New Summoner’s War MMORPG Announced

Today Com2uS announced a new Summoner’s War MMORPG is coming and it will be called Summoner’s War: Chronicles. The story for the new MMO is set 70 years before the incredibly popular Summoner’s War: Sky Arena.

Players will be able to select from 3 distinctive characters and enter into real-time battles with up to 3 summoned monsters per character. Characters can share summoned monsters and resources. This allows players to make more strategic choices and experience more diversified gameplay. The game will also feature boss fights in which multiple players will have to work together with their monsters to defeat the boss.

“Summoners War: Chronicles will bring a different gameplay experience and fun to many global users who enjoy MMORPGs,” said Jack Lee, the head of division at Com2uS. “We are working hard to provide high game quality and meet the expectations of many game fans around the world.”

Right now Com2uS is aiming to have Summoner’s War: Chronicles launch sometime in the second half of this year. They are currently hiring to make that a possibility so if you’ve ever wanted to get into the games industry, this may just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information about this game as the year progresses.


Source: Press Release

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