Bluehole to Reveal New PC MMORPG, Project W at G-Star 2017

Thanks to our friends over at MMOCulture we now know that Bluehole, the folks behind TERA and the insanely popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will be revealing Project W at G-Star 2017. We’ve been following this project since it was first announced back in November 2016.


What we know about Project W So Far

It is an MMORPG for PCs being developed by industry veteran Hyung-Jun Kim, most famous for his work with NCSoft.

Most notably Bluehole is not publishing it in North America and Europe through their Western subsidiary, En Masse Entertainment. Instead, they will be working with Kakao, the makers of Black Desert Online. In Japan, it will be published by GameOn.

It will be powered by Unreal Engine 3.

The W in Project W is meant to stand for ‘World’.

Bluehole have shot down the rumors that a TERA sequel is in the works.

A studio rep has said that the game’s combat will be quite different from TERA and will also combine social and strategic features. Though this was in 2014 so it is possible that this isn’t the case anymore or they were talking about another title altogether.

There have been job listings for Project W throughout 2017, including one currently up for a Business Product Manager that speaks both Korean and Japanese.


As you can see there really isn’t a whole lot of information available yet. While many may have forgotten all about this briefly announced secret project it certainly hasn’t been forgotten. Early on after it was first announced many in the public assumed the title would be released in 2018. If this were the case, however, there would be a lot more information out about the game. If the hiring that they’ve been doing over the last year is any indication when it was announced in 2016 the project was still in its early days.

Now we have a single image to go along with the codename. The image itself may be a bit on the small side but it looks gorgeous. It gives off a little bit of a steampunk vibe with the scenery, the weapons being used, and what appears to be a machine gun with legs. The image has appeared on exhibitor list for G-Star.


G-Star 2017 will run from November 16th to the 19th. It is possible that the studio will hold a press conference in the days leading up to G-Star, this is a popular thing to do for this convention, especially when there are big announcements being made. With that in mind, MMOGames will be watching Bluehole closely to keep an eye out for any new information as it gets released. It’s only a month until we find out more about Project W at G-Star 2017


Source: MMOCulture, G-Star 2017

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