Rift Progression Server Plans Revealed

Since the beginning of the Rift progression server there has been the question of how it would progress, what kind of timescale would we be talking about? Well, we finally have a bit of information into that.

The first raid will be coming in late April. To get ready for the release of the Greenscale raid the Life Saga and Death Saga will unlock later today, just in time for the Month 2 challenge. Along with Greenscale Trion will also be releasing the following:

Expert Deepstrike Mines
Expert Runic Descent
Expert Abyssal Precipice
Expert Charmer’s Caldera!

Darkening Deeps Expert is expected to open next week or slightly later (their words). They also have a ton of balance changes they’re going to be making.

Looking beyond the immediate future River of Souls will be the next to be reviewed. Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls are also coming later this month. If you’re a fan of Summerfest there’s good news for the Prime server. It will be the first full festival on the server.

So while Trion seems to know where they’re going next it seems like they still can’t dedicate themselves to any sort of timeline. This is as much a learning experience for them as it is for us. We will just have to wait and see how things progress. This might give us some insight into how another Rift progression server might work if they open another in the future.

Along with the update on Rift Prime Trion also said that they’re working on addressing Ability Lag and doing some balancing. Guild creation through the UI will now cost 1 platinum to match the rate of a Guild Creation Scroll. They’re also gearing up for Summerfest and will be talking about it in this week’s live stream.


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The Tyrian Chronicle: Ideas for a Guild Wars 2 Summer Event

Guild Wars 2 has a long period of time without any festivals or worldwide events of any kind every year. With the Super Adventure Box Festival about to start, we will quite soon reach that extended drought. From April to October, we won’t see any more events, and that is a pretty long stretch of time to go without a festival. To break it up, I propose the introduction of a Guild Wars 2 summer event.


Return of the Labyrinthine Cliffs

To begin, we return to the Labyrinthine Cliffs, a locale which has banned the use of mounts due to the fragile structures and tight spaces. Here the survivors of the Zephyrites who survived the crashing of the ships are rebuilding their society. For now staying on the ground or flying only small ships while they regroup.
Guild Wars 2 Summer Event


Bazaar Return

The Bazaar of the Four Winds hasn’t been back for many years but now the event is running once again and traders are back with all new requests. The event served as a way to get a lot of extra materials out of the market and steady the prices on the market while dealing with hoarding issues. Bringing this back could offer players the chance to dump some materials and get the market back on track. Zephyr Sanctum Supply Boxes can be reintroduced allowing players to get the old items that were offered in it before, along with all-new items.


Sanctum Sprint Revamp

The one area of the Labyrinthine Cliffs where you are allowed to use your mounts is in the new version of the Sanctum Sprint. All the power-ups related to travel are removed and replaced with new ways to attack your opponents. Sadly, griffons don’t qualify for participation, but that’s ok because they have something of their own coming up.


Griffon Expert Adventure

The top of the cliffs where the massive Zephyr Sanctum once docked makes the perfect location for a griffon adventure. This adventure is like others introduced in Path of Fire; a race against the clock to fly through rings in the air.


Glider Tours

The new and improved way to do vistas. Instead of just seeing a small location, take a ride on a glider along a ley line. This way you can see all the activities going on around the cliffs. It could even act as a transportation system to take you to a new area of the cliffs.


Night Time is Party Time

Perhaps the new area of this zone that the glider tour takes you to is a massive party. It all begins as the sun goes down and there is a firework and light show competition between the races. A group of NPCs from each race put on a fireworks show. Radarr Boommaker is there with his fireworks display from Meatoberfest. A krewe from Rata Sum come with a laser show and a dance routine. Humans send representatives from the Lunar New Year committee. Norn have a firefall off the edge of a cliff with a group of drummers playing cultural music. Finally, the Sylvari put on a light show using bioluminescent flowers as well as their own bodies. Which race wins? That depends on how much you cheer for them.

After that, the party is just getting started! There’s a moot with a massive bonfire, singing, dancing, and drinking. There’s also a stage in a quiet area where players can perform music without any competition from other sounds, including other players. In this special roped off area, all sounds except instruments are muted. So you can dance all you want without interrupting the performance.



Local fishermen need your help. There’s just too much to do and not enough time to do it in. You can help them out by doing some fishing for them. They’ll give you a basic pole allowing you to catch some varieties of fish. The more fish you catch, the more gear they’ll be willing to give you. There’s also a very small chance of catching a new, rare type of skimmer that only appears here at the cliffs. Yay! New Skin. The fish you catch can be traded in for better fishing equipment or for other loot or a currency.


Mini Arena

I wanna be the very best… Pokemon jokes aside, this would be the perfect chance for ArenaNet to introduce a mini battle arena. It could be done a couple of ways. The first is perhaps the least complex: you watch a bunch of NPC minis fight, you can place bets on who you think will win and they only have one attack. Option two: you become the mini and it becomes a game similar to Dragon Ball during the Lunar New Year event.


Gem Store

Of course, no event is complete without some new stuff in the gem store. To start with we have swimwear! Each race and gender get their own style that is appropriate for their bodies. Then in following years, the different styles are ported to the other races for a reduced price vs the cost of the original. So if this year, every race got one. Next year all the races got the Human swimwear, altered slightly to fit their bodies. The year after it’s the Asura swimwear that everyone gets. This way everyone can wear the versions of the swimwear they like…eventually. It wouldn’t be right to have an event if we didn’t include some mount skins. The theme this time around is racing. Mounts and riders are all given helmets and goggles and each mount has a new pattern. That could be a racing stripe, flame decals, or even just wearing a number. That number being the same for all your mounts but being entirely unique to you….if such a thing is possible.


With that, you have my ideas for a Guild Wars 2 summer event. I don’t think we’ll ever actually see one introduced, but it’s fun to speculate what it could look like. What would you like to see in a Guild Wars 2 summer event?

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