Grimmwood Brings Multiplayer Survival Strategy to Steam

One of the cooler things about following MMO and multiplayer games is the fact that some titles like to throw all sorts of neat gaming ingredients into a batter to see what waffle comes out. One of these hybrid style games, Grimmwood, is smooshing together multiplayer, survival, and strategy RPG in its official Grimmwood Steam release today.

grimmwood steam release

In Grimmwood, you and 39 other players must band together to create a sustainable village and survive a harsh fantasy world. Gameplay works out in what’s described as rogue-lite RPG style, along with strategy elements like scouting the area and survival aspects like managing food, water and materials.

The full release of Grimmwood has also added some new features beyond the game’s May open beta build, such as a Blitz Mode which modifies the game to operate with nine players and a number of fixes and improvements overall.

More details about Grimmwood can be found on Steam, which also happens to be offering a 10% discount for the game until August 9. There’s also a trailer showcasing the game in action below.

Our Thoughts

Grimmwood definitely looks like it’s trying to bring something new and unique to the multiplayer survival sub-genre. We’re curious to know what people think about this game, either by impressions from the trailer or through first-hand experience, so be sure to share those thoughts with us if you have them.

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