Shadow’s Kiss Gets Funded and Outlines Stretch Goals

The Shadow’s Kiss crowdfunding drive looks to be a rousing success as the vampiric MMO achieved its full $25k funding goal in under 36 hours. Now with little over a month left in the campaign, naturally the team at Clockwork Throne is looking toward stretch goals – one of which has already been achieved.

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As of this writing, Shadow’s Kiss sits at just over $31k funding, which unlocks the game’s first stretch goal: crafting. As one would expect, the crafting system will let players gather up reagents and other materials to craft weapons, talismans, and consumables. Those who have backed the game at any tier that included a Lair will have access to a crafting station.

Additional stretch goals have been detailed in an infographic on the campaign’s page. The next up is the Ritual Magic system, which will let players collect components in the world to learn new magic spells. The Ritual Magic system will be possible if crowdfunding hits the $40k milestone.

Previously revealed mini-factions have also been assigned their own funding milestone locations. Described as “prestige stretch goals”, these playable alternate character choices are explained as “big and expensive” additions that “aren’t critical to the core vampire game, but will add a lot of fun and diversity to the experience”. Specifically, the magic-using Adepts will be unlocked at $100k, the resurrected slayer Revenants will be opened at $150k, and the Loupgarou werewolves unlock at $250k.

Our Thoughts

Considering how swiftly Shadow’s Kiss hit its initial funding goal, we have to wonder whether CCP Games is kicking themselves over dropping the Vampire: The Masquerade ball in favor of more VR games. Regardless, our congratulations to the Clockwork Throne team and here’s hoping that the Loupgarou get unlocked…because I wanna be a werewolf.

Source: Kickstarter

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