Secret World Legends Details its Occult Defense Mode

Protecting Stonehenge is a pretty big deal in Secret World Legends, and while we got an advance look before, we’re now getting more details on the Occult Defense mode itself, which includes a seasonal event and new Agent boosters.

occult defense event

The Occult Defense encounter itself is pretty much how it appeared in the video: stand against waves of foes to protect a Hagstone from being damaged and ultimately destroyed. There are some new details this time around, though. One such revelation is that the simulation can be stopped at any time after a wave is completed and picked up at a later point, meaning higher power characters don’t have to start from level one.

To usher people into this new content, Envoys of Avalon will be in Agartha for a limited time to guide people to this training simulation. Players who interact with these new NPCs can snag exclusive loot, legends and Agent dossiers. Speaking of Agents, new Agents of Avalon boosters are being added with a chance at some new Agents or gear reward bags.

If you’d rather not deal with any druids, you can simply access the Occult Defense simulation from the game’s Activity Finder starting today.

Our Thoughts

Sounds simple enough on paper, but then again not many things in Secret World Legends are as simple as they seem. Once again, however, it doesn’t really quite clarify just what kinds of rewards await those who take on this challenge, so we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves.

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Secret World Legends Debuts the Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario

For the past several days, Secret World Legends has been openly teasing something new on the horizon. Finally, however, the teasing is over as the initial reveal of the Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario has been made.

stonehenge occult defense scenario

The Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario is a simulated event where players must protect an occult focus situated in the middle of Stonehenge from waves of attacking monsters. Information on this feature is a bit spartan, but the announcing tweet does state the enemy waves are “endless” and that the content can be tackled either solo or cooperatively.

As of this story’s writing, there are no firm release details for this content, though a reply from the game’s Twitter account to one of the tweet’s responses does state that this new instance will be available before the Halloween season. There’s also no word on whether this is part of a larger update to Secret World Legends or not.

We’ll be sure to update this story as more information arises, but for the time being you can check out the video below to see this new point defense instance in action.

Our Thoughts

We suspect (hope?) that this new feature is associated with a larger patch to Secret World Legends. Right now there’s not much to go on about this new content, especially how rewarding it is or isn’t. It shouldn’t take too long to learn more, though.

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Secret World Legends Community Mourns the Loss of MadLyric

Players deeply involved in the TSW and, by extension, the Secret World Legends community are very likely familiar with the name of Maddie, AKA MadLyric. Unfortunately, that community is now mourning her as she passed away yesterday due to medical complications.


Maddie was a leader of the League of Monster Slayers cabal for approximately five years and a fan of both TSW and SWL for about as long, if not longer. She was in hospital care for a couple of weeks and succumbed to complications stemming from a Lupus infection this past Tuesday, July 17th.

The community of SWL will be holding a vigil for MadLyric this coming Friday, July 20th at the Rooted Grove in Agartha from 2pm to 6pm EDT. Players are encouraged to wear purple in honor of Maddie and can put in requests for songs and message to be read on-air by The Cape Radio’s DJ Nexus via this thread.

Another member of the SWL community has also announced that a GoFundMe to benefit Maddie’s family and pay for her funeral will be opened soon. Fans who would like to donate to that cause are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled to this Twitter account

“She will forever be remembered for her kind soul and beautiful spirit,” reads the post announcing the event. “There was never a time I can recall where she wouldn’t put herself before others. I am sure Maddie is looking down upon us right now, watching out for each and every one of us as she always did.”

Our Thoughts

We would like to offer our condolences to the family of Maddie and to those in the greater SWL/TSW community that are touched by her passing. Clearly, she made an impact on perhaps more people than even she knew and we hope those in attendance of her in-game memorial will celebrate her life as she would have liked.

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Secret World Legends Celebrates its First Anniversary

Today is officially the first Secret World Legends anniversary, which is bringing a celebratory event with this patch full of goodies for cleaners of the Filth to collect and giant elemental golems to fight. Because this is The Secret World and of course there are.

secret world legends anniversary

11 different Talos of Gaia will arrive at a portal in Agartha two minutes past every hour during the event, cycling in such a way that everyone should be able to face each of them in turn even if you only have time to fight one boss per day. Taking these golems out will reward players with the ability to open a Buzzing Hive item awarded to everyone daily on top of new daily login rewards, along with items to fill your Museum of the Occult and Shards of Corruption to turn in to the Gatekeeper.

In addition to the Talos fights, players can also take in Agartha’s decorations; beat up pinatas for free loot; unlock special Anniversary Caches provided they have keys to do so; and enjoy some other quality of life features included in the patch.

The first birthday of SWL runs from now until Wednesday, July 11th. The complete patch notes for the update are right here.

Our Thoughts

What a long, strange trip its been, but the fanbase of Secret World Legends remains probably one of the most loyal to the game’s IP. To them, and to the devs of this unique MMO, we wish a happy first anniversary and hope there will be many more celebrations like this to come.

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