Kakao Forces Black Desert Online Datamined Info from Subreddit

A bit of a controversy appears to possibly be brewing within the Black Desert Online subreddit, specifically focused on some datamined information and subsequent action by the subreddit’s moderators at the behest of Kakao Games.

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A post was made that shared freshly datamined information unearthed from a Korean player regarding Black Desert Online’s hidden item stats, which are evidently different from similar datamined details posted eight months ago. The original posts of this new information has been taken down by a mod, reportedly after being asked to do so by BDO’s publisher.

“We were contacted by a Kakao representative, asked that [the post in question] be removed, and told that the developers ‘believe it is in the best interest of the game to keep this information hidden from the player base'”, reads a screenshotted response. The response also cites the subreddit’s fifth rule as a reason for the takedown, which reads “no posts that violate Kakao’s ToS” will be allowed.

An update from another of the mods has responded to the uproar from users of the forum who claim that Kakao Games has no business policing the subreddit:

“We’re independent from Kakao and Pearl Abyss, the wording around rule 5 was just an easier way to prohibit posting anything or behaving in a way that you couldn’t do in game or on the forums. However we were in the middle of a few discussions that would better this subreddit and the BDO community at large, and unfortunately those discussions gave them some leverage in today’s request (which is the first we’ve received since I’ve been a mod).

I understand that the content is making its rounds on many private discords and there is nothing we can do to prevent that. I’m concerned that by not allowing this content, we’re only hurting casual or newer players who don’t have access to these private discord servers. I’ll give more info when I can.”

As of this writing, the mods are still awaiting further response from Kakao Games on the matter.

Our Thoughts

Subreddits tend to be a place where datamining and leaks are shared. It’s sort of part and parcel of having one for your MMO. There’s a lot of things to ponder regarding this story, including why there would be “hidden” stats in game items. If you’ve got any opinions on this matter, be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

Source: Black Desert Online subreddit

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