Super Adventure Festival is Now Live in Guild Wars 2

It’s either the best time of the year or just the most obnoxious in Guild Wars 2 depending on who you ask, probably. Yes, today’s the start of the Super Adventure Festival, which re-opens Moto’s Super Adventure Box for all of the platform-hopping fun or frustration you can handle.

super adventure festival

Players of Guild Wars 2 can once again experience two worlds of retro-styled platforming in either standard or Tribulation mode, along with a new race in the game’s lobby. Players are going through all of this leaping madness for rewards, which are unlocked by combining Shimmer Baubles into Bauble Bubbles. This currency can then be used to buy items like weapon skins, guild hall decorations and boom boxes that play SAB’s tunes.

Super Adventure Festival runs from now until Thursday, April 12th. This year’s festival has an all new website coated in all of the 80’s neon glory and with all of the information you could hope for right here.

Our Thoughts

Personally, we’re glad to see SAB make its triumphant return once more, even if there aren’t any new worlds added to this year’s edition. If nothing else, this will hopefully be a way for newer players of Guild Wars 2 to experience what all of the fuss is about. Which, of course, likely hinges on whether or not said players find jumping puzzles in the base game to be interesting at all.

Source: press release

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