Wars Galaxies is canon. Disney got rid of a lot of Star Wars’ previous canon when they took over, something which angered a lot of fans.


Source: Syfy, Slate

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MMO Money: Fortnite Forever

A large portion of every MMO Money article we’ve done for months now has been dedicated to lockboxes, but it seems like things might be calming down on that front as politicians and players move on to focus on other things. In reality, they’ve all just been distracted playing Fortnite, which has continued to be a massive success for Epic.


More Battle Royale in the Future

Fortnite Success

Analysts are predicting that there will be more Battle Royale games in the future following the massive PUBG and Fortnite success. An article on was released that said some investors are worried that Fortnite is drawing attention away from games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Grand Theft Auto. Wall Street analysts predict that Fortnite will have a modest impact on the major game publishers in the short term, but long-term they’re predicting that EA, Activision, and Take-Two are all likely to introduce Battle Royale games of their own or release it as part of a game already in the works. Analyst Michael Olson from Piper Jaffray, an investment banker and management firm, believes that we will see Battle Royale modes for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield in the second half of 2018 or early 2019. If that’s the case, it will mean that these are likely to be revealed at E3. MMOGames will be keeping a close eye on these publishers to see if the prediction comes to pass.


Sea of Thieves UK Hit

Despite the launch issues and the complaints that there isn’t much content in the game, Sea of Thieves is top of the UK charts for the week ending March 24th. The previous week, Burnout Paradise Remastered topped the list but after several high profile releases, it has dropped down to 6th. On Metacritic, Sea of Thieves currently has a 70% based on critic’s reviews and a 5.3 based on user reviews. Will Sea of Thieves be able to hold on to that top spot after such a rough start? Only time will tell, but it is going up against Far Cry 5 which released this week so chances are pretty slim.


Vivendi Sells Ubisoft Stock

You may recall that Vivendi has been trying to do a hostile takeover of Ubisoft for some time now. They own a 27% stake in the company, or at least they did until recently. It would appear that the idea of a hostile takeover is behind us now as Vivendi has sold its stock in Ubisoft. Part of the sales agreement adds that Vivendi cannot buy more Ubisoft stock for the next five years. At the same time this was revealed, Ubisoft announced they were teaming up with Tencent to move into the Chinese market. Tencent will operate several of Ubisoft’s most successful PC and Mobile games.


Fortnite Tops iOS Charts

It seems like just yesterday every other story was about PUBG, now every other story is about Fortnite. Not that we’re complaining, it’s a great game. Fortnite has also made the leap to mobile where it instantly topped the charts in just about every market it was released in. In just 4 days after release, the game made $1.5 million, just on iOS.


Epic Releases $12 Million in Paragon Assets for Free

paragon v.40

Do you remember that other game Epic was working on that wasn’t Fortnite? Paragon, the MOBA they canceled. Well, Epic is being epic and releasing 12 million dollars worth of assets from Paragon for free to be used in Unreal Engine 4 development. $12 million and that isn’t even all of their assets that they’ll be releasing from the game. It wasn’t all amazing news though. There was a rumor that Tencent may buy the game from Epic. The release of these assets pretty much killed that rumor, leaving people who had their fingers crossed disappointed.


Pantropy Kickstarter Canceled


We’re moving away from Epic and Fortnite to talk about Pantropy now. The sci-fi MMO shooter was holding a Kickstarter campaign, but it was struggling to reach its goal. In fact, it was only just a little over halfway to the €75,000 goal when the devs pulled the plug. It isn’t all bad though, the devs have promised that they’re going to make changes and come back again sometime at the end of March. They have also received multiple publishing and investment offers, but they reassure fans that they are going to remain independent. The game is still expected to be released in Steam Early Access later this year. It will be interesting to see if this move of relaunching their Kickstarter campaign works. Many times the relaunch of the Kickstarter doesn’t get as much press as the original and also doesn’t make as much money.


H1Z1 Charts

We’ve been talking about H1Z1 for a few weeks now. It started out with the shocking report that the game had lost 90% of its playerbase. Shortly after that, the game launched, giving it a very small boost in player numbers. Then Daybreak made the game free to play and it received a substantial boost in players. Since that happened in early March, H1Z1 has seen a very slow decline in player numbers on Steam. It’s a bit early to say for sure, but it looks like March 2018 has been the best month they’ve had this year thanks to the change in their business model.


Star Wars Battlefront II Won’t Have Lockboxes

Star Wars Battlefront II

It was only a matter of time before we had to talk about lockboxes. There isn’t anything new on the political front at the moment. Instead, we get to talk about the most controversial game of the entire lockbox saga; Star Wars Battlefront II. EA announced that they are overhauling the entire progression system. Lockboxes won’t be coming back and everything you’ve unlocked already is yours to keep.

Just a week after this was announced it came out that EA may also be starting work on a new Star Wars game, this one will be open world. This came from job listings that mention creating a Star Wars open world game. So, if you had hopes that Disney might pull the plug on the agreement with EA, it seems that this isn’t happening, for now at least.

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Best Space MMO of All Time

Space, the final frontier….these are the voyages…

Okay, we’ll admit it, we’re Star Trek nerds and proud of it too. In fact, we really love all things space. Why not? It’s the great unknown. Anything is possible. When it comes to MMOs it’s also the second most popular genre after fantasy. So this got us wondering, which MMO is the best space MMO of all time? Is it one that we can still play or is it one that has been sunsetted?

We spent days going through our massive game list (which is quickly approaching the point of having 2,000 games on it) so we could put as many space MMOs on this list as possible. Though yes, it is still possible that we missed some. If we did let us know so we can get it on the list!

Earth & Beyond

Specifically, we’re looking at MMOs that take you into space, so you won’t see Wildstar on this list because you aren’t in space, you’re on a planet. This list is for those games that have spaceships. Before you ask, yes, we included Star Citizen because this poll will be running for the rest of the year and we’re hopelessly optimistic.

If you want to know more about any of the games on this list click on the name or the image for that game to go to the game profile page. Here you can find screenshots, videos, and links to articles we’ve done on the game. Of course, we’ve not covered them all yet, with 2,000 games to cover and more being added every day, it’s a monumental task.

Elite Dangerous Beyond 2018 Q4 - Squadrons and Fleet Carrier

The Rules

Voting for this poll will continue until December 31st at which time the three games with the highest number of votes will be declared the winners.

You may place votes once a day until the polling period ends.

Vote for as many different games as you like.

Feel free to share this with your friends.

Have fun!

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RUMOR: Disney and Lucasfilm Seeking New Publishers for Star Wars Games

Okay. We’re going to need a lot of tinfoil for this one. Like, a lot of it. Everyone suitably wearing their hats? Good. There’s some scuttlebutt out there that seems to suggest that Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd. are shopping around for new Star Wars game publishers, potentially in direct response to continued fan reaction and assumed mishandling of the franchise in EA’s hands.

star wars game publishers

According to anonymous sources, Disney and LFL execs have reportedly pulled EA “to the principal’s office” with regards to the state of the Star Wars license in the publisher’s care and have been shopping around for other publishers to handle games for Star Wars, with Ubisoft and Activision being name-dropped in the report.

The timing seems to suggest that the event in question is recent, but also references reports in November about Disney strong-arming EA’s decision to remove loot boxes from Star Wars Battlefront 2, which could mean that the search for different publishers was part of Disney’s tactics to bring EA back in line.

Incidentally, there’s word that Disney is capable of looking for alternate publishers despite having a contract with EA as a result of a clause that would let the Star Wars license change hands “if certain standards/conditions weren’t being met”. Whether the agreement between EA and Disney has such a clause has not been confirmed.

These all directly fly in the face of statements made by EA CEO Andrew Wilson during a fiscal earnings call, where he stated that EA and Disney have “a tremendous relationship” and denied reports of Disney’s attempts to step in.

It is vital to note that the sources in question were not able to provide specifics, with the only vetting of said sources being that they have been “trusted in the past”. So be sure to include some salt grains along with those tinfoil hats.

Our Thoughts

It’s not what one would consider to be the most solid of sources, but it’s also hard to ignore EA’s impact on Star Wars games in recent months, with entire world governments pointing at the publisher’s loot box practices as a means to push gambling on children and calling Battlefront 2 “a Star Wars casino”. Having an IP owned by Disney associated with harming children certainly goes against the very identity of Disney, so it’s not too off the wall that they would be displeased. If more firm details arise from this story, we’ll be sure to report them ASAP.

Source: Cinelinx

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