Vikings: War of Clans – City-Building Games Through a Norse Lens

Vikings: War of Clans is a city-building game that follows on the tradition set by Plarium and a few other developers. It’s a game about expanding your realm and fighting for supremacy, but it’s not a groundbreaking design that and doesn’t push the genre forward. However, there are millions of fans of the genre and this is one of the best games that they can try.

I decided to give Vikings: War of Clans a go to discover what is so appealing about the genre. A few hours in and it was easy to see why so many players are hooked to the game.

Vikings War of Clans Bastion

Norse Architect

Vikings: War of Clans is meticulously designed to grab your attention from the outset, beginning with the ease that you can start a game in your browser. The appealing graphics and easy to read user interface contribute to a solid world that is immediately tempting to casual players, with its simple tutorial and initial rewarding sense of progression.

Everything you do nets you some sort of reward; it’s a feeling that keeps you wanting more, as you develop your village and see it come to life. There are plenty of little animations to make it feel lively, with your shiny purple oracle standing out in the middle of the village. The distant snowy peaks are made of a few different graphical layers, adding a nice sense of depth to the bastion. Your troops cheer and train, your little workers are always busy mining and cutting wood, the druids are concocting mysterious potions in their cauldron, and while you may nitpick that the animations are made up of short endless loops, they manage to look good.

Constructing buildings and upgrading them is one of the focus of Vikings: War of Clans and similar strategy games such as Sparta: War of Empires. It’s a satisfying but somewhat repetitive gameplay loop, one that isn’t meant to become your main occupation during the day – this is a game that works best as an alternate way to occupy your journey, as a background task that you’ll check into several times a day to see your progress and unlock further options. It’s like a Tamagotchi of city-building, where you need to take constant care for your village and inhabitants.

Vikings War of Clans Global Map

There are several systems for hero customization, with various skill trees, gear, and more to constantly spend your hard-earned skills on. During the first hours you’ll find yourself clicking away at more notifications than you can stomach, but progress will eventually iron out this kink. After all, it’s not like you are the only player earning all those rewards, you are just another Viking hero in a mad, mad world.

As your village evolves, there is a whole mass of land out there ripe for exploring and conquering. Training troops is crucial, amassing a respectable army that will set out to capture farms, fighting centurions and monsters, all in a bid to get more resources to use with your people. The process is mostly automatic, with the player allocating the troops for the battle and getting a final report about the clash. It’s a tried-and-test formula that is spruced up when it comes to player-versus-player combat, the core of Vikings: War of Clans after the initial hours of introduction to this world.

Ultimately, Vikings: War of Clans goes from casual to hardcore, as your character and village climb experience levels and engage other players. There is a ruthless competitive side to the game, one where certain building upgrades take several weeks to conclude. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, with some players unable to withstand the lengthy process of leveling up their hero and village, while others take pride in showing their achievements and power.

Vikings War of Clans Troops

While Vikings: War of Clans is a good choice if you plan on dipping your feet into the city-building genre, Nords: Heroes of the North is a viable alternative. Both games share the Norse mythology theme, albeit Nords does so with a cartoon aesthetic.

These games are designed with extreme care and based on a winning formula, although it’s sometimes difficult to pick the better game from such an assorted offer. While the genre could do with some sort of breakthrough, the existing titles should be more than enough to keep you busy for hours.

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A Look at Travian: Path to Pandora

Travian Games recently released a special annual update for its real-time strategy, browser MMO Travian: Legends. The latest update is called Travian: Path to Pandora and it builds upon many of the base game mechanics while also introducing a few new ones.

Last year, Travian: Legends released its Fire and Sand update and Path to Pandora will include all of its features, such as an ancient Europe map, conquerable regions, additional troop options, and server victory conditions, and many new updates.

Travian Path to Pandora


Tribe Changes

To start things off, every tribe will be receiving revamped artwork for its buildings. This will give each faction its own unique feeling. Unfortunately, players are only allowed to use one account per round, which means under normal circumstances they wouldn’t be able to appreciate each tribe’s artwork. However, the conquering system has been tweaked so that any villages captured, except Natars, do not change tribe type.

In addition to keeping their initial visual style, captured village will also keep their tribe restrictions. For example, if a Hun player captures a Gaul village, they won’t be able to build any Hun specific buildings or troops in that village. Furthermore, settlers sent from that village will construct new Gaul villages and not Hun ones, and Natar villages conquered by that chieftain will also turn into Gaul villages.

This change also has an effect on how heroes work. Each player’s hero will always remain a member of the account’s tribe, but now they will be able to wear items from other tribes that provide them with bonuses, and heroes can be stationed in villages of other tribes to provide them with attack and defense bonuses. While the hero will play nice with other tribes, troops from different factions cannot be merged.

Finally, the two new tribes from Fire and Sand will remain in Path to Pandora: Egyptians and Huns. The Egyptians are more suited for new players and are excellent builders. Some of their specialties include cheap basic units, strong defensive units, sturdy stone walls, and the Waterworks building that increases the oasis bonus.

The Huns, on the other hand, are more difficult to use and recommended for veteran players. Their focus is on military might with powerful mounted archers and cavalry. Huns have weaker defensive options than other tribes but make up for it with speed. The Command Center is their special building, which improves expansion.

Travian Path to Pandora


Confederacy Updates

Path of Pandora will be changing the way that the confederacy system works. In order to form a confederacy, alliances must be connected to each other. Additionally, there can be a maximum of four alliances in a confederacy. For example, if Alliance A is adjacent to Alliance B and wants to form a confederacy with Alliance C then Alliance A will need to request a confederacy with both Alliance B and C.

There will also be a couple of changes to public resources. Players will only be able to send resources their own account, alliance or confederacy, but public offers in the marketplace will remain available.


New Statistics

Have you ever wanted to know more about your armies and villages? Well, the Path to Pandora update is implementing a new Plus statistics option that includes new insights such as:

  • World progression – with some insights about the game world including the server day, accounts activated on the game world, and tribe distribution.
  • Resource rank – with raid, trade and production details in comparison to your own alliance and the entire game world.
  • Village strength rank – both for defense and attack in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world.
  • Culture point rank – per day and in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world.

Travian Path to Pandora


Balance Updates

Finally, there will be a couple of changes to the overall gameplay. First off, players can use one artwork every 24 hours, construction costs of the Egyptian Waterworks has been increased, the alliance bonus for Philosophy and Commerce has been increased and the cost for the first four steps has been decreased.


Players who are interested in checking out all of the new updates in Travian: Path to Pandora can access the game here.

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WoW Wednesday: The Mythic+ Experience

The Endgame has begun! With the update today, Raiding, Mythic +, Warfronts and the 26th Season of Rated PvP have finally landed in Battle for Azeroth. As with our Zones of… series we’ll be introducing you to each section week by week of the newest end-game content for World of Warcraft; this week we’ll be covering Mythic+ Dungeon Content.

With Legion’s launch a few years ago, Mythic+ Dungeons became one of the most vital parts of endgame development in World of Warcraft. However, for most casual players, Mythic+ Dungeons can seem intimidating, impossible or unachievable. Several players I converse with in-game don’t even know what Mythic+ Dungeons entail or how vital they can be to player progression. With Battle for Azeroth, the system has returned with stark changes to how gear is rewarded, various keystone affixes and new seasonal deterrents.

A Keystone Font, used to begin Mythic+ dungeons.

Let’s start at the beginning, What are Mythic+ Dungeons? As most players will know from gearing up their fresh max-leveled character, dungeon difficulty progresses in a similar manner to raid difficulties; first starting with Normal Dungeons that players will get access to as they level up, later unlocking Heroic and then Mythic dungeons as their item level increases, both with their own lockouts to minimize farming. Many players after completing Mythic leveled dungeon content may receive a Mythic Keystone for another dungeon with a number attached to it.

These Keystones are your ticket to Mythic+ Dungeons, an extended challenge mode for 5-man dungeon content with ever more challenging and repeatable content. Every numbered Keystone increases the damage dealt by and health of trash mobs and bosses inside Mythic Dungeons, multiplying their stats with higher numbers. To finish a Mythic+ and receive your rewards you must kill every boss and a certain percentage of the mobs within a dungeon.

A typical countdown timer for Mythic+ dungeons, detailing requirements to complete it.

However, completing a dungeon is easier said than done. Aside from scaling difficulty, each Dungeon also has a time limit. Completing a dungeon within that time limit will see your Mythic Keystone upgraded by one, two, or three levels depending on your completion time. As you play through the dungeon, you are also afflicted by a debuff called Challenger’s Burden, removing five seconds from the timer each time a member of your party dies. However, even if you run over the timer for your Keystone, you will still receive loot in your chest at the end of the Dungeon, as well as a same-level Keystone for a different dungeon.

Scaling enemy difficulty and a timer aren’t your only impediments to completing a Mythic+ within the time limit. All Keystones also come with particular affixes, or modifiers that change trash mob or boss behavior during the dungeon. While Mythic 2 keystones will only have one, higher level keystones will gain more and more, stacking with the additional health and damage enemies receive. Each week these affixes will change to a set series, rotating throughout their listings as time goes on.

Mythic Dungeoneers take on a boss with the Tyrannical Affix!

Mythic 2 dungeons and higher will have one of two affixes, both of which bolster enemy health and damage. The first, Fortified, increases the health and damage of non-boss enemies, drastically slowing down progression through a dungeon. The second, Tyrannical, does the opposite and instead buffs the health and damage of bosses, making potentially treacherous encounters even more so. These rotate between each other every week.

At Mythic 4, Keystones will receive a secondary affix, chosen each week from the list of the following five. Teeming increases the number of non-boss enemies throughout the dungeon, also increasing the number of enemies required to kill before completing the dungeon. Bolstering causes non-boss enemies that die to let out a battle shout, increasing the health and damage of other enemies. Bursting forces enemies to explode on death, hitting players with a stacking debuff that saps health. Whenever a non-boss enemy dies under Sanguine, it will drop a pool of ichor that damages players and heals enemies. Raging stirs non-boss enemies into an Enrage at low health, doubling their damage until slain.

At Mythic 7 a third and terrifying affix is added to the keystone. Necrotic infuses enemy melee attacks with a stacking debuff, inflicting damage over time and reducing the healing players receive. Grievous inflicts deadly wounds on players, causing increasing damage over time to those not near maximum health. Gouts of flame will erupt beneath the feet of distant players during Volcanic affixes, and enemies will summon explosive orbs when affixed with Explosive. Under the effects of Quaking players will often emit shockwaves with damage allies and interrupt casting but the most treacherous of all is Skittish, causing mobs to reduce threat generated by tanks.

New to Battle for Azeroth are Seasonal Affixes. Generated at Mythic 10, there is only one additional affix per season, so far tied to the themings of the raid of each patch. In Mythic Season 1 our affix is Infested, a dangerous buff that makes certain dungeon creatures Symbiotes of G’huun. On death these enemies will birth two Spawn of G’huun which will then seek to infest the nearest enemy with another Symbiote of G’huun, starting the cycle again. Other nearby enemies will heal their maximum health by 10% every few seconds, making these infested packs potentially deadlier to your time than your party.

wow Mythic+ dungeon

Your weekly reward cache, found in the Mythic Dungeon Menu.

However, conquering Mythic+ dungeons means bigger rewards than your average fare. After completing a dungeon you’ll receive a chest containing a chance for Mythic+ quality loot, scaling with level of difficulty, some Artifact Power for your Heart of Azeroth, and a Hydrocore which is vital for end-game profession crafting. Unlike their regular or Mythic 0 equivalent, however, Mythic+’s will not reward Azerite gear in their end-of-dungeon-chest.

After completing a Mythic plus at the end of the week you’ll be eligible to loot a Challenger’s Chest. Your drops will be taken from the loot tables of EVERY dungeon in Battle for Azeroth, with a higher chance for Azerite and Weapons to drop.  This gear will be fifteen item levels higher than equipment you would have normally gotten from your end-of-dungeon-chest of your best Mythic+ dungeon from the last week. So far these rewards will only scale to Mythic +10, keeping them in line with rewards from Mythic Uldir and Gladiator Ranked PvP.


Keystone Level

End of Dungeon

Weekly Chest

Azerite Armor from Weekly Chest

Mythic 2 345 355 340
Mythic 3 345 355 340
Mythic 4 350 360 355
Mythic 5 355 360* 355
Mythic 6 355 365 355
Mythic 7 360 370 370
Mythic 8 365 370 370
Mythic 9 365 375 370
Mythic 10+ 370 380 385


Mythic+ content is some of the most underrated and challenging gameplay that World of Warcraft has to offer, and it generally goes underutilized by the playerbase. As the Mythic Race begins this week with the launch of Mythic Uldir, you’ll get the opportunity to see how cutting edge raiders have already managed to wisely and concisely gear well beyond the rewards of Heroic Uldir. Using the Mythic Keystone and Mythic+ system they have farmed their way to best in slot gear, mount drops and more in the few weeks that Battle for Azeroth has been released to the world. Stepping into the Arena you can find Rated PvPers have done the same, boosting their item level to ridiculous amounts to quickly try and claim Dread Gladiator status in Season 26.

For the average player like you and I, Mythic+ Dungeons are a great side activity to gradually up our item level. A few hours each week for a guaranteed piece of high level loot is great for someone looking to gradually improve the performance of their character, eventually paving the way to better and higher rewards in the Mythic+ system.

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Islandoom Head Start Campaign

Islandoom is a free to play browser-based strategy game set in a watery world of warring factions and isolated island nations. You are the captain of an island in a world where four fractions are fighting for domination. You must expand your island’s sphere of influence and build a strong economic and military foundation, and then focus on trade with other players, forming alliances, and using both diplomacy and military might to carve your place out in the world. Build your ships, train your heroes, upgrade your buildings, and safeguard your trade routes, and you just might come out on top! To help new captains get a bit of a boost in this demanding game, MMOGames and Islandoom have teamed up for the Islandoom Head Start Campaign, which will give MMOGames readers and players a 100 Premium Points starting bonus!

Islandoom Head Start Campaign


How To Claim Your Islandoom Head Start Campaign Bonus

  • Register an account for Islandoom by following this link.
  • Log into your Islandoom account and start the game.
  • Click on the starlike icon at the top of the game window. When you mouse over this icon, it will say “Premium functions you bought”. The premium window will open up.
  • In the premium window, click on “Premium Code” along the left side of the window.
  • Enter the code MMOGAMES in the Promotional Code box, and click the “Use It” button.
  • Congratulations! The reward of 100 Premium Points will be added to your account. Spend it wisely, Captain!

This is a limited time promotion to be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Each user may only use the promotional code once. If you have any issues, please contact us.

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Call of War Free Starter Pack

The free-to-play browser RTS Call of War, also known as 1942: Call of War, which invites you to command the forces and fight the battles of World War II, is offering an incentive for new players. Starting on April 6, 2018, new players can grab their Call of War free starter pack just by completing the tutorial.

Take over the control of one of the warring nations during World War 2. Conquer provinces, forge alliances and build your economy. Research top-secret weapons and become the one true superpower! Intelligent alliances or ruthless expansion, wunderwaffen or mass assault? It is up to you which way you choose!

Fans of the board games like “Risk” or “Axis & Allies” will love playing Call of War. This strategy game can be played with up to 30 friends. Every player can play multiple rounds at the same time to try out new strategies. Tank battles, naval warfare, air combat. Command your troops, research secret weapons, and conquer your enemies in this grand strategy online game. Are you ready to rewrite history?

Call of War Free Starter Pack

The Call of War free starter pack contains: 25.000 Gold (premium currency); 1 Month Premium User (building queue, shared espionage and more..)

Requirements: Only for new users. Starter pack will automatically be credited after successfully finishing the tutorial.

Promotion period:

– Start date: Friday, 06.04.2018
– End date: Sunday, 15.04.2017

During this period, any user registering while using our partner links will get the gift after completing the tutorial.

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Funcom Shares Over 30 Minutes of Mutant Year Zero Footage

Hey friend, would you like to see what turn-based tactical gameplay with anthropomorphic mutant folks would look like? Then Funcom has you covered as the devs have provided full, unedited Mutant Year Zero gameplay footage, showcasing the soon-to-arrive title in its current form.

mutant year zero gameplay

The footage in question is a direct capture featuring two of the title’s devs as they lead a team of three Scavengers through a forest level, head back to the game’s home base of The Ark for some supplies, and then back to their original expedition.

The video offers a pretty complete look at how Mutant Year Zero runs, from character progression to combat. If you’ve got over 30 minutes worth of time to kill, then you can sit back and check it all out in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

The XCOM influences in the gameplay of Mutant Year Zero are pretty obvious from the very start, but then the combat in that title was excellent to begin with, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that they’re following that lead. Overall, Mutant Year Zero looks like an intriguing title that’s come a pretty long way in its development and we’re looking forward to hearing more about it as it nears its final release…whenever that may end up being.

Source: YouTube

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BattleTech Confirms its Release Date

Full disclosure: I’m a ravening MechWarrior fan, though I arrived at the series late via MechWarrior 3. So the fact that the BatleTech release date has been confirmed certainly has me pretty excited as fans will soon get a taste of tactics-based mercenary company commanding action.

battletech release date

For those who are unfamiliar, BattleTech is a turn-based tactical game where you control a ‘Mech mercenary company. Gameplay will look to balance tactical command with a variety of management features, requiring players to navigate fights and combat operations while also balancing their books and keeping those in their employ happy, all while working with a deposed ruler attempting to regain her throne.

The game first made waves on Kickstarter when developer Harebrained Schemes earned over 50k backers on the project. Now, the first tactical title set in the MechWarrior world in 20 years is due to arrive to PC and Mac players on Tuesday, April 24th.

The announcement of the game’s release date also comes along with a story trailer that sets the scene for the game’s narrative, which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Like I said, I’m pretty excited and I’m not alone. There’s plenty of us who are looking forward to seeing a new ‘Mech game both in our office and in the greater fanbase itself. Here’s hoping that this new game will be just as great as anticipated.

Source: press release

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Funcom’s New Game is Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

The countdown timer on that teaser site has hit zero, so we now know what that new Funcom game is all about. And sure enough, it’s got mutants in it. Just not the kind of mutants we were expecting. More like the Mutant Year Zero kind.

new funcom game

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a combines real-time stealth and exploration with tactical battle gameplay similar to XCOM. The game is being developed by Swedish studio Bearded Ladies which includes former designers of the Hitman game and the designer of Payday.

In Road to Eden, players take control of a band of unlikely heroes including a crossbow-wielding duck and a very grumpy boar and help them navigate a post-human Earth replete with mutant monsters in a quest to find the fabled Eden.

“It’s an unusual label for a game, but tactical adventure really fits the bill, no duck pun intended,” says executive producer Ulf Andersson. “Our goal is to blend the deep and tactical combat of ‘XCOM’ with a branching storyline that unfolds as you explore overgrown forests and abandoned cities with your team of Mutants.”

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden will be making its first appearance at this year’s GDC in San Francisco this March during a live presentation and closed-door sessions. The game itself is expected to release in full for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. More information can be found on its official site while a reveal trailer can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Well! An XCOM-like where you control a duck and a pig. Can’t say we exactly saw that one coming. Regardless, we’re certainly curious about this new game, though it also sounds like it’s more solo player-focused than something with any level of multiplayer. Are you interested in this one at all?

Source: press release

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Total War: Arena Holds Open Beta for a Week

Call it an open beta on a timer. The Total War: Arena beta, which was previously closed, will open to everyone for a week, granting strategy-minded players their opportunity to both try out the online team-based strategy title and help push the game’s servers to their limit.

total war: arena beta

From today, November 24th until Monday, December 4th, anyone can hop into the 10v10 strategy title provided they have a Wargaming account and install the Game Center launcher.

The open week appears to have no restrictions of any sort and those who do take part will be granted permanent access to the rest of closed beta. Participants will also receive three Premium units as a gift: the Roman Tier 4 Auxiliary Cavalry spear cavalry unit, the Tier 4 Bloodsworn Barbarian sword unit, and the Tier 4 Telesillas Argives Greek spear unit.

“The open week is another exciting step in the game’s development,” says game director Gabor Beressy in a statement. “We continue to be very grateful to our committed players who have been part of the development so far, and welcome new players to join the growing community.”

For everyone involved in the testing, there will also be a variety of boosts to XP and Silver earnings. All of the information about these boosts as well as information on how to access the test can be found on the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

It’s interesting how the game will only have the beta open for a week but will grant those arrivals access to testing after that. Why not just have a full, “normal” open beta at that point? Regardless, we do hope that the testing provides useful data to the TWA devs and that players new and old have a good time in-game.

Source: press release

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