Astellia Announced as New ‘AAA’ MMORPG

Every time we think that we’ve heard the last of AAA MMORPGs another one gets announced. The latest is Astellia, being created by Studio 8 and published by Barunson E&A. The game is currently in open beta in Korea, being run and developed by Studio 8 and Nexon. Here in the West they have several beta events planned before they plan to launch later this year.

Astellia MMORPG

Westley Conner, the Producer of Astellia at Barunson has said this about the game in the press release announcing the game, “We know the fear that so many MMOs wind up as Pay-2-Win in this genre, and we’re committed to making sure that Astellia never veers in that direction. Instead, we’re all about Play-to-Win, and we can’t wait to explain how at PAX South.” Yes indeed, they will be at PAX South where players will be able to their hands on the game. They’ll also be hosting a panel which will be livestreamed on Sunday, January 20th at 12:30 Eastern in which they plan to reveal more details about the game.

Astellia MMORPG

As for what we know so far…well, here’s a list of features they provided:

  • The Astell Companion System
  • Dozens of Astels to acquire, level, and build effective support teams that can combo directly with your character based on classes and skills.
  • Customizable Skills & Combos
  • Player Skills have various facets that can be upgraded for different results; reduce cooldown, improved accuracy, increased damage etc etc
  • Holy Trinity Class System
  • 5 Unique Classes that each serve a purpose; Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Scholar, Mage
  • Robust Dungeon System
  • Solo Dungeons
  • Group Dungeon
  • Scaling Dungeon Difficulty Levels
  • PVP Arenas
  • Competitive Arena between Players
  • Solo & Group Versions
  • PVE Arenas
  • Horde Mode Content
  • Solo & Group Versions
  • Large Scale PvPvE Content
  • Avalon is a persistent Tri-Faction Map where players vie for dominance each week.
  • In-depth & Rewarding Crafting System


It’s exciting to have a new MMORPG to add to our watch list. Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments if you’re interested too.

Source: Press Release

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