Fractured Alpha This Weekend Open to All

This weekend you’ll be able to take part in the Fractured Alpha test for 3 days. Starting on Friday, December 6th at 10 AM Eastern the world will have access to one of the most recent Kickstarter MMOs. It all ends on Monday, December 9th at 6 AM Eastern. Unlike previous tests, this one is open to the public. To take part all you have to do is go to the Fractured official site and create an account then download the client.

The reason behind this test is to stress test the performance of certain systems when they’re under a heavy load. In particular, they’re looking at the client patcher, the login server, server workers, and the game world.

Before the test, all plots of land will be freed and wiped. So if you’ve been playing the game up until now you’ll have to start your plot of land over. But, there is some good news for those folks. Everyone who has had access to Alpha 2 will be able to continue playing until December 16th! That’s an additional week after the end of the open alpha event.

If you enjoy the free weekend and you want to keep taking part in testing events when they happen you can buy Founders Packs on the official site that will grant you access to the game, gold, VIP time, and a bunch of goodies. The pack that grants access to Alpha 2 is the €89.99 Legend pack. It comes with a copy of the game, 10,000 gold, 3 months of VIP time, a forum and game title, a Founder Villa house blueprint, a Mule mount and wagon, plus you can reserve your character’s name.

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Torchlight Frontiers Wants to Wreck their Servers

If the bluster from Torchlight Frontiers is any indication, then the MMOARPG is ready to have a whole lot of people into its first major test. A Torchlight Frontiers server stress test is beseeching potential players to wreck the servers.

torchlight frontiers server stress test

The morning of Friday, November 16th will mark the first closed alpha test, but the devs appear to want to ramp things up at 3pm PST/6pm EST in the hopes of putting the game’s server tech through its paces.

“Melt them down to their very cores until nothing remains but blistered silicon,” urges the post. “Make sure our ancestors whisper in hushed tones about the day the Torchlight Frontiers servers fell – and rose again stronger than we could ever imagine.

What’s not made immediately clear in the post is whether or not this server stress test will mean that closed alpha has a very large pool or if there will be an open alpha period. We’ve reached out to the folks at Perfect World Entertainment for some clarification.

Server stress isn’t the only focus of the closed alpha. The devs are also looking to get feedback on a number of things like gameplay balance, horizontal progression, loot economy, Forts, and multiplayer mechanics.

Meanwhile, a recent trailer showcasing the Forged class has gone online. That’s available for viewing below.

Our Thoughts

Here’s hoping that this stress test – and everything else associated with the closed alpha of Torchlight Frontiers, for that matter – is helpful for the devs and entertaining for the players. And here’s also hoping that the server stress test actually means that launch won’t be a complete dumpster fire.

Sources: official site, press release

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Sea of Thieves Hosts Another Stress Test and Details Skeleton Forts

The devs at Rare Ltd. have decided to have players launch their boats once again. Another Sea of Thieves stress test weekend is upon us all as the team looks to strain the walls of their digital world, while additional information about the game’s skeleton forts has also been detailed in video form.

First, the part most people will want to learn about; the stress test is currently going on now (February 23rd) and will run until Sunday, February 25th at 2am PST/5am EST. As before, the devs are looking to see if they can hit new scale numbers while also checking if work done to manage player counts after the last stress test is effective.

Patch notes for the test state that shop prices and reputation progression has been adjusted, while the number of Voyages available from the Gold Hoarders has been temporarily reduced, though Voyages are repeatable. Players of the prior stress test will also find their pirate avatar still around, but their avatar’s progression has been wiped.

As for that whole skeleton forts thing, a new Inn-Side Story video from the team offers a closer look at the way they operate, including details on just how many skeletons players will face (hint: lots), the rewards waiting for those who are successful (hint: lots), and the potential emergent challenges that could spring from them. You can take in that video below.

Our Thoughts

Yay, another stress test! Naturally, we’re eager to hop back into our little sloop and bound across the seas looking for treasure, trouble, or both. We’re also glad to get further information on just how the game’s skeleton forts operate, which sounds a bit like a small MMO raid that could devolve into an outright PvP melee at almost any given moment. Very interesting indeed.

Sources: official site, YouTube

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Sea of Thieves Seeks to Sink its Servers in a Stress Test

Sometimes the only way you can build things up stronger is to break it down. Iron sharpens iron. Gotta fall to get back up. I’m done with typing axioms now and will just instead start typing about the upcoming Sea of Thieves stress test, which is looking to put the game’s backend through its paces.

sea of thieves stress test

As a result of connection issues that popped up during the first round of closed beta, the devs at Rare Ltd. are looking to see how their systems work at scale, and so will open up a large-scale test starting on Friday, February 16th at 2am PST/5am EST and ending on Sunday, February 18th. at 2am PST/5am EST. The stress test will be open to all who have signed up to the game’s Insider Program as well as all previous closed beta entrants.

According to executive producer Joe Neate, the purpose of the test is precisely that – to test things. As such, players will be seeing content similar to the last closed beta test. They should also expect a lot of things to go wrong including interrupted sessions, problems with in-game shops, and general inability to join in the game. The devs will also be running deliberate drills such as throttling performance or simulating deliberate outage in an attempt to learn how to handle these issues come launch.

“If there were times where you couldn’t start the game, or sell items at outposts, this was where the biggest bottleneck of data was seen, and it’s where our areas of focus are now,” writes Neate. “The goal of this is to test a lot of the work we’ve done since the Closed Beta, and to try and hit a higher concurrent players number than we’ve ever seen before.”

If you’d rather hear this information from Mr. Neate’s handsome self instead of read about it further, you can watch the accompanying video below.

Our Thoughts

It’s good that they’re setting expectations with this stress test this time around instead of having people fall into the trap of thinking the beta was just a demo to drum up sales. We hope that this stress test proves useful and hope that people participating in said test don’t lose their cool when things go wrong…because they will go wrong.

Source: official site

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